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User Reviews for Ortho Evra to treat Birth Control (Page 5)

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Ortho Evra Rating Summary

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Reviews for Ortho Evra

Anna_3456 December 31, 2015

"I've been on the patch for 4 months now. The first month I had spotting for about 2 weeks after my period, but it vanished completely and didn't have any spotting since. My periods seem to be less heavy and my cramps are completely gone too -I never had bad ones before, tho-. I found the best place for me to wear it, is on my butt. It does irritate the area and it becomes itchy the last week. It always gets lint around the edges but I just don't care anymore. Despite everything, I'm thinking on stop using it. It has killed my sex drive, thus making my sex life miserable and endangering my relationship. I'm so dry and so uninterested in sex now when 5-6 month ago I was a waterfall after the slightest caress. It's a shame."

1smartgal · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 26, 2015

"I've been on the patch for over a year and I love it. I had a bad experience with the nexplanon and breakthrough bleeding. I don't have that issue with the patch. I do not have extreme mood swings or weight gain either. The only downside to it is that I get nauseous for a day or two on the 1st week after the no patch week."

Coxj8 December 26, 2015

"So the patch falls off. It is horrible I tried everything; clean, dry, room temp skin, with no lotion, and pressing firmly for an extended period of time. It shifts within a few days of applying then starts to come off, it rarely lasts a week. I even put it in a spot that the skin doesn't stretch and move as much, it didnt help at all. I am "active"; doing stuff inside our home, yard work, chasing kids, tons of bending and squatting and the patch comes off when it is on my back no where close to my hips or waist"

Kitbakes · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 17, 2015

"I've had been on two types of birth control pills and I had break through bleeding no matter what for months. So I tried the patch. This was nice because I didn't forget to take it etc...lasts a week you can take it off a day later if needed. It for sure regulated my period which was great. I've always had a crazy high sex drive and that didn't change. BUT I hated the patch because it would collect fabric around the rim, the skin under would get super itchy, if your sexually active etc...its can shift or fall off. once taking it off it left terrible rashes and would leave a mark for about 2weeks after. It was really bad so I'm now going off it to try a different pills now instead of the patch. not good for your skin at all."

Anonymous December 8, 2015

"Now if you're going to start a birth control please and I mean please do your research because not every birth control is accurate or even worth it. I usually get a 7 day menstrual. I literally have my period for almost a month and to top it off my doctor tells me oh hey you're pregnant! how is possible? so now my significant other and I are confused as to how we are pregnant if we didn't even have intercourse around the time of it because for one I'm on the patch and I'm bleeding still. Someone help me understand and I beg you ladies research your contraceptions"

Anonymous November 28, 2015

"This is my first time on any kind of birth control and I must say this has been a horrible experience for me. I say this because my period has been horrible it has been intensified I have horrible cramps my back my stomach hurts everyday. The smell of things make me nauseous I'm very moody I'm always sad or upset - it's kinda ridiculous because I wish someone had informed me about this. I bleed uncontrollably its heavier than normal and it's thicker I feel like I should just try another source of birth control"

Bye bye · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 22, 2015

"I started taking the patch last year to regulate my periods and my hormones then I found out I was pregnant while I was taking it so I stopped. I ended up having a miscarriage. After surgery and roughly 6 weeks later. I was back on the patch which was in May. In the space of time I gained a lot of weight - I eat a lot, I pretty much want to eat all day. I have extremely heavy periods and its really long now sometimes more than a week. I'm moody all the time my back and stomach hurts I get horrible cramps and the list goes on. I've finally said goodbye to the patch this month and I'm officially starting my diet because I can't fit in any of my cute clothes and the ones that I do fit in I look fat. I won't be using Evra again."

Shelly222Roy November 17, 2015

"I have been on and off the patch for 2 years now. The first time using the patch I used it for 8-9 months and liked the fact that I had regular 3 day periods, no acne, and no weight gain. I did experience cramping and terrible moods. I was off for about 6-7 months due to being sexually inactive and then started up again 4 months ago. This time around I experienced horrible break outs that just started to subside, bad cramping, depressive moods (complete loss of control oved my emotions), irritability and heavy periods. The only plus side is that my breasts have grown a full cup size and no spotting during the month. Unfortunately the con's outweigh the pro's and so I've decided to try pills again (Tri clyen), hoping to be myself again!"

Sammy4578 November 16, 2015

"Been on Evra Patch for about 8 months now started with no periods at all first 2 - 3 months now it seems to be getting heavier and lasting alot longer also I get freaky paranoid and bad anxiety just before my break and after. This doesn't help with my anxiety levels. Also I've gained weigh and can't seem to shift it and constantly obsessing with food. I wanna eat all day!! Lol. Apart from those side effects the patch works for me I keep note in my Diary on when to change patch is really much easier than having to take a pill every day!"

Misstolive November 8, 2015

"I suggest if you're going to use these patches that you use them perfectly according to the instructions. I had imperfect (but not terrible) use and ended up pregnant on my 7th month being on them. The side effects weren't better or worse for me as compared with other BC. I didn't have some problems with peeling and loosening."

Alesterlen · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 3, 2015

"This is my first time using any form of birth control. I'm glad I went with the patch, I have been on it for 8 months. At first It decreased my libido but that subsided. The only downside is that it made my periods longer (5-6 days to be exact) I used to only have periods for 3-4 days max also made my cramps intense for the first two days of my period, I never had cramps before using birth control. Other than that in happy with the patch"

Carlyrenee08 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 26, 2015

"I started the patch a month ago I am still bleeding non stop really bad cramps , started having bad mood swings and it makes me wanna eat all day. I was on the depo shot before the patch I loved the shot way better.. I been off depo for a year and a half before I got on anything else my period just finally became normal but they suggested the patch as a birth control cause I wasn't on anything .. but so far I absolutely hate it."

xnesse · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 13, 2015

"This was the first method of birth control I ever used. It was the BEST choice I ever made. When I first started using it, I had me period for two weeks, but that was really the ONLY downfall. My periods were on point, no cramps, no acne, no bloating, no lowered libido, no mood swings. Everything was perfect. I did gain weight, 8lbs to be exact, but I do not think it was related. Anyways, this is the only birth control that has worked for me, and I plan to go back on it. (I had to go off it because of insurance issues)."

Dclare148 September 30, 2015

"I've been on this bc for 2 months now and I love it! It's easy to remember and I don't have to swallow a pill. I found that I had some cramping and felt nauseous the first month but other then that everything was fine. It also gives me lighter and shorter periods which is a huge perk"

Mariepatricia123 · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 14, 2015

"I've been on the patch for 6-7 years and i love it! It regulated my periods, they dont last as long and not that heavy. I used to get the worst cramps , now i get a little bit on the first day. I went a cup size bigger and i gained 5-10 pounds give or take.. Which isnt a whole lot. I havent had any side effects. I used to have acne but it is all cleared up now I did go off the birth control for a little bit when I started back up I put the patch on too soon and then I ended up having my period for an entire month until the next cycle happens so with my experience and don't put your patch on before you get your period if you're just starting it. I never have any issues the only thing is is the lint that shows up around the patch ."

Elