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User Reviews for Alli to treat Obesity

Alli has an average rating of 6.0 out of 10 from a total of 92 ratings for the treatment of Obesity. 47% of those users who reviewed Alli reported a positive effect, while 34% reported a negative effect.

Alli Rating Summary

6.0/10 average rating

92 ratings from 102 user reviews.

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Reviews for Alli

Mikki · Taken for less than 1 month March 11, 2021

“Not only am I premenopausal, but I also have no gallbladder to breakdown the bile, so since my surgery and going into menopause, I have gained over 20 lbs. So I needed something to help a little more than most people to eliminate bad fat and flush it out. After just a day or two, I noticed it doing its job, and I actually feel a lot better too. I don't have that bloated or feeling too full feeling. I did make sure to start this on my weekend to make sure everything would go okay and I wouldn't have any accidents. I noticed as long as I follow the Simple Plan of lower calorie or lower fat diet, and just taking one with my higher fat meals, I haven't had any problem. Lost 3 lbs in 6 days so far, so actually pretty impressed. I also think this is a good product to take for those that are trying to lose weight with no gallbladder or going through menopause , those pounds that snuck up very quickly.”

7 / 10
Squeaks · Taken for less than 1 month February 11, 2021

“NEVER and I mean NEVER trust a fart while taking these! Imagine opening a pressure cooker full of chili before the pressure is relieved. Good Lord.”

1 / 10
Donna January 16, 2021

“I've had no side-effects and no weight lost after 3 months, so my Physician told me to stop taking the pills. My labs all came back normal, so no thyroid, Cushings, etc.... it was so frustrating!!! Then, because of the Covid, everything was telemedicine and I got a new Physician via Zoom call and she requested a new set of labs and told me I had pre-diabetic insulin resistance. That changed everything! My diet had to change yet again. I'm following more of a high veggie and low any type of carb diet, PLUS the Alli and I am *finally* losing those darn menopause pounds that, literally, sneak up on you. What am I saying? Take Alli to help with weight loss but if it doesn't work, you need to keep working with your Physician to get the right combination of diet & exercise for Alli to work. For you pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women out there; keep at it! The weight does, eventually, come off and you don't have to starve yourself or have risky surgery to do it.”

10 / 10
George · Taken for less than 1 month September 7, 2019

“Been using this medication for a little over a week. My observations are the following: 1. Do not fart unless you are on a toilet. Unless you don’t mind the orange skid marks. 2. Keep a toilet brush handy to clean your bowl after you flush your gross stool. Unless you don’t mind a dirty toilet. 3. Again, hold those farts in until you find a toilet. Just avoid being around people smoking unless you want to cause a fire from the gasses you release.”

7 / 10
MesomorphMe · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 11, 2019

“Ok so I started taking Alli for weigh tloss back in June I dropped 7 pounds in 7 days by exercising, dieting and drinking water . I will admit make the toilet your best friend and if your a female and very gassy grab a pad or pantyliner. It gets nasty . You have to eat for your body type , and do what is needed to shed pounds DO NOT think popping 3 pills a day will magically induce weight loss . FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS”

6 / 10
Banda · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 12, 2018

“People keep saying all kinds of stuff about Alli does not work but it clearly states it is a weight loss aid and you need to exercise and eat right. Don’t forget that weight loss will take the duration your body took to gain weight. Take control of your body and stop blaming and whining. I lost 50 lb with diet, daily exercise and Alli in 6 months”

Starley · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 10, 2019

“I take Alli on and off, it is helpful; but today was different. As I was sitting in the office, I felt my downtown area wet then I went to restroom. The moment I was doing #1, then #2 started coming out as well and when I looked in the toilet it was oily(red). To tell you the truth I lost 20lbs already”

6 / 10
Gemmie · Taken for less than 1 month August 26, 2016

“Worked brilliantly, I cut down my fat intake a week before starting them & continued this whilst on them, I lost 10lb in my first 2 weeks!! Really really pleased with the result & have just ordered my second months supply. You HAVE to reduce you fat intake to stop any unpleasant side effects, I'm now at the point where I don't want to eat high levels of fat because I don't want to suffer the consequences!!! Worked for me!!!”

10 / 10
Kar4em11 July 1, 2017

“Okay so after reading some of the reviews I was a little reluctant to try Alli. There were comments saying how you would poop yourself etc. Well let me tell you no that does not happen if your eating a healthy diet . I love it and yes instead of losing the typical 2 pounds a week I am losing 3. So happy I tried this and will continue to use it . Down 16 pounds and 24 to go ! Check it out yourself before you read all the ridiculous comments . Eat healthy and yes it works!”

1lifetimechange August 5, 2016

“I lost 75 pounds when I used Alli. I ate low fat foods like egg whites, low fat yogurt, salads with chicken breasts & low fat dressing, sugar free popcicles, tomato soup, lean turkey, chicken, & turkey. I added salsa, green peppers, onions, & mushrooms to make the food go farther & for taste. Lots of lean protI took one Alli when I ate a meal that contained fat. I also started walking. I walked 3/4 mile at first, then 1 mile, & then 2. If I cheated, it wasn't fun! If I ate a piece of pizza & took an Alli pill, it gave me the oily runs which wasn't fun. That made me not cheat! When I stopped exercising, and not eating right I gained the weight back. It's like any healthy lifestyle, you have to make changes to lose weight!”

