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User Reviews for Solosec

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Bacterial Vaginitis
51 reviews 31 medications
Summary of Solosec reviews 5.2 51 reviews

Reviews for Solosec

S · Taken for less than 1 month August 15, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Do not take this medication especially if you drink. Even one alcoholic beverage. I took it 7 days ago and every time I had an alcoholic beverage I felt so nauseous and I threw up a couple of times. Here I am 7 days later with nausea and vomiting."

Tiamarie August 12, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Finally! Something that helps. I have been suffering from BV for a long time now. I’ve tried everything even ACV. Usually it helps but the smell comes back. I usually get BV after my period and it just sucks and embarrassing. I mixed the medication with yogurt. It wasn’t too bad. The next day, things I ate were off. My taste buds were shocked or something. And I also got a brown discharge. But no smell."

Mel August 8, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I have read all the reviews and I can honestly say I’m a tad bit nervous. It’s 7:00pm and I’m about to take my dose, wish me luck. I will follow up with the details later"

Hopeful Patient · Taken for less than 1 month August 7, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I have been suffering from BV for 3 years on and off. I've been on Flagyl, Clindesse, probiotics, Boric Acid suppositories and nothing has worked in the long term. Every time my period came back, BV was back. I finally was told there is a new FDA approved medication I could try and I was more than happy give it a chance. Honestly, the taste really isn't that bad.. reading some of these reviews, it's as if people have never had anything bitter in their mouths before. If you've ever drank chinese herbal medicine, this is nothing to complain about. I had no side effects either and the BV cleared up the next day. Since then, I got my period and BV still hasn't come back. Fingers crossed it continues to stay that way!!"

Desperate!! BV for over a year · Taken for less than 1 month August 7, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I gave SOLOSEC a 5 rating for now... just because the taste was terrible. I’ve read every single review I could find about this and let me tell you it’s definitely not a walk in the park to get it all down. Took me the whole 30 minutes that it tells you you need to consume it by on the packet after you put it in the yogurt. I have been having BV and yeast infections on and off for over a year. I’ve been on amoxicillin, metrogel, oral metronidazole, Clindamycin cream, tinidazole cream, I’ve tried every home remedy from ACV douche to boric acid to tea tree oil to hydrogen peroxide and more. Nothing works. After reading all the reviews and being completely FED UP with not feeling normal down there I decided to ask my dr. about this. I took it today with diflucan and will use boric acid for a week. I will write another review in one week to see if it works. Pray for me ladies!!!!"

Nicknat · Taken for less than 1 month August 3, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Like others I read the reviews before taking the medication. Every one had the same thing in common that it tasted disgusting. I still vowed to give it a chance since I’ve been dealing with BV for a few years now and the smell can be really embarrassing. First off let me say this it taste exactly like aspirin, but tiny crushed up pieces. I mixed the packet with yogurt with chocolate chip cookie crunches to mask the taste. It did help but not significantly. I gagged maybe twice in the beginning but after 4 scoops in I knew what to expect so I was ready. My advice to others the more ingredients you add to your yogurt the better chance you’ll have masking the taste of aspirin. Good luck ladies."

Gee · Taken for less than 1 month August 3, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "After getting the medicine for $25 it was a plus utilizing the coupon. I put the medication in my favorite strawberry yogurt and it was horrible. The taste of the medicine is awful. However, I battled through the taste while having water, and a sweet cake in order to get the bad taste from out of my mouth. However, I had no bad experiences with the medication. It works fairly quickly, within 24 hours the smell was gone. I am very please with my outcome."

WhyMeGod? July 31, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "As a diabetic, I get yeast infections often, however this one was different. I didn't itch or get the whole cottage cheese combo but it was more like a bladder leak. I had been off my diabetic meds during a time while I was laid off without insurance. So when I started the medication again it hit my privates UTI, yeast infections and finally the BV. You have not been embarrassed until your 3 year old nephew ask, "whats that smell". So I make the appointment with my doctor and she tells me about this wonder drug Solosec. I dumped in chocolate pudding, gave it a whirl with my spoon and 3 bites later it was gone. Now, there was some deep breathing and prayers being sent up during each bite but I made it. That was yesterday at 8:30pm. And as of right now, no headache,nausea, or vomiting. My privates are not sweating today and my inner thighs are not chaffed. So, yes I would take this medication again."

