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User Reviews for L-Tyrosine to treat Dietary Supplementation

Beb · September 14, 2020

“Started taking this for ADHD paired with fish oil. I'm more focused and find that I don't need to rely on caffeine as much as I use to. I've found that I have heartburn if I don't eat quickly after taking it. I'm not experiencing the crash I did with FocusFactor. And my anxiety levels are reduced dramatically.”

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Martyc · September 14, 2019

“I have MS and take l-tyrosine 500 mg for brain focus. I just started 1 week ago. I seem more focused. I also take l-arginine, vitamin D 5000 iu, l-lysine 500 mg, calcium, magnesium, and zinc 500 mg, multi-vitamins, apple cider pills, and Progesta-care Complete. I currently take Diovan generic for hypertension, Gabapantin for nerve pain, and Zoloft. Was removed for MS meds a 1 yr and half ago because I wasn't having flare ups. So far so good. ”

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Adult ADHD · Taken for less than 1 month · March 7, 2022

“I started talking L-Tyrosine every day with OMEGA3 and Phosphatidylserine. A week after the results are great when it related to focus, memory, and anxiety but! But, my jaw is tighter. And there is a-lot of pressure in the face - jaw. (Similar to Ritalin) Anyone experienced anything similar ?”

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