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Oral nutritional supplements

What are Oral nutritional supplements?

Oral nutritional supplements are products, which contain foods rich in energy and protein. These are generally available as liquid preparations so that they are easy to consume. Oral nutrition products are indicated for malnourished patients who have malignancy, chronic disease and/or anorexia.

List of Oral nutritional supplements:

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Drug NameView by: Brand | Generic Reviews Avg. Ratings
Potaba (More...)
generic name: potassium aminobenzoate
0 reviews
L-Arginine (Pro, More...)
generic name: arginine
7 reviews
MCT (More...)
generic name: medium chain triglycerides
1 review
L-Tyrosine (More...)
generic name: tyrosine
0 reviewsAdd rating
Microlipid (More...)
generic name: fat supplement
0 reviewsAdd rating
R-Gene 10 (Pro, More...)
generic name: arginine
0 reviewsAdd rating

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