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User Reviews for Timolol ophthalmic

Brand names: Timoptic, Betimol, Timoptic-XE, Timoptic Ocudose, Istalol

Timolol ophthalmic has an average rating of 6.8 out of 10 from a total of 13 ratings on 42% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 17% reported a negative experience.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Glaucoma, Open Angle  
11 reviews 55 medications
Intraocular Hypertension  
2 reviews 53 medications

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Reviews for Timolol ophthalmic

Anonymous · July 16, 2011

Timoptic (timolol) for Intraocular Hypertension "Whenever I put Timoptic in my eye, it makes me nervous. It feels like something is in my eye; my vision becomes blurred, I have no energy. It has the same side effects as my blood pressure medication, (Lopressor) because it is in the same class, a BETA BLOCKER."

4 / 10
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lannedougherty · Taken for 2 to 5 years · November 17, 2020

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "If you close your eyes for three minutes, as they describe in a video on, it doesn't get into your body...just your eyes. Wish they had told me this years ago. The night sweats went away immediately."

7 / 10
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Baby Dumpling · May 22, 2015

Istalol (timolol) for Glaucoma, Open Angle "This has been the best medication for my glaucoma. Stings a little, but has controlled my pressures. I have not been able to use any of the drops such a Alphagan, Xalatan, etc. as I have an adverse reaction, i.e. migraine, drying and scratchy eye, very sensitive to light, etc."

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Syanne · Taken for 1 to 6 months · August 29, 2016

Timoptic Ocudose (timolol) for Glaucoma, Open Angle "I just started using Timoptic Ocudose( manufactured in France) a month ago. I've experienced dry eyes, blurred vision, possible ringing in my ears, prominent red veins in white of eyes, and flashes. Does anyone else use this? If so any side effects? Tell me what your experience has been."

7 / 10
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slugrancher · March 30, 2018

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "After just 16 days, it wrecked my asthma, made me impotent, cold all the time, blurred my vision, aggravated my retinal hole, gave me anxious dreams, made me want to cry constantly, gave me insomnia, and constant fatigue, but combined with latanoprost, reduced my IOP by 75% (down to single digits). For me, it's not worth going through this to be able to see 10 years from now."

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Baby D · Taken for 10 years or more · August 25, 2019

Istalol (timolol) for Glaucoma, Open Angle "This medication is excellent with no side effects for me, however the generic Timilol, does not work for near as well; Timilol has the same side effects as Xalatan and others that include headaches, migraines, dry eye, having to use twice as much, blurred vision. I do try new mediations as they come out but all of them have had the same side effects that are not acceptable, ie migraines and blurred vision, burning, itchy eyes.... Most all pharmacies and drug companies encourage generic, but I do not think it has the exact formula as the name brand; this includes Canadian drug companies and pharmacies."

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t00tsipie · January 22, 2018

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "I hate this drug and all the side effects and yet I'm told it is the only one I can take. I'm actively searching for someone to help and have learned there is a preservative free Timolol but have been unable to find it. I hope to get help before my heart gives out."

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RoRo · Taken for 2 to 5 years · January 13, 2022

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "I have been on Timolol for 2 years. Recently diagnosed w/av block 2nd degree. Heart rate @ 30 during surgery. Seeing Opthalmologist soon to see if discontinuing Timolol is warranted for me. When 1st began Timolol I was diagnosed with a block 1st degree. Taking 1 drop in each eye twice a day."

7 / 10
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MARIA · Taken for 1 to 6 months · May 28, 2020

For Intraocular Hypertension "My health provider changed the supplier of timolol drops, and now it is Rising company. Since then my experience with Timolor from this company is questionable. The pharmacist stated all companies need to be FDA APPROVED when the company is outside US The side effects are blurred vision, ringing on right ear, small red veins on white part of my eyes, small infrequent flashes my eyes - I do not feels healthy. I requested to go back to the previous TIMOLOR distributor, because I was doing fine controlling the eye pressure and able to read without difficulty. They are going to try without no assurance that they will get my prescription for Timolor from the previous distributor."

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Anonymous · March 4, 2016

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "Has anyone noticed that Timolol now comes in new packaging and the familiar yellow top that security closed the bottle is missing. I find the the current top cannot be securely closed. To me, this is extremely dangerous and is counter to what the website warns in preventing infection due to insecurely closed vials."

8 / 10
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Pleased in ATL · Taken for 1 to 6 months · August 17, 2019

For Glaucoma, Open Angle " timolo drops improved my near sightedness at first, I guess because my lowering pressure was changing shape of lens. Did not need reading glasses, but do again now. Going back to doctoring month for 2nd check on pressure since I started using Timolol in Feb, 2019. Does seem to lower my blood pressure a few points. I’m only using half as much Bystolic as I used to. My eyed pressure dropped from 126 to 113 after 3 weeks from start."

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Recycle · Taken for 1 to 6 months · May 17, 2017

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "It has lowered my (Intraocular Pressure) IOP. No side effects so far just been taking it 1 month"

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Mfk · Taken for 1 to 6 months · April 20, 2020

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "Have had severe chapped lips since starting Timilol. It's so annoying and quite uncomfortable. Can't seem to find a solution. IOP pressure has not really been reduced. Eye doc switch meds."

3 / 10
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