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User Reviews for Harvoni to treat Hepatitis C

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Harvoni Rating Summary

User Ratings
68% (224)
8% (26)
5% (17)
5% (15)
1% (3)
2% (8)
2% (5)
1% (4)
3% (9)
6% (19)
8.6/10 Average Rating
330 ratings from 391 user reviews

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Reviews for Harvoni

Billy Gates · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 31, 2020

“Have to give the back drop of my lifestyle and health which is very important when taking any drug. I've always been inclined to my health, physical and mental. Eating the best I can, exercise and practice stress reliving methods. 40 yr old Male, lean body with no underlying medical conditions. Now the kicker. Played with pain meds and experimented best absorption method ie needles. 2 years later Hep C in my life. Started Harvoni and now at the end of 8 wks load at zero. I can say I've did not experience virtually any side effects or can say wow I feel different this is from taking the drug. Take my pill every morning, hydrate and eat well. No drugs no alcohol and sleep 7- 8 hrs a day. Never interrupting my circadium rhythm. From this day forward will respect myself and not become complacent with my health.”

10 / 10
Sadly February 18, 2020

“My husband had Hep C for many years and it had turned into cirrhosis He tried another treatment many years earlier but it didn’t work. In 2016 he was approved for Harvoni. He experienced many side affects such as nausea, aches and pain, insomnia, vision changes during his time on this medicine. After several weeks of treatment we went to the hospital for severe sickness. They informed us that my husband had cancer of his liver and pancreas. A week later we returned to his gastroenterologist where he met us with a big smile to tell us he was Hep C negative. None of the previous MRI’s or CT scans showed any sign of cancer before treatment. I am convinced that Harvoni caused my husband cancer and ultimately his death later that same year.”

mazzl77 February 13, 2020

“Its almost 4 years since I got the cure it is a miracle ,but somethings have changed I now have IBS, which my doctor said has something to with the Harvoni ...but it is a small price to pay for being alive 67”

10 / 10
Pinky · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 9, 2020

“I was able to receive Harvoni treatment free because I was unemployed. I took it for 12 weeks in 2015, at age 63. My doctor told me I probably had it for years. I had three blood transfusions years ago, back before blood was tested. My doctor told me the Harvoni might cause headaches so I should drink lots of water. I did drink lots of water and when I got a headache I would drink more water. The headaches were occasional. I did feel a bit more tired than usual but for the most part, I had very few side effects. I had my doctor do a full viral load blood test last year and I am still HEP-C free. I haven't noticed any late side effects yet. What I do know is that, for me, HARVONI, cured my HEP-C, and I am grateful, who warned me that I could get it again if I carelessly exposed myself to it.”

10 / 10
Some guy · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 6, 2020

“I also did Harvoni in 2016 and after 90 day treatment my viral load was zero, it 2020 and it's back I don't know the what my viral load is yet the doctor says it low and is just going to send me my test results”

8 / 10
Nonya January 25, 2020

“I took harvoni when it came out in 2014. I was 30 years old my viral load was 54,000. I took harvoni for 3 months and the virus was gone. Cured! No side effects! Great I thought! WRONG! 6 years later the virus came back with a viral load, this time was 800,000 I quit my job and started treatment AGAIN except this time it's 6 months. I'm on month 4 and let me tell you, The reason I had no side effects during the first treatment was because I was on pain medication. Now that I'm not on pain meds it's tough to cope. Every night since the first week I wake up with night sweats. I quit working out because I have NO ENERGY. I use to eat 5 times a day, But it takes my appetite away so I force myself to eat. I take harvoni at night because if I take it in the morning I'll be tired and groggy during the day. I got acne too. I lost 18 lbs. Harvoni cost $50,000 a bottle here in usa yet In India it's only $120 a bottle.”

1 / 10
Erma · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2020

“Problem? Through a routine lab draw at my dads primary care physicians office it was discovered that he had hepatitis C. He likely had it for decades without any symptoms. He had his gallbladder removed a few months prior and had a CT of his abdomen done at that time which showed a normal liver. His liver values were normal with every single blood test, he had blood drawn every three months. Prior to Harvoni treatment the GI doctor order an abdominal ultrasound. Again, his liver was normal. Fast forward eight months after Harvoni treatment and he was diagnosed with stage four liver cancer with a mass on the left lobe of his liver measuring 17cm!! His cancer was inoperable and not curable. He died ten days later. I can’t find an attorney who cares or wants to take on the case. I am a nurse and 100% convinced that Harvoni caused his liver cancer”

1 / 10
Tiataytay January 7, 2020

“I took Harvoni in 2016 for 12 weeks along with Ribovarin. I have been hep c free since. I had no side effects. This saved my life.”