9 / 10
Angel · Taken for less than 1 month December 3, 2018

“Years ago my doctor put me on Orlistat which worked wonderfully! I was able to easily lose 10-15 pounds in the first month which in turn motivated me to keep going even without the pill. Now years later when the same medication is over the counter it is half the strength as when it first came out. It never seemed to work as good. So this time I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt & take TWO to see if it would work the same way is used to….Needless to say it did NOT! One night while taking the pill out, I placed it on top of my dresser. The light from the bathroom hit it just right and I noticed something. I held the Alli pill up to the light and low and behold it was not even HALF full! You have taken something that actually worked for countless people without any serious side effects and turned it into something worthless! I again have wasted my money on your product when I can get better results from eating half a pack of sugarless gum! Thanks for nothing….”

Baby Shell · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 15, 2018

“I almost decided not to try Alli because of the horror stories but I'm glad I did. First two days I had minor nausea and slight cramping but it never reoccured after that. I have followed the diet and fat requirements and I have never had an accident or any problems and I am on week 4. The only slight day to day issue is minor constipation and a little gas. Not enough to make me stop taking it. I ate in a restaurant for the first time and did not have access to nutrition content and had no issues. If you are serious about diet and weight loss, give it a try and don't let the horror stories deter you.”

9 / 10
Lusiphur July 4, 2015

“Just want to comment on an early review from someone saying it didn't work. The person has a BMI lower than this product is intended for and doesn't sound to eat a lot of fat so this product is unlikely to work for them. I have a high BMI and found that it helped my weight loss to be more consistent than dieting alone. I have changed my eating habits and haven't had any negative side effects. You need to put effort in and can't expect it to do all the work for you.”

8 / 10
blondie2424 March 23, 2014

“I'm on my second month, and or bottle of ALLI. I tried it in the past, but I must admit, I ate fat and yes, had the loose bowel motion, but didn't gain weight. No I only had 15 lb to loose, and so far I've lost 7-9 lbs in a month, eating good. I did go on a week vacation and ate cake, drank cocktails, ribs, etc. Not every day, and yes it came right out. Don't laugh, but I didn't gain a pound during the week. I'm not using it for that reason, but hey, now you can go on that Cruise during your diet and NOT gait weight. Ya, you go to the bathroom a lot, but you know its all coming-out. For the most part 'Im 90 percent on track, with NO side effects. And if I eat Pizza and Nachos on Friday night, so what, I don't gain weight and for once I'm not constipated.”

8 / 10
Chief Ed August 8, 2013

“I have used Alli and was very happy. It absolutely will help you lose weight. If you are planning on not adjusting your diet, it is not for you. Since it inhibits fat from being absorbed, fat goes right through you and could definitely be embarrassing (if you know what I mean). If you lower the fat in your diet, it will do wonders and the disgusting side effects will be minimal to non-existent.”

10 / 10
xnicnak · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 7, 2017

“I have a feeling that the people commenting that it "doesn't work" are the ones expecting Alli to be a "miracle pill" for weight loss. You CANNOT eat rubbish whilst taking these, it won't work. It's as simple as that. Yes, the pounds won't literally slide off you, but they assist you alongside a healthy, low fat diet and exercise. I lost a steady 2lbs / 3lbs a week using these. Diet was full of fish, meat, fruit and veggies, and I snacked on healthy nuts and seeds (I also took a multivitamin supplement as recommended). I did HIIT workouts and jogged 3-4 times a week. They work if you put the effort in and they're used properly.”

9 / 10
stef12345 December 9, 2014

“Lost 45 lbs. on Alli in about 10 months. I got pregnant and sadly am back where I started. I will be starting on all I again next month. Its a great boost to get you working in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle.”

10 / 10
Lauren · Taken for less than 1 month February 26, 2018

“I've only been taking Alli for one week now. I also joined a gym and started a diet. I'm a 26 yr old female. Last Tuesday I weighed 278lb and today, Monday, I weigh 266lb. I take a total of three pills a day. One each with my meals. I'm only at the gym for about an hour. I do about 3-5 miles on the bike or treadmill, then weight machines. My diet now consists of low calorie/low fat. Tons and tons of veggies and fruit/high protein. I think all the combination of what I am doing is why I lost 12 lbs within just six days so far. And trust me, I have hypothyroidism, so my metabolism sucks! As far as side effects, I have not had any "bathroom accidents" that are apparently quite common. But like I said. I have been following the low fat diet like the packaging says to do. The only thing I have experienced is lower back pain that feels similar to period cramps. But that could also be due to me join the gym. I will definitely be finishing the bottle and hoping for even more results.”

9 / 10
FairyGardens · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 11, 2019

“The new generation of Orlistat, sold over the counter as Alli, does NOT work. I was on Xenical when it first came out in the 1990's. It worked very well and the orange discharge was a daily thing. Now 4 months ago I purchased Alli over the counter. Paid $85 and was very disappointed to find out that I had wasted my money. First, each pill is filled only 60mg instead of the Xenical which is 120mg so it is not the same dose. Second, even when doubling up doses it still does not grab the fat and produce the orange discharge like the old ones used to. I will never purchase this again. It is basically a placebo. I tried the keto diet for awhile to help with weight loss but the constipation & limitations were so horrible it didn't work. Also tried Phentermine and it too was unsuccessful in the long run. What works? The MY PLATE model, using a toddler sized sectioned plate.”

1 / 10
MrsCarter November 7, 2016

“I used alli because I wanted to lose weight but needed help with commitment to my diet it's been about a week and I lost 5lbs surprisingly it helped with my bloating and constipation which may also be why I lost 5lbs in a week not looking for a miracle pill just something to help out like a guard rail at the bowling alley you may not get a strike but at least you didn't get a gutter ball lol”

10 / 10
Skylynn August 28, 2015

“I never used Alli before but remembered seeing a coworker of mine use it and she was slim. This product works wonders. It traps all the fat and the releases it straight out of the body. It really helps with my gallstones so that my gallbladder doesn't cause any pain. I have lost 7lbs the first two weeks. I am hoping to start seeing more weight come off as I continue using this product.”

9 / 10
Lusiphur · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 2, 2016

“Just want to update since previous review: To understand how this product works you have to know what it does. It blocks a certain amount of the fat you eat from being aborbed into your body and thus reduces your calorie/fat intake. It's not a miracle drug, if you eat a very high fat diet yes it may help a bit but it won't do ALL the work. Also, if you eat little/no fat anyway it can't help as it won't do anything for you. It can't block fat that isn't there. If like me you're on a long term diet it can really boost your success. I have gone from a bmi of 47 to 39 in 6 months. Still some way to go but Alli is helping a great deal and keeps me motivated with consistent weekly weight losses.”

9 / 10
Unique Monique May 13, 2017

“If you're having problems with oily farts then you're not following the recommendation of a reduced fat diet! That oil is fat your body isn't absorbing, anytime it starts happening to me it's my reminder I need to watch what I eat!! I also have IBS I now have regular BMs and haven't been as bloated. Also my appetite isn't as strong where I'm binge eating and I'm not craving junk food as much.”

8 / 10
Tiff · Taken for less than 1 month October 28, 2018

“I started taking Alli 2x a day 10 days ago. I only had 15 pounds that I've been struggling to lose. It's curbed my appetite and I've lost 3 1/2 pounds in 10 days! The only Con if you eat a high fat meal you will be stuck on the toilet tomorrow morning. It will definitely remind you not to do that again. What I love about Alli no jittery diet pill side effects and rapid weight loss.”

10 / 10
Margil · Taken for less than 1 month September 25, 2018

“I started taking Alli the other day. I have had to purchase Poise pads, just in case of an oil gas or stool. I have read nothing but horror stories. But I am just experiencing extra bowel movements in the toilet. Mild stomach cramps. I wear the pads in case of anything due to side effects, but have had nothing at all. Lost weight already. But I am not hungry at all. I tried out the first day on a Sunday in case of adverse side effects. So good. Hopefully this can be my go to for weight management going forward.”

10 / 10
Onlyme118 September 14, 2016

“Well, let me say that I read through everyone's posts prior to posting. I used ALLI and found it to be exactly as stated. I no longer use this product. Losing weight is about getting off your big butt and making the appropriate choices! MOVE and EAT HEALTHY! I run daily and I make wise food choices for the most part, and when I don't I KNOW that I WILL BE THE ONE to SUFFER! I am the one who pays the price for the choices that I make! Time for people to start taking responsibility for themselves and stop trying to make someone else the scapegoat. If you want to lose the weight, cut back on calories and move your body - that is the key!!!! Come on people, it isn't rocket science! I did it and lost 112 pounds. Not easy but you can do it!”

3 / 10
Boobug15 August 26, 2015

“I have been taking Alli since Aug. 20 it was suggested to me by my Dr. I was at 216lbs on Aug. 20 and I was weighed yesterday Aug. 25 I am now 210lbs 6lbs gone in 5 days!!! It has helped with my appetite I will be honest I do not diet or exercise but Alli does really work! I would highly suggest to anyone overweight!”

9 / 10
Dcharger06 · Taken for less than 1 month March 28, 2017

“In the past I used the prescription strength orlistat 120mg and I lost 45-50 pounds, short term, I also used portion control, exercised daily and felt the side affects if I ate something I shouldn't have. Years later Alli was on the shelf after I went to the Dr in need of help to lose the pesky 10-20 pounds and my Dr told me to use alli but double the dose and it is equivalent to prescription strength. So far I am down 6 pounds in 1 1/2 weeks. Alli is only a temporary kickstart to any weight loss plan and is not intended for long term use. It has worked for me. The right way is to get up and move and know your portions and drink plenty of water!!”

10 / 10

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