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User Reviews for Penciclovir topical to treat Cold Sores

Also known as: Denavir

Penciclovir topical has an average rating of 9.1 out of 10 from a total of 58 ratings for the treatment of Cold Sores. 88% of those users who reviewed Penciclovir topical reported a positive effect, while 7% reported a negative effect.

Penciclovir topical Rating Summary

9.1/10 Average Rating

58 ratings from 61 user reviews

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79% 46
7% 4
2% 1
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7% 4

Reviews for Penciclovir topical

MinervaX November 15, 2020

Denavir (penciclovir): “Denavir is the ONLY medicine that works to stop cold sore for me! Don't understand why no generic available and why the Brand price go insane. People try to convince Abreva can do the magic! Abreva is totally worthless for me compared to Denavir but it seems that is only available brand on the market that claim target to cold sore. There are no medicines that really work like Denavir for cold sore not even Zovirax as least that is what from my experience. Denavir really stop Cold Sore once you apply on it! It is magic ... so disappointed the price of Denavir is so unreachable!!!!!”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2020

Denavir (penciclovir): “I’m at a loss for words when I just submitted for a refill !!! Wth?? I will continue to “nurse” my old tube till completely gone and search out a family member in Europe to get me a new tube. How dare this company charge this $948/tube for a cold sore med.... sure our politicians would like to be advised and I’ll be glad to write that letter.”

9 / 10
Honey · Taken for 10 years or more May 26, 2020

Denavir (penciclovir): “I've been using it for years but can no longer afford it the cost is over $800.00 and is not covered by my insurance. Why is it so expensive and why can't we get help from insurance companies”

10 / 10
2nd Class Citizen January 22, 2020

Denavir (penciclovir): “I've used Denavir for decades. It worked well and was covered by my insurance. I've never paid more than a few dollars for a co-pay. Now it's almost $1,000 for a tiny tube that only lasts for one outbreak. This is ridiculous. My husband is very fair skinned and simple exposure to sunlight can bring on blistering on his lips that is so bad that his lips split and bleed. The only thing that has ever helped is Denavir - now we can't afford it and he will have to suffer through weeks and weeks of not being able to talk, eat, or drink without bleeding or pain. Denavir may get a 10 for effectiveness - but it gets a ZERO for actual effectiveness because now we can't afford it.”

1 / 10
Warmie · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 8, 2020

Denavir (penciclovir): “On board with all previous posts. The cost is absolutely ludicrous. I call it my GOLD medication. I fortunately had a wonderful Doctor who jumped through hoops and did all she could to get pre approval via medicare. I've used this medication for years and last year was the first time I had an issue with coverage. It still took 4 months to finally get approval. But, I got it and well worth the wait. I get sores whenever I'm stressed, sick or out in the sun too long. It's the only one I've used that actually works and takes the cracked, burning, scabbing and painful 4 weeks of healing down to 1 week without cracking and pain. This is a great medication. But, yep the cost is beyond comprehension. I feel for all of you and hope that you can get a doctor to help with the red tape to get it approved.”

10 / 10
Dani · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 15, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “This drug does work wonders, but as stated here by almost everyone, it is prohibitively expensive. Order it online from in Canada, fax them your Rx, it comes from Europe, 3 - 2oz tubes cost me $113.76.”

10 / 10
RD · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 14, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “Denavir works great for my occasional cold sore. However, it's not covered by my insurance as of 11/14/19. The pharmacist told me the out of pocket cost would be $800.00, and there's no generic medicine. I was beyond belief and outraged by the cost!! SHAME on the company, Mylan, for charging such an unreasonable/greedy price!!!!”

10 / 10
anti-Borg October 30, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “It works okay I think, but the price increase from three years ago is mind-boggling. I would never have paid it but the pharmacy service covered by my insurance got my money and won't give it back. I am appalled that a drug company can do this but not at all surprised.”

5 / 10
Steggall October 12, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “Denavir always worked great, but a few years ago in the US, they raised the price to nearly $900 a tube. Last year, in Greece, I saw the European version of the drug being sold over the counter for 7 Euros or about US$ 8. On top of that, it was being sold over the counter. It was exactly the same strength, and it had exactly the same packaging in Greece as it does in the US, with the exception that the name was Fenivir instead of Denavir. How is it that they can charge $8 for something in Greece, and they charge $900 in the US!!”

10 / 10
Tiff September 12, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “I have just started using this medicine on my cold sore and am really happy with it. I am in Europe and paid $7 for it. I cannot believe how much they charge you in the states, that is a ridiculous price ”

10 / 10
CJ June 28, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “Works great BUT what is going on!!! It was $50 last year and this year it is $856!!!! Crazy!! Is this because it is coming off patent soon??? So disappointed. I can’t believe Novartis is taking advantage in this way!”

