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User Reviews for Salofalk

Salofalk has an average rating of 7.5 out of 10 from a total of 12 ratings on 64% of reviewers reported a positive effect, while 18% reported a negative effect.

Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Ulcerative Colitis  
4 reviews 75 medications
Ulcerative Colitis, Active  
3 reviews 31 medications
Ulcerative Colitis, Maintenance  
3 reviews 20 medications
Crohn's Disease, Maintenance  
2 reviews 26 medications
Summary of Salofalk reviews 7.5 12 reviews

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Reviews for Salofalk

GT March 12, 2021

For Ulcerative Colitis, Maintenance: “I've used both the Salofalk Foam & the liquid Salofalk enema & recommend trying this if you are struggling. It takes longer to administer, but is easier to keep in. If you're having issues with the foam, I recommend the following: - Make sure to release the foam slowly. It's less of a shock to the system & helps reduce that reflex muscle action that makes you want to evacuate it. - Wait at least 30 secs before the 2nd dose otherwise you just feel too full when the 2nd dose is released. - After the 2nd dose, don't withdraw the nozzle immediately. Wait at least 30 secs. When you withdraw it, do so as fast as possible. This stops any residual foam coming into contact with (for want of a better word) your anus & causing a burning sensation. - Finally it doesn't say this on the foam instructions, consider lying on your left side for 30 mins after your treatment. This helps the foam get to where it needs to go & makes it easier to keep in. Hope this helps someone & good luck!”

6 / 10
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A guy from london · Taken for less than 1 month February 17, 2020

For Ulcerative Colitis: “Measalazine Foam enema. Available from NHS in UK so insurance not an issue I have only taken this for a week so it's early to say ... But so far I think it is working better than other formulations. I tried the same brand suppositories which were not effective, pentasa was better but this foam seems to be doing better again.. Probably as my inflammation extends to 20cm. After four days I started to feel better, I had more energy and more regular & solid stools. At first it was hard to keep the enema in, which is still true if I use a double dose as prescribed. It is uncomfortable to take and so far a double pump often leads to a bowel evacuation.. but I'm hoping this improves as the inflammation recedes as stated in the instructions.”

8 / 10
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TiredofColitis · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 8, 2020

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I was on Salofalk enema for two weeks and didn't see improvement in my ulcerative colitis until day 13. By then I was done dose. After few days bleeding again. Doctor put me back on for another 14 days, same thing happened. Improvement on day 13 and then was done dose. After 8 days symptoms came back with a vengeance. I'm now on third week to see if I'm responding to treatment but just need more than two week on it. I'm tired of it all. Been suffering since March. Doc doesn't think I need colonoscopy. Symptoms are identical to colon cancer yet he is so sure without any diagnostic testing that it's not cancer.”

3 / 10
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tessa · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 16, 2020

For Ulcerative Colitis: “I got UC 3 years after quitting smoking at age 70. As I was always healthy before, I was rather dismayed to be told I have ulcerative colitis. I take the enema and find it difficult to use as well as a nuisance. I do not "go" as often and there is no more blood, but I am tired, have headaches, bloating, flatulence, and cramps---to the extent that I now get very little sleep. Before , my symptoms were in the morning. Now, I feel urgency to go all day---as well as most nights. Won't say I'm sorry I quit smoking. I'll just say I'm glad I smoked as long as I did. Hope others have better experiences with this drug.”

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Millertime33 August 27, 2016

For Ulcerative Colitis: “After being on an obscene amount of prednisone without working, I switched GI's and he prescribed me Salofalk. When I know a flare is coming, I can take a few salofalks over the course of a few days and things usually clear up. Was a life saver!”

9 / 10
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Uncle mustafa March 13, 2017

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I have mild UC and I was prescribed both pentasa and salofalk enema. I found that those 2 taken together works really great and my symptoms disappeared after 5 days. Taking pentasa (pill form) by itself did not helped at all until I started the enema after a week.”

9 / 10
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UC12 · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 19, 2016

For Ulcerative Colitis, Maintenance: “I have been on salofalk since I was diagnosed with UC 18 months ago. Over that time I've had about 8 courses of prednisone. Every time I come off prednisone and rely solely on Salofalk I get another flare. I'm currently on 1500mg/day of salofalk. Even after being hospitalised and pumped full of steroids which resulted in no symptoms (and normal bowel movements - YAY!) the salofalk couldn't keep me there :(”

2 / 10
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Brandywinefalls · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 14, 2016

For Crohn's Disease, Maintenance: “Switched from Pentasa which I was throwing up or having it come out in bits in my stool (not absorbed). Salofalk is easier to swallow and has kept me in remission although how much of it is due to the drug and not just avoiding stress which triggers my symptoms I don't know. It is coated better than Pentasa and the oblong shape works better for swallowing as they are not small.”

10 / 10
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Rana · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 31, 2019

For Crohn's Disease, Maintenance: “Loved it, absolutely did!!way better than pentasa and is mostly out of stock for where I live!!on the other hand pentasa is easy to get but not as effective as salofalk..”

10 / 10
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Khan safina January 18, 2016

For Ulcerative Colitis: “This medicine worked really well for me this is the first time I used it and it did its job within first use”

10 / 10
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Te · Taken for less than 1 month November 12, 2015

For Ulcerative Colitis, Active: “I think it's making my symptoms worse. I went from going to the bathroom most frequently at night to all day after starting Salofalk enemas and suppositories.”

5 / 10
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Jacques V March 16, 2015

For Ulcerative Colitis, Maintenance: “Lived in Australia for 2 years and switched to Salofalk from Asacol. It worked great and I had no side effects.”

10 / 10
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