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User Reviews for Tysabri

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Multiple Sclerosis 7.8
92 reviews 96 medications

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Reviews for Tysabri

BarryNZ January 29, 2020

For Multiple Sclerosis: “Hi my beloved friends, 2 days ago I had my 16th tysabri, tell you what my walking is turned to baby steps with a cane, tired exhausted especially during hot weather, but I got diagnosed 2017 and I had no walking issues apart from my right eye that had a patchy feeling, now I have shoulder pain, left leg experience momental seizures which I am controlling it with tegretol. Doctors are saying that I need to exercise but I can't as my feet are shivering and are too weak to pedal, thinking to move to ocrevus any idea.”

5 / 10
Dr December 18, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “Has anyone else experienced mental issues with this drug . I got severe anxiety and started feeling depressed after started this drug and some mental confusion. Other than this the drug seems to be working.”

9 / 10
Greenhouse lady · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 7, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I have not had a relapse for 3 years since starting Tysabri.”

9 / 10
Keyia December 6, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I was diagnosed with M.S almost 4 years ago and have been on Tysabri, and up until April of this year no problems. In April I was in the hospital 2 times. July I contracted Meningitis and was hospitalized for 8 days sent home with a picc line to infuse myself for 6 days. Then again in November I contracted Meningitis again stayed 6 days this time and came home with a picc again. This medication worked good with slowing down the progression of my lesions but it killed my immune system. My doctor has taken me off the medication. We will see what is gonna be her next move.”

Florence November 28, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “Copaxion was first medication for two years, after 2015 definitive diagnosis of MS, but had horrible injection site side effects and more lesions. The first two infusions I felt good and some of my symptoms had eased since I had a relapse while off meds. The fifth infusion I had chills and fever for a few days and that hasn’t happened again. The worst side effect experienced is tiredness for several days and sometimes chills. I use a cane from time to time for balance and weakness. I won’t know if Tysabri is working until February MRI, and am hopeful For no new lesions. This medication is better than all the horrible injections. I do get depression after as well, but take a low dose antidepressant, which has helped very much. I am JC negative. It is good to know after reading reviews that I am not the only one who experiences tiredness after infusions. My neurologist’s PA said she hasn’t heard of anyone with side effects.”

9 / 10
Fred · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 13, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “Been in it (Tysabri) for almost 10 years for MS with no relapses. Restored previous deficits. On a 8 week infusion currently due to JCV status”

10 / 10
Rod2112 · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 11, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I've been on Tysabri for about 7 years. LOVE, LOVE LOVE this drug! I tried Avonex initially...I learned interferons and I don't get along well! Then Betaseron and Copaxone. Not strong enough. Tried Gilenya...always felt bad on it. Finally settled on Tysabri. Best decision ever! I have no side effects other than about a week before another infusion, I slow down...becoming more symptomatic and cranky! I'm a Tysabri "junkie!"”

10 / 10
MS Sucks May 31, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “We found out my husband has MS a year after I had brain surgery for removing 80% of an Acoustic Neuroma Tumor. So, naturally we were devastated, AGAIN... since both our brains SUCK. He was on Copaxone for two years until he had a terrible relapse where he was totally paralyzed except his right hand and he had to be admitted into the hospital, go into rehab and come home in a hospital bed. This was when he started Tysabri, July 2011. Since then, he slowly came back from being bed ridden, to being in a wheelchair for months, to using a walker for months, then using a cane. I believe Tysabri helped him come back to himself and his family, physically and mentally. He had another relapse two years ago, only because he stopped taking Tysabri for a month to get tested for his JC virus. He has been on Tysabri for almost 8 years and his Dr plans to keep him on it unless his JC virus turns positive. We love it.”

9 / 10
Yup · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 1, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “The worst drug on the planet after getting one infusion I started limping, after the second infusion I had to rest and lean against something after walking less than a block. I started having suicidal thoughts and my father has me on daily check ins. This medicine is the worst thing I’ve done. I will never trust a doctor that suggests this drug and doesn’t believe my experience after several witness have commented upon my poor physical ability.”

1 / 10
Cindy · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 24, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I have had MS for 20 years. I have been on every medication around. About 10 years ago I started having some movement issues, but nothing noticeable. In November 2017 I felt I was getting worse walking. I went on Tysabri. At that time I was not using a cane but I was getting fatigued easily and noticed my walking was getting worse. After a year and two months on Tysabri I am much worse. I use my cane full time, I get fatigued easily and have seen NO benefit from Tysabri only negatives. My MRI came back with no new lesions, but I didn't have any new lesions the past few years anyway. I am going off this medication and will just work on my diet and exercise for now. I can't afford to get any worse or I will be in a scooter.”

1 / 10
Missy · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 18, 2019

For Multiple Sclerosis: “My daughter took Tysabri and got both IRIS and PML. She never took any other immune suppressant drugs. Tysabri gave her aphasia, delusions leading to hallucinations, intermittent blindness, non-stop epilepsy, then grand mals, inability to digest food, projectile vomiting, muscular degeneration, blood brain clots and a stroke causing paralysis of her right side. After this disastrous suffering for over a year, her death.”

1 / 10
MSwarrior · Taken for 5 to 10 years October 3, 2018

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I've had monthly Tysabri infusions and have been in remission for 9 years. I've had MS for 34 years. I became JCV positive and then converted back to negative. The only side effect has been some migraines and UTI's. It has been a miracle for me. I walk with a walker and use a power scooter for long distances.”

