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Aldara for Molluscum Contagiosum User Reviews

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  • Taken for less than 1 month
  • March 16, 2018

"Had HORRIFIC effects from taking this. I'm currently in the process of getting a diagnosis for Small Fiber Neuropathy because of this drug. I was in the best health of my life before I started applying it. Within two days, I had burning sensations all over my body. It caused a systemic reaction. I discontinued immediately, but over two years later, I still get painful burning all over my body. Google Aldara and "small fiber neuropathy" and you will see I am not the only one who had this condition triggered by Aldara/imiquimod. This drug is a powerful immuno-modulator that triggers multiple types of immune-mediated cells in the body and causes the body to attack itself. People are getting sick from it and their claims are not being addressed."

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