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User Reviews for Nivolumab to treat Melanoma, Metastatic

Also known as: Opdivo

SF Dana · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 15, 2021

Opdivo (nivolumab): “My friend Jason was given this drug for Melanoma. He had a spot removed on his leg and his lymph nodes were removed. After that the Dr said he was cancer free but suggested he take this drug to stay in remission. The drug attacked his brain and caused his to lose the ability to talk, walk, and have proper motor skills and spent 9 months in a hospital bed in utter frustration and anger unable to do anything on his own including going to the bathroom. There was no recourse. Once it did the damage it was irreversible. He died almost a year later. Cancer was all over his body. He was 47.”

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jm · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 8, 2021

Opdivo (nivolumab): “I had stage 4 melanoma in my lymph glands, lung, liver, and bladder. After one year on Optivo 98% of the cancer was gone. I stayed on Optivo for another year and my last scans showed no c-cells. Currently I'm Opdivo off until my next scans are done. Yes, it did save my life. And yes there are side effects but they out way the other.”

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WAnn July 10, 2019

Opdivo (nivolumab): “I have been on this treatment since April 2018 and only got sick 2 times. Besides Vitiligo, skin rash and my thyroid being messed up this treatment has been great for me. My melanoma moved from skin issue to lymph nodes. The original large lymph lump has gone down immensely in size but has not completely gone away even though scans show if to be non malignant. The other nodes throughout my body vanished with this treatment and I am so glad I opted not to have any removed before treatment. It is July 2019 and I am still being treated monthly. Best wishes to others this has been a God send to me.”

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Cab2017 November 18, 2017

Opdivo (nivolumab): “Surgery to remove polyp. Follow-up surgery to remove nasal and sinus mucosal melanoma. Proton beaming to clean-up remaining mm in nose/sinus. Metastasis in bones, brain, liver, kidney, gall bladder and spleen. Opdivo started and after 6 infusions observed reduction in size of tumors everywhere. Continue another 6 infusions until next scan.”

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big olddog · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 8, 2018

Opdivo (nivolumab): “Been on Nivolumab & Opdivo for 27 months with small amount of side effects and great success in tumor reduction . Merkel cell (MCC ) is what I have and went thru several Chemos & radiation and this treatment is working Great on this cancer. Merkel cell MCC is one of the cancer that foundations do not help with so these patients are on there own. Pricey but it does make a different s in the length of your life .”

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Uitzaaingen keelkanker in long · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 24, 2018

“ Now a year on this, with a decrease of 50% and a little more. Now two final scans with good stabilization. Hopefully this can still rescue me from cancer.”

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