9 / 10
jgas · Taken for 10 years or more June 18, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “Excellent if taken early will completely eliminate getting a cold sore . Abreva is a joke - it does nothing”

10 / 10
Fenivir · Taken for less than 1 month May 13, 2019

“I have been getting cold sores for years. I got a tube of Penciclovir once I felt the tell tail tingle and after 5 days it had gone, it didn't even blister. I only paid R 60.00 for it, about USD 5.00. I can't believe how much Americans are getting ripped off, its scandalous.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 10 years or more March 20, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “Unless you have money to burn, don’t support the millionaires that are scamming the average working person- it does work well but take your $1000 and have a vacation in Europe and at the same time pick up a couple of tubes of a similar cream of the same composition”

6 / 10
ChloeOlivia9 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 8, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “I have tried every OTC and Rx known to man to treat my cold sores. When I get an eruption, it is SEVERE. I blister up and my whole lip swells and it takes 3 weeks to heal without Denavir. If I use Denavir w ithin two days of use my cold sore is barely perceptible and 90% healed. No vesicle formation or crusty exudate. Just really fast healing. Nothing stops cold sores in their tracks as fast as Denavir topical. It is very expensive but a little goes a long way. I had my PCP do a prior auth for this medication and I did not blink an eye at the $70 co-pay and I am on a budget. Worth every penny.”

10 / 10
L84dnr · Taken for less than 1 month February 4, 2019

“Prices in the US are insane!! I walked into a pharmacy in Greece and the pharmacist suggested it...I had never heard of it. Cost me equivalent to $14 OTC. Worked great too!! How is even possible it cost $700+ here in the US?!”

ACV · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 27, 2019

Denavir (penciclovir): “Denavir doesn’t really lessen the length of an outbreak for me, but it almost 100% gets rid of the pain and tingling. It might lessen the length by 2-3 days, but the relief from pain is what I use it for. Unfortunately, it’s not covered by my insurance and is $800. Can get in Canada for $40 with a prescription.”

10 / 10
Brandi · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 9, 2018

Denavir (penciclovir): “This is the best stuff for cold sores! Use it right away when you feel that tingle sensation and a cold sore may never appear. I also take Valtrex right away and both of these together can make it so that a cold sore never appears or if it does it’s gone in 2 days. Works great!”

10 / 10
Taylor P September 8, 2018

Denavir (penciclovir): “Only thing that works!! In addition to valtrex”

9 / 10
Barbara · Taken for 10 years or more July 9, 2018

Denavir (penciclovir): “I’ve been taking Denavir for over 15 years and it’s the only thing that gets rid of a cold sore quickly. Since it was sold to another company the price has skyrocketed. It wasn’t cheap to start with, but now it’s about $1,000+ per tiny tube. When my copay jumped from $20 to $800 I tried valacyclovir, which just caused the cold sore to subside and return over and over. We tried different dosages, but the result was constant cold sores for weeks. I’m going on vacation soon, and saw that the European version is sold over the counter, so I’m going to a pharmacy to buy some. It looks like it will cost less than 10 euros per tube, and is made by Novartis, the original creator. The brand name is Fenavir. So, if you have a friend or family member traveling to Europe, keep this in mind.”

10 / 10
Virtualsl · Taken for less than 1 month April 21, 2018

“This drug costs over $800 for a tiny tube in the US and my insurance won’t pay anything. I sent my prescription to a reputable pharmacy in Canada received three tubes for $104!! It took a couple of weeks to receive it but I’m thankful I found a place to buy it cheaper.”

10 / 10
KennethG January 21, 2018

Denavir (penciclovir): “I have suffered from occasional fever blisters since childhood. As a teen and adult, they are embarrassing. Stress can do it, and also, if my body is fighting off an illness, which I suppose is stressful for the body. For many years, as soon as I feel the tingling of a new one beginning, I put Denavir on and it can stop it cold. It is truly an effective drug. Over-the-counter treatments do not work. Denavir does. I ask my doctor for occasional prescriptions just so I always have it in the house, even though I don't get them nearly as often anymore.”

10 / 10
Nicole_0324_xoxo December 16, 2017

Denavir (penciclovir): “I developed a very painful cold sore on my lip. Hands down the most painful cold sore I've had in my life. I couldn't open my mouth or talk without it hurting and stinging. I used Orajel and it gave me no relief. I went to my doctor 2 days ago and was prescribed Denavir and my cold sore is healed. I feel so much better. Would highly recommend this!”

10 / 10
Jackson III October 13, 2017

Denavir (penciclovir): “Mylan now owns Denavir and they have jacked up the price to US$1000 a tube. Not worth it. The patent will expire in 2020. I have stop using it even though my insurance covers this for an $30 co-pay. I have tried taking L-lysine and vitamin C during an outbreak. They worked almost as well, In the US,the over-counter Abreva works as well for me. It cost at most $15 a tube. If you are outside of the US, you can easily get generic Acyclovir 5% for less than $10 a tube. Try to reduce stress in your life, exercise and eat well. You will probably get less occurences.”

1 / 10
Carol2236765 October 8, 2017

Denavir (penciclovir): “Denavir, for me, does not work. It does not stop the cold sore formation and does not heal it quickly. It has taken nearly 2 weeks for my cold sore to heal.”

1 / 10

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