10 / 10
Bill · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 3, 2020

“Just started my 7th week on Harvoni , had a little headache problem the first few weeks, sometimes upset stomach if I don't eat the right foods , and now insomnia. I was diagnosed with Hep C 3 months ago after my dermatologist noticed I had PCT blisters on my hands that were caused by liver cirrhosis that I didn't know I had . Found out I probably had hep c for over 30 years undetected,”

10 / 10
Jenny bee · Taken for less than 1 month December 24, 2019

“Do not fool yourself into thinking this is a miracle drug. I'm on my fourth week out of 12 weeks of treatment. I am EXTREMELY weak, depressed, all of my joints ache, stomach issues ,and irritably I have never felt in my life, also rage. I won't stop treatment, because I don't want to this disease to destroy me, just please don't fool yourself. I mean, it's different for everyone ,but it's been awful for me. I wish everyone the best.”

10 / 10
SuCissy · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 30, 2019

“I had HepC for 32 years before starting Harvoni. I waited for treatment because I didn't want to stick needles in my belly every day. Started Harvoni in 2017. My viral load qualified me to take the 8 week course of treatment. After reading some of the comments about depression and lack of interest in things, I'm kind of feeling like this is from the Harvoni. I used to walk every day and don't, have lost interest in other hobbies. Some of my eyelashes fell out and haven't grown back in. I have gallstones now I didn't have before. I'm just as tired as I was before treatment but not everyday. I'm not sorry for taking I just want my life back. Taking $60,000 worth of medicine there has to be some side effects from it you'd think. I quit wearing mascara cause my eye lashes are too short. That's ok though. Good luck to everyone taking.”

7 / 10
Stan · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 12, 2019

“I took Harvoni for 12 weeks! I am HepC Free! I was hepc in dormant stage. No side effects other than craving sweets! I feel great!”

10 / 10
Captain · Taken for less than 1 month November 11, 2019

“This is day 2 of Harvoni. I am 54, athletic, and had it since the 80s. I was having joint pain that was getting worse but didn't know it was related to Hep. C. I noticed it getting better after the first pill so I did some looking and joint pain is a common hep c symptom because your immune system causes it. I understand that people sometimes want to feel results, but I didn't expect this one. I am having no side effects. I read about people gaining weight and being drowsy. Well, your body is trying to heal itself, so you will be hungry and tired because that's how it heals itself. I also get small blisters on my fingers for about 20 years and I have thought that was related but not positive. I get them pretty regularly, so if I go a couple weeks without any, it fixed that too. I am very satisfied so far.”

10 / 10
A · Taken for less than 1 month November 4, 2019

“Well, I was very nervous and scared to take this drug. -Harvoni . BUT! Guess what? I’m only on day 4 and I feel and look so much better. No more nausea, no more side pain. My face is even clearer than it was. My sense of smell is back. When I had the virus, all my senses were compromised. This drug is very powerful. You have to be positive when going into treatment. Think of this as saving your life from liver cancer and that it’s going to make you feel so much better! Thank you HARVONI for saving my life! BTW TAKE THIS MEDICINE AT NIGHT! Two hours before bed! Do not take this during the day, you will experience the side effects! I take it two hours before bed and feel great during the day. No headaches, nothing. So thankful and blessed.Don’t listen to other people complaining or claiming the drug causes cancer. Hep C causes cancer ! Not Harvoni!”

10 / 10
JP · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 2, 2019

“I took Harvoni 3 years ago for 8 weeks. Yes during the treatment I did have some tiredness but it was worth it. Hep C gone and no longer a threat. I've had no other side effects since. I'm good with it.”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 23, 2019

“When I sat in that doctors office and listened to this man tell me I would be cured by xmas and you'll be free of hep c I had one question, will I be able to still infect others. He paused and said yes you will, so I replied with " so what am I being cured of" which he replied, " the disease wreaking havoc on your liver"”

1 / 10
Angel September 13, 2019

“I found out I had hepatitis C and when I went to the doctor I was put on a free clinical trial of harvoni. I had no liver damage and had only been exposed a year before this I was told it had little to no side effects and would cure my hep C which was true. This was back in 2015 it is now September of 2019 I've had two back surgeries. Unbelievable pain every day. I am so unhappy and wish I had never taken this medicine. I've had chronic pain in my joints and muscle aches especially in my back. I just want people to understand that there is very little known about the long-term side effects of this medication and yes it will cure your hepatitis C but I believe that it also has some side effects that may or may not affect certain people. 2 years post treatment I'm dealing with a lot of pain every day, depression, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, pressure and fullness in my chest, headaches, and overall my quality of is terrible. I have never felt this bad, and I know it's because of this poison..”

