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User Reviews for Moxifloxacin to treat Skin or Soft Tissue Infection

Also known as: Avelox, Avelox I.V.

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Reviews for Moxifloxacin

Karen Wisconsin · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 6, 2018

Avelox (moxifloxacin): “I went into the hospital surgery. I was on three medicines the day of surgery and infection happened. I was given Avelox. By IV for 6 weeks. 2011 - I had the same so again 6 weeks calling it an extended amount of Avelox.. so I had 24 weeks in all by IV..I have tendons damage so severe that Mayo can do nothing to help me. My toes curl under and my feet have muscle wasting, fat pad syndrome, the bones now have cysts and I haven't been able to walk on my feet at all. I went through all of the neuropathy crying of pain, then I couldn't find my feet because I lost sense of where they were, the motor function burned out to where walking became impossible. Everything else has been ruled out even by Mayo, 1 other major hospital and one is working it out now just to see if they can give me any relief of pain.. it's just going up higher...the atrophy is muscle gone forever .”

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