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How long does a Tysabri infusion take?

Medically reviewed by Nicole France, BPharm. Last updated on June 15, 2021.

Official answer

  • Tysabri takes one hour to infuse

  • After a Tysabri infusion patients are monitored for one hour for signs of a hypersensitivity-type reaction

Tysabri (natalizumab) is an integrin receptor antagonist used in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease.

Tysabri is administered via intravenous (IV) infusion, which involves delivering the medication through a needle placed in your vein.

The recommended dose of Tysabri is 300mg and this is infused in 100ml of 0.9% sodium chloride injection, USP, over one hour every four weeks. The infusion rate is about 5mg per minute.

During the Tysabri infusion and for one hour after patients are monitored for any signs of a hypersensitivity-type reaction to the infusion.


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