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User Reviews for Hailey Fe 1/20

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Birth Control  
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Manda29 · Taken for 1 to 6 months · February 14, 2021

For Birth Control: “I'm 33 and have been on BCP since I was 16 except for a few months were I chose to get pregnant.... so I have quite a history with BCP. Hailey 1/20 is by far the strangest. My doctor changed my prescription in Dec 2020 from a different brand that was similar (an insurance thing) but with Hailey I haven't had ANY periods aside from spotting for a day or 2. It is really odd because I still get the cramping, bloating and tiredness during the week I'm supposed to have my cycle but, no period.... then of course I start to freak out and run to the pharmacy for a pregnancy test. I've also been more easily agitated/angered which is out of character for me. Although I has been effective at preventing pregnancy, after 2 months I've called my doctor and asked to change my prescription again. I know some women are okay with not having a period but I NEED it, it's my reassurance.”

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NayYyYyY · February 17, 2022

For Birth Control: “I’ve been on this birth control for about a month now. Overall experience has been very easy going! I don’t have sudden mood swings, and I’m not experienced a whole lot of side effects. I will say, however, that the first 2 weeks on this pill I was experiencing nausea soon after taking my daily dose. I assume that this is pretty normal because it most definitely could’ve been my body adjusting to the hormones. I have also felt very fatigued after starting this birth control. Often sleeping around 12 hours a day which is not normal to me at all! I didn’t experience any spotting which was a plus because many birth control would have me spotting for months! Overall this birth control worked really well with my body aside from the tiredness!!”

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