Latina · Taken for less than 1 month July 31, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Happy it was only one dose, I didn’t have any problem w taste even though was a little bitter , I mixed with yogurt as the dr suggested. Took it at 4:30 pm then drank a lot of water. By 8pm I had light dinner no problem. Next day have breakfast all ok, then lunch I decided to have a light drink aperol spritz and my husband had a refresh drink with vodka, I had two zips it was good, after 30 min , I felt like my brain was foggy , after 40 mini started vomiting for 2 min, then Islept for 2 hrs , I woke up and felt good. And had dinner. drinking alcohol w this medicine is a no no . But they said in the instructions is ok to have alcohol which they are wrong. "

BZ · Taken for less than 1 month July 26, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "So I only took 2 bites immediately vomited in my mouth, then I tried drinking (strawberry yoplait yogurt) it with a straw as far back in my throat to avoid hitting my tastebuds nope couldn't finish it. Now I'm trying to Google what happens if you don't finish the dosage. $25 with coupon. Can't say if it worked or not no major side effects. Took it around 5pm now its 8pm."

Anonymous July 25, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I took this yesterday. I didn’t chew the granules. Just swallowed them quickly in like 4 spoonfuls of yogurt as I don’t think they’re meant to be savored. They’re just a bit bitter but I didn’t get an after taste, that may be from chewing or leaving them in your mouth too long. No side effects at all but it is worth noting I did this after eating dinner and didn’t have any alcohol. This morning the smell appears to be gone so I’m hopeful it’s working! Probably will avoid drinking for a another day or so just to be safe."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month July 16, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I took solosec around 3pm yesterday, and 24 hours later I have already seen a major improvement. I feel like people are being a little dramatic about the taste, I mixed it with a yogurt parfait from McDonalds and I did not taste a thing. However, even though it says it’s okay to drink while on this medicine, I strongly do not recommend it. I drank around noon, it is currently 6pm, and I have thrown up around 3 times today plus I still feel incredibly nauseated. I’m able to eat but it is not helping to reduce the nausea. But overall, had I not had anything to drink this would have been a very positive experience."

Cait · Taken for less than 1 month July 16, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Ok so I REALLY hope this helps someone. I was put on SOLOSEC after my doctor decided to treat BV with a different medication besides metronidazole since it is usually a 7 day treatment and kills all good and bad bacteria which usually causes yeast infections. She said SOLOSEC may cause yeast infections but since it’s a one dosage round she figured we would try. I drank nothing but water when I woke up and mixed the granules of the solosec with applesauce.. kinda gross but it’s that or the infection (your choice) .. I decided to wait an hour after eating to eat my first meal of the day and I’ve had no issues this stuff works! Please don’t drink alcohol when using this medication or any medication that is supposed to treat your vagina. Alcohol throws off your natural PH and is known to cause adverse reactions in antibiotics."

ProjectileVomitus July 12, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I was prescribed Flagyl but when I asked for something with fewer doses and no contraindication to alcohol, as I had an upcoming event involving cocktails, she prescribed this medicine Solosec. She warned me about the taste, but assured me it was completely safe to consume alcohol with this medication. I mixed it in 3 tablespoons of raspberry yogurt, swallowing each spoonful quickly and chasing it with water. Not terrible at all. This was around 1pm. I had a few drinks between 6:30 and 9pm. I was very nauseous by 9:30 and by 10 I was RUNNING to the bathroom. It started with explosive diarrhea leading to drenching sweats that had me stripping off my clothes in the bathroom just in time to bury my head in the trash can. This went on and on the entire night. I felt like I was going to die! It is now 4pm the next day and I have barely managed a few crackers and gingerale, I haven't left the couch for more than a few minutes. Needless to say, I will never take this medication again."

Black widow · Taken for less than 1 month July 10, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "So I took my solosec packet last night around 10oclock in some applesauce, it honestly looked like so many little beads so I mixed in another applesauce (big mistake). The taste was disgusting but sat there and chugged water after every spoonful. I felt ok. Nobody told me not to drink I guess cause I’m only 19 but I decided to have ONE mixed drink, those usually don’t get me anywhere but listen, I was heavily buzzed so I go to lay down say about 12am. I wake up at 2am with immense stomach pains and start vomiting in the closest trash can for a good 20 minutes, now definitely all the alcohol and everything is out of my system I go back to bed. Nope, I wake up at 330 am and do it all over and then again at 5am, now there is absolutely nothing in my system not even the water I tried to sip on at 3. I’m scared to eat or drink anything until this is out of my system. I DO NOT RECOMMEND."

