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User Reviews for Hydrocodone/ibuprofen

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Reviews for Hydrocodone/ibuprofen

John · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 16, 2020

For Pain: “Have been on Vicoprofun 7.5/200mg for about 4 years now for fibromyalgia. It is the only thing I've found that helps. Its sad that you can't find Drs anymore to write these meds. The downside is I have to keep taking one every 4 hours to keep pain down and thats if I'm not doing anything physical. But I'm supposed to take 1 every 6 hours. And if I'm doing anything physical and the pain is bad I have to take 2 but it gets rid of the pain completely. Also I haven't built up a tolerance as I have other meds like Klonopin. But this med actually works better for my anxiety than actual anxiety medicine. So it is a 2 for 1. Just can't get my Dr to write me 5 a day which is what I really need.”

10 / 10
Izzy · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 23, 2020

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “The best medication for severe pain of all sorts. Lasts for a long time so you don't have to take as frequently. Doesn't hurt your stomach, doesn't make you light headed, doesn't cause constipation. I don't understand why this isn't prescribed more frequently than the popular alternatives. If you're ever unfortunate enough to need pain relievers, give this one a try.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month November 28, 2019

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “The Vicoprofen is the only medication that has worked for my acute and debilitating menstrual cramps. I literally had to beg for this medication (medical marijuana, acupuncture, raspberry leaf tea, over the counter nsaids and prescription naproxen have NOT worked for me). The only negative is that I’ve spent 20 years of my life suffering in pain without this miracle drug. I finally feel like I have my life back.”

jameybb May 17, 2013

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I am usually against medicine to mask pain. I never really liked pain medicine. It was a muscle relaxer I took a few years ago that I believed led to my crooked neck and back. It sounds small, I'm sure everyone has had back pain. But I am 24 years old and wasn't living the life all my friends were, because pain factored into everything, ruining everything. I got depressed. I tried everything. I tried EVERYTHING. I am going to a chiropractor now hoping that helps. I still needed something to get me through all my days. I used to wake up in pain and just lay back down and cry. Now I can take Vicoprofen and it drastically helps more than anything. I would recommend this.”

9 / 10
Telle80 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 22, 2013

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I am 32 yrs old and have had severe chronic daily migraines/ herniated disc with lots of head and back pain ever since I was 16 yrs old. I also have a tumor on my spinal cord that causes pain as well. I've been on every pain medicine that's out there. My doc switched me to Vicoprofen 10mg 4x day due to it not having Tylenol in it. I've been on it for 2/3 months and it's working just fine. Due to me/my body having a high tolerance level because of taking pain medicines, mostly Lortab 10's for many yrs, the only thing I worry about is building up a tolerance to this as well. I can take on an empty stomach or full. I'm just thankful for the FDA coming out with this to help save my liver. Hope this helps others!”

7 / 10
GardenWomanForever · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 14, 2014

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “Vicoprofen has helped me greatly for Fibromyalgia, there is still pain I'll have but that's not going to cure it but its helped a lot. And I seem to have pretty good energy while taking it. I don't take more than prescribed so I don't believe everyone is at risk of becoming addicted to this medication. I have never had any bad side effects with this medicine either. I only took 7.5 mg four times daily which is average. Good luck you all. Hope this post helps.”

10 / 10
CouldnotTuff It out any longer · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 1, 2012

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “Pain problems started around 2005. Waking up one night with excruciating pain, crawling on the floor to get around in morning. It got better through out the day, but it reset over night. I dealt with this my last year in high school and a few years through college till I could finally afford some insurance and see a doctor. Turns out I had a really huge herniated disc in my L-6/L-7. Scared to get a surgery, since so "young" they'd only prescribed low dose pain killers. Desperate I got surgery. Life was great since, however, I'd suffered some nerve damage. Now take the 7,5 Vicoprofen for chronic headaches due to nerve damage, and it's amazingly quick to work and slow for tolerance, though it's inevitable. I now take 2 every 4-6 hour.”

10 / 10
rayoman February 25, 2015

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “30+ years severe back pain from injuries and now severe arthritis in back and joints, especially hands at base of thumbs. In my time of pain, which stretches back to the early 80's, I've tried almost every thing available for pain. Vicodin gives me an incredible headache from the tylenol. Vicoprofen does not. Yes there are a few side effects, but for the relief I gain from using this medicine the side effects are worth the relief. I have suggested vicoprofen to my friends that have experienced headaches from vicodin and when they try it they are extremely pleased that I mentioned it. The headaches were no longer an issue.”