8 / 10
Kirsty Australia · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 1, 2018

For Multiple Sclerosis: “Before my treatment is due, I get so much pain in my shoulders, shoulder blades, arms and hips/leg. I also become really irritable, and erratic moods. This happens about 1 to 1.5 weeks before its due. I have been wondering if tysabri is addictive because its like my body is screaming for it. According to my MRIs my legions are shrinking so its doing something in the background. However, I've either gotten worse since being on tysabri or its progression. MRIs say stable, go figure.”

7 / 10
evang January 31, 2018

For Multiple Sclerosis: “changing to ocrevus in 2 weeks after 12 tysabri's. I had relapse around 9th infusion. My bloods came back JC positive (was told negative initially), MRI had increased lesion load. Also found it never lasted the 4 weeks. The pain and fatigue came back about 10 days prior to next dose initially but that became longer to the extent iIwas lucky to have a few good days after dose.”

4 / 10
Kate54 · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 30, 2017

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I've used Tysabri for past couple years. Prior to Tysabri, I used couple other drugs but nothing worked as well as Tysabri. My wish would be to take it every 21 days instead of 28 days. The 4-5 days before infusion time can be very painful with head & body aches accompanied by brain fog I don't understand the risks for a 21 day infusion, but I'm willing to learn”

10 / 10
GuidingMyTR · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 25, 2017

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I have been on this medication for just about a year and think it is wonderful the only issue is about a week before my infusion I have a real increase in symptoms I wish that there was a 21-day option because 28 is too far”

6 / 10
Katenky · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 18, 2017

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I've been on it for a number of years and it appears to be helpful.”

7 / 10
Currahee · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 11, 2017

For Multiple Sclerosis: “Tysabri has been wonderful so thankful”

10 / 10
Crista Love · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 3, 2017

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I have been on Tysabri since Jan 2015. Every month, about 7 days before my next infusion, my body is completely ravished with joint pain, pain & fatigue in my arms and legs. I have a cob web feeling in my left shoulder blade and my hands remain numb. I have been forced to go to the ER because the pain was intolerable. A few times I made it to my infusion but couldn't walk and the pain was so great they had to give me Dilaudid before my infusion. It usually takes 3 days after the infusion for the pain to subside . Every single month I spend 10 days in hell, but I am blessed to get 20 days of normal life. The FDA needs to understand that this drug does not last 28 days, this should be a 21 day cycle, otherwise people suffer with this drug.”

6 / 10
Mparm December 30, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I have to give it 10 out of 10, as it changed my life. After years of injecting other meds and continuing to relapse, I started on Tysabri in 2009. I can honestly say that I cannot work full time without it, as the fatigue is greatly improved whilst on it. I have come off to get pregnant, and then continued back on after two babies. My last MRI showed that some of my lesions actually got smaller, and I have not had any brain atrophy whilst being on this drug. The only side effect I notice is slightly thinner hair. This is a drug that can have serious implications, and I think the choice to take it must be thought carefully, weighing all the benefits and risks. But for me, it has saved my life for 7 years.”

10 / 10
Bsteezzyyy November 30, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I was diagnosed with ms in May 31 2016. First we wanted to do tecfadra but insurance wanted me to do something cheaper. In that time I had a horrible relapse. So we choose tysabri my doctor said it was the only other drug strong enough to deal with my ms. After my 4th infusion I tested JC positive and had to be hospitalized. I am no longer on it and I am not a fan of it”

3 / 10
Waterwoman November 21, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I have been on Tysabri since 2007. I haven't had a single relapse. MRIs are good, symptoms are minimal or nonexistent, whereas before it was relapse after relapse. I was on Copaxone for a year before Tysabri was returned to market and it did nothing for me. I am negative JCV antibodies. I go in to the infusion center every 28 days, have an infusion for an hour, wait for the hour of observation and off I go. No side effects noted during my treatment with this medication. It's not for everyone but it works very well for me.”

10 / 10
Msmckenna · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 14, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I am 19 years old. I was diagnosed with RRMS at the age of 15, in 2012. I started out on Rebif injections. I was on that for 6 months and had to stop due to anaphylactic shock. I had 3-4 flares and had to be treated by steroids. After, I started Copaxone and had 3-4 flares that caused a lot of damaged. I took this medication for 6 months and went into anaphylactic. In June, I started Tysabri. It took 6 months of fighting with my insurance to cover it. In the time being, I tested positive for JC virus. I had my 6th infusion Nov. 10, 2016. I can't emphasize and exaggerate enough how terrible I feel. I can barely move. I have severe chest pain and tightness. I'm so fatigued, I can't stay awake for more then a couple hours. I hate it.”

1 / 10
HandyDan · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 12, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis: “Tysabri is the first medication I was put on after being diagnosed with MS. So far it has been very effective, I started taking it after recovering from my first attack. I don't know if it is the Tysabri or just my body healing, but over the last 6 months I have continued to feel fewer and fewer MS symptoms. I was even able to run a marathon recently. I do treat positive for the JC virus antibodies, but my doctor had assured me that I can take Tysabri for up to two years with minimum risk of PML. The injection typically takes 1 hour, with another hour of waiting (something the government had mandated for some reason or another), but I have not felt any side effects.”

10 / 10
ZumbaMom · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 27, 2016

For Multiple Sclerosis: “I used to have about 3 MS flare ups and year, and had to be on steroids all the time, while taking other MS shots, that made me very sick. I have not had a single flare up, or taken any steroids or any other meds since starting Tysabri almost 5 years ago. Also no side effects at all. I even teach zumba classes now. Sometimes only hours after my infusion. It has truly changed my life.”

10 / 10