Nastygal July 7, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Ok so I took this and I woke up the next day throwing up constantly every 30 to 15 mins lasted till that next night till 3 am. I still don't feel good . I took it Thursday and it’s Sunday now I have diarrhea and feel like I am going throw up again Wouldn’t take it again I just hope that it fixed my BV cos if not all of that would be for nothing."

K June 30, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Took as directed after culture found no lactobacillus present. Did work...for 7 days. Left my body thrashed. Aggravated my intersistial cystitis so badly I was In a flare/horrible pain for 2 months. I am healthy and young and have only had 1 partner and eat organic. Why is this my life?"

Esmeralda · Taken for less than 1 month June 27, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Hear me out! I’ve recently been suffering from BV for the past two months. Did two rounds of Flagyl and the symptoms didn’t get better. Had an appointment yesterday and She recommend I try Solosec (with applesauce) and wash with Cetaphil gentle cleanser. Everything has done a complete 180 and it hasn’t even been 24 hours. I honestly couldn’t taste it. So I’m not sure what everyone else is experiencing but I do recommend giving this a try. Odor has drastically subsidized, I still have some discharged but barely anymore itching and it’s been under 24 hours. Insane! This stuff works! Looking for for a full recovery with the drug. Also the coupon is reusable so make sure you don’t throw it away. Good luck!"

Slimsation · Taken for less than 1 month June 26, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "So I’ve been struggling with recurring BV for about 6 years now I would take medications and BV would be back a week later I’ve tried all types of home remedies and nothing worked so my doctor prescribed me Solosec and although the taste is not the best but it was manageable I took it with strawberry apple sauce and ladies I have been BV free for 3 months now I’m able to have sex with my partner without a smell I’ve been able to wear my undies without panty liners now and I could really just cry right now how this stuff has worked after multiple doctors appointment one after another and basically the same results but I am so happy I finally found something that works"

Lolo · Taken for less than 1 month June 25, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I took the solosec a little over an hour ago. Some of the comments about the taste are very dramatic. It literally tastes like a pill. If you’re having problems with diarrhea, etc. start a probiotic a few days before. I’ve had no side effects yet. Idk if I will either because I started a women’s care probiotic four days ago. This is my first time having BV. It was originally $79 idk if that was with insurance or not but the coupon from the gynecologist brought it down to $25"

Lola June 22, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "This was an absolute NIGHTMARE. It says you can drink with it, so after 12 hours I had one drink and threw up for 30 hours straight. Could not eat at all, had to take off work, and wasn’t keeping any fluid so I had to get an emergency IV. I missed my flight and hotel I paid for that was for the day after. It feels like pure poison. They only give everyone that $25 card because it costs 60 cents to make and we’re all human Guinea pigs for this company. Absolutely despicable Do not take this!! It will screw you up for a whole weekend. Also keep in mind that the people rating this above a 4, even said they just took it and will see what happens !! Didn’t even get the bad end of stick because my symptoms started 12 hours after."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 20, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "First experience with BV at 43 yrs old, recently had my Gallbladder removed so wasn't sure if the issues came from that. Dr prescribed Solosec for me, reading these reviews last night made me scared to try ALMOST. I went today and got the medicine and took it at work. I did eat something and took it with a dairy free yogurt. No upset stomach, no nausea, slight headache but could be from my hair in bun. Overall, taste was terrible but manageable to get down and no after taste. I took a few bites whole of yogurt then drank water, continued until completely gone. Then are my salad and finished the bottle of water. No issues since 1045 am and it is 6pm now, so far so good but anything is better than the infection. Suggestions, no alcohol as it seems to make the medicine symptoms worse per the reviews and definitely eat something."

Nameless · Taken for less than 1 month June 18, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "Ladies stop sticking stuff in your vaginas. I suffered from BV for 15 years and took one dose of solosec ( yes it tastes horrible but I could care less if it cured the problem) it's been 2 weeks and it worked. I have read every piece of literature on the subject from biofilms to enzymes to probiotics to peroxide. DO not cheat yourself. You can ask for a coupon from health provider the medicine is expensive without coupon but with a coupon its only 25 bucks. I repeat stop putting all that stuff in your vaginas."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 6, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "This medication tasted so bad, so hard to take. I could hardly finish it and when I did I threw up!"

Samantha · Taken for less than 1 month May 25, 2019

For Bacterial Vaginitis "I paid $25 using coupon my doctor provided me. As she instructed, I mixed it with applesauce and didn’t chew and while not pleasant, got it down quickly. She also said no alcohol, which I’ve abided by today. I’ve had no side effects and the itching has stopped. So far, so good."


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