10 / 10
RuRu · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 2, 2019

“Ever since I started Harvoni I've been looking and feeling better, and I still have a new bottle to start on tomorrow ( 8-week treatment ) I guess I was getting an Hep-C look because now I'm looking more plumpy in my face, and I have a bigger appetite! I'm so grateful for the treatment to be in my lifetime! I wish my Dad could have said the same thing! R.I.P DAD...”

10 / 10
fljames · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 28, 2019

“I've had Hep C for 13 years. I am 34 now and finally got approved for Harvoni. I have 20 days/pills left on my last 28 days refill. I wasn't thinking of side effects when going into this since my Doctor said nothing worth worrying about. Well had I known I would have timed this different. Since day one I have had no energy. At one point in my first 28 days I could no longer work since I couldn't make it up and down the stairs. Also to strongly note my vision has been way worse to the point I can't make out words on the TV. My body hurts and I have sharp pains in my liver. I will be 100% ok with all this though if I'm cured at the end. My point though is plan correctly you might be like me living pay check to pay check so missing money isn't an option. I am alive though so everything is in relation. I had a friend did the interferon treatment for hepatitis c in 2004 for 9 months. It did not work. He went through hell too. So I am grateful for this drug.”

8 / 10
Capt. Pip · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 3, 2019

“Male 68 yrs old. Have had Hep C for 40 yrs, known and felt its effects for over 20 yrs. Positive lifestyle changes in 2015 with wifes cancer brought better health to me unfortunately not to her. She died at end of 2016. Eight weeks of Harvoni in 2018 was all that was needed to end my nightmare with Hep C. After first week immediately began to see results. No more periods of extreme fatigue. Cloudy confusion began to clear. Depression of course. Hair loss you bet. Anger why not? Plenty of other stuff can be added, but I will not blame this drug that has ended my anxious outlook of the future. There were too many other things going on in my life that contributed to that aspect. One thing is for certain though. I don't have to be concerned anymore about what this virus is doing to my organs. I am confident that I will die of something else. Thanks Harvoni. Hep c free for one year.”

10 / 10
inscore2 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 28, 2019

“I am very sensitive to medications. However, I needed to take Harvoni because I didn't want Hep C anymore. One side effect was the first few days. I was tired and dizzy. After that, I struggled with stomach upset. I have acid reflux and I couldn't use any heartburn medication at all. Harvoni works with stomach acid. I took my pills every day at the same time. I was only late once in the whole 12 weeks. The end result was no more hep c. I did gain weight afterward. I am guessing because I am not sick anymore. ( I was around people in public and my children. I never got sick from being around others)”

10 / 10
Crankeyguy · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 14, 2019

“Took Harvoni a little more than 2 years ago and have been going down hill ever since. Soon after finishing my 3 month treatments, I come down with Leukemia. CLL wish I would have stayed sick with HCV I am very weak and have a lot of complaints about how I feel now compared to before and I feel worse now..”

4 / 10
Scooter · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 18, 2019

“My wife took Harvoni in the fall of 2015. She was warned to avoid crowds as your immune system is suppressed but refused to avoid church. She contracted a respiratory infection that turned septic and killed her at age 56. The doctor agreed that Harvoni was contributory. My advice is to remain clear of crowded places while on Harvoni. She was cured of Hep C.”

topogigio · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 18, 2019

“I had Hepatitis C for 20yrs. I took Harvoni for six months. Hepatitis C virus undetected. Two weeks later gained 29lbs!,I lost my motivation to do everyday chores, three and a half yrs later,I am in a deep depression so bad that all I want to do is shut the world out, sleep all the time, find no joy in life. I feel apathetic everyday. Is this from Harvoni or is it just chronic depression?”

Island Girl · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 11, 2019

“I'm cured but the side effects!!! Hair loss, anxiety, restlessness, high blood pressure, sleep disorder. I think Gilead should be more honest about Harvoni's side effects. The other problem with these drugs is the packaging, how many of us have had to count our pills? They should be in blister packs clearly marked with the days of the week. I'm cured but I'm not a fan. I want the truth.”

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