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User Reviews for Arginine

Also known as: L-Arginine, R-Gene 10

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Diagnosis and Investigation
2 reviews 75 medications
Dietary Supplementation
5 reviews 605 medications
Summary of Arginine reviews 9.0 7 reviews

Reviews for Arginine

Niprut · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 2, 2018

L-Arginine (arginine) for Dietary Supplementation: "I took this for my High BP and had no change"

B.Anne December 13, 2017

L-Arginine (arginine) for Dietary Supplementation: "For my hight blood pressure I take two 500mg capsules 3 times a day, and my BP has dropped from as high as 190/110 to 115/64. The Heart Failure clinic, my cardiologist, and I are all very pleased. I have not had any side effects. This is not a prescription drug, it is OTC. I do not have drug coverage."

Raaas · Taken for less than 1 month October 31, 2015

L-Arginine (arginine) for Diagnosis and Investigation: "Very good"

Mushr00m · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 10, 2015

L-Arginine (arginine) for Dietary Supplementation: "Good"

Anonymous April 8, 2012

L-Arginine (arginine) for Dietary Supplementation: "I read that L-Arginine could be helpful for night-time leg cramps. Mine began suddenly, occurred several times nightly, usually in my ankle, groin, toes, and tibialis anterior. I took 1 or 2 500mg L-Arginine and they stopped almost immediately. However, during the 2 months that I took it, I experienced extremely heavy menstrual bleeding with clotting. Stopped the L-Arginine, haven't had any more cramps, and the menstrual periods have returned to normal."

heathbarj March 11, 2011

L-Arginine (arginine) for Dietary Supplementation: "I started L-Arginine in December 2010 due to heart disease. I had 3 heart attacks at age 33 due to spontaneous artery dissection. I went almost a year with constant angina attacks that my cardiologist could find no reason for. We tried so many different medicines and nothing helped. I was getting worse and could hardly even exercise anymore. I started the L-Arginine and within a month of taking it the pain pretty much went away. I could finally run again and my endurance and strength increased drastically. I still have pain breakthroughs here and there but they are perfectly tolerable compared to the previous pain that would knock me off my feet. I highly recommend this medicine for anyone dealing with ongoing angina."

brilliantpebble September 6, 2010

L-Arginine (arginine) for Diagnosis and Investigation: "I QUIT SMOKING BECAUSE OF THIS. Yes, it is true. I was a pack a day smoker for almost 20 years. Nothing would stop me. My mom died in 2004 at 60 years old, of lung cancer due to cigarettes and I still smoked till one day after working my regular 12 hour shift and being type 2 diabetes I needed extra energy to get me through all the stress. My brother told me about 2 amino acids L-arginine - L-0rnithine. I gave them a try started at one 2000 mg capsule a day then 2 a day and guess what I could not stand the taste or smell of a cigarettes and I just stopped and no withdrawals. I could not believe myself and I had no intentions of quitting but here I am smoke free. All I can say it worked for me."