9 / 10
mauricetatro222 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 20, 2013

For Pain: “I have recently begun taking hydrocodone/ibuprofen to deal with severe lower back pain. Although, I do not use it on a regular basis... It is a blessing when my lower back problem flares up. Unlike some medications that I have been prescribed in the past (Medications that I personally decided to discontinued the use of), hydrocodone/ibuprofen enables me to perform my duties on the job without any effect on my ability to remain focused and alert. In my line of work, you can't have a misstep.”

9 / 10
Anonymous54 May 12, 2011

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I've been using Vicoprofen for more than 3 years. I take 3 per day for the pain of fibromyalgia and also lingering pain from having had the kneecap dislocated due to a fall. Most of the time I take it on an empty stomach with no problem. Also, I've never had a weight gain because of it or constipation. I have normal daily bowel movements. I can function at a higher than normal level. No problems for me taking Vicoprofen.”

10 / 10
TheTrueBabyBlue January 12, 2013

Ibudone (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I just started taking this medicine. I have been taking Hydrocodone with acetaminophen for pain since 2003 but recently discovered that there exists a variation with a medicine that would address inflammation in addition for pain and wondered why, for all these years no one suggested I take that variant. I specifically asked for it because I have inflammation. I take it because I have debilitating pain in my lumbar-sacral spine, in my left parietal brain, and I have IC. I also have triple major scoliosis and major depression. ”

7 / 10
Ladybyrd · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 19, 2019

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “Vicoprofen is the most effective med I have ever taken for the severe chronic pain I suffer due to multiple conditions from surgeries, aneurysms, and bone disease. Not prescribed now by most doctors, due to excessive abuse some people. Those of us who continue to suffer, just have to deal with our crippling pain.”

10 / 10
AllieRhea September 3, 2015

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I had a wisdom tooth extracted last year and I was prescribed Lortab 7.5 and I remember waking up in excruciating pain when it wore off and even when it didn't hurt, it would still throb. The only thing that helped the throbbing pain was ibuprofen. I had another wisdom tooth extracted yesterday and they asked me if Lortab was ok so I shared my experience and asked her for vicoprofen. Best decision I've ever made. No pain or throbbing, even after the 4-6 hour dose wears off.”

10 / 10
sillyworm · Taken for 10 years or more June 12, 2019

For Pain: “I have been using Vicoprofen for nearly 20 years because of injuries from 26 years of factory wear & tear. I have a lower herniated disc and severe shoulder pain. I average 4 to 5 of 7.5mg/200mg a day + two Zohydro ER 20mg daily. I have been able to cut back 1 to 2 pills a day with one small daily dosage of Medical Marijuana. I'm not finding that I need more over time to get the same relief...after all these years. I live a productive very physical life thanks to the medication. Most of us that find relief from this medication are sick of being persecuted and thrown in the same category as those that simply abuse this medication. Some pain management doctors are not happy that we are content and still push expensive alternate procedures on us. I will say that the one generic version of this medication is JUNK. Avoid AMNEAL brand. It is not as strong as the other generics and I have broken out in chicken pox like blisters from AMNEAL.”

9 / 10
Russ80 July 20, 2014

For Pain: “I'm 33 with a torn cartilage in my knee, and tons of arthritis throughout the knee. My doctor prescribed me this because I was unable to sleep at night, and move well throughout the day, cause of the severe pain in my knee. Works good, just eat some crackers or pretzels first, before taking because of the slight upset stomach you will have.”

8 / 10
gmR October 17, 2009

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I was prescribed Vicoprofen after I had some wisdom teeth surgically removed. I have to admit, it worked great. I was in some serious pain, and could tell EXACTLY the minute it started to wear off. But soon as I took another, the pain was gone within minutes. I can see where it would be habit-forming, as it does give me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Kind of euphoric, I guess. Just be careful and only allow yourself to take it when you really need it. My only complaint is... yes... it does leave you a little constipated for a day or so after you've used it. Get yourself some Dulcolax or something if you're going to be on it for any prolonged period of time.”

9 / 10
dns111 October 25, 2013

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I just had all four wisdom teeth pulled out. I was put on ibuprofen 800 mg and it did not do crap for the pain. Went back to dentist and was put on vicoprofen. I do admit it works great for the pain but only for 4 hours. 1 hour after I would take the pill, I would vomit like clock work. It also left me feeling sick all day and very very tired! After getting sick, I would fall asleep for a few hours. I dont know whats worse, being in pain with the 800 mgs of ibuprofen or being sick all day on the vicoprofen :(”

2 / 10
Darlene2506 April 17, 2013

For Pain: “I have diabetes with very bad nerve problems and severe back problems and I lived in pain where I wouldn't go outside for a week at a time. I've been on Fentanyl patches OxyContin and nothing seems to work. I went to the emergency room at the Hospital and they gave me the medicine and I never felt better.”

10 / 10
Jeka Joy April 22, 2012

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “It is amazing pain relief. I built a tolerance so quickly! I could take 1 and feel so much better and soon it was one and a half 7.5s and weeks later two 7.5s. Lidoderm patch and TENS unit helped some but you feel like you need the medicine so very easy to convince your body that you NEED it. Gained 10 lbs. After 3 years and some physical therapy plus Neurontin. PM doctor switched me to Nucynta. No tolerance to that yet! They have injected my intercostal nerves with cortisone to see if it was nerve damage from the back to back pregnancies. Constipation has been horrible. I need two Vicoprofen 10s every 8 hours but oh well. Some relief is nice.”

8 / 10
Anonymous May 3, 2009

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I've had Vicoprofen for 2 years now, so it isn't as effective as it once was. I take it for severe menstrual cramps (will throw up for days straight without it and miss college, etc) and it was the first drug that ever really worked after YEARS of suffering. Before that, I took 800-1000mg of ibuprofen every 2-4 hours with nothing close to total relief (and constant fear of a spontaneous stomach bleed). I used to compulsively exercise the pain away, but a car accident took that away from me 3 years ago (and I also take Vicoprofen for pain related to that, but it's less effective for that type of pain). Vicodin (acetaminophen) is wicked on my stomach and made me throw up 3 x before I figured that caused it. Vicoprofen never has.”

8 / 10
Anonymous July 29, 2009

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I have back problems. This is the first pill that has relieved my pain and has also restored my ability to have a physical relationship. I could see where it could be addictive, so take only when really needed.”

10 / 10
borderlineblue August 3, 2011

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “This medicine was prescribed to me before I got my wisdom teeth out due to them being impacted and causing a great deal of pain. I noticed immediately that it would provide relief for a long time(6 or more hours) compared to 800mg ibuprofen that would provide small relief for 2-3 hours. It also calmed me. I'm usually a pretty anxious guy and was nervous about my surgery but this helped get me through until I could have permanent relief. Only downside as I noticed I built a tolerance to my dose after a week.”

9 / 10
Anonymous July 5, 2011

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I was born with club feet (both feet turned in and bottoms turned up). Have been prescribed everything from tramadol and Vicodin to Percocet 10mg. I worried about alcohol with anything that had acetominophen so asked Doctor about Vicoprofen. It's by far better than anything else I've taken. I dont have problems taking on an empty stomach, drinking, or making bowel movements. It even does more for the pain than the few oxycodone 30mg I have been given a of couple times. Part of my condition is a short achilles tendon which makes me suffer from severe inflammation in all parts of my feet (probably why it works so well). Only side effect I have is an occasional pit in stomach when taken on empty stomach and irritability from time to time.”

9 / 10
Anonymous April 5, 2011

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “This medication has been the most effective pain reliever I have taken for my kidney inflammation and irritation pains. Have tried multiply pain medication but this one is the most efficent for relief and duration.”

10 / 10
Jimmy James September 17, 2009

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “I'm currently taking Vicoprofen after having dental work done. This has by far been the best pain relieving medication I've taken other than Vicodin. The reason I'm taking this is I also have liver disease and I can't take Vicodin due to the Acetoaminophen in it. Vicoprofen actually produces less sedation and lethargy than Vicodin with me. I am able to still fully function, though I don't drive on them just in case.”

9 / 10
SaraJay March 23, 2015

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “My dentist prescribed Vicoprofen for pain following a tooth extraction that wasn't healing well. I am 30 and pretty healthy, took it at dinner. Was up all night throwing up. Felt dizzy, confused and anxious. Horrible. Didn't help the pain any either.”

1 / 10
Radix · Taken for less than 1 month May 6, 2015

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “Was prescribed following surgical tooth extraction. Worked good, let me finally get some rest, albeit after getting sick for the first dose. I get sick on the first dose of most pain meds tho, pretty sure it's common.”

8 / 10
whoome999 October 21, 2009

Vicoprofen (hydrocodone / ibuprofen) for Pain: “What I like about Vicoprofen, is when I take it (i take 1 and a half pill about 11mg) I can function on it. But what I have noticed is my pain from nerve damage will go away for maybe 2 hours and after that I am back where I started from. Oxycodone is a favorite of mine but that also does not last. I have to take pills every 3 or 4 hours to feel a little comfort. Also I have noticed my bowel movements are a little harder to complete. Vicoprofen is all right with me. On a serious note, Vicoprofen is really easy to get hooked on mind and body, so only take it if you really need it. I may need to take 2 pills because my body is building a tolerance. I still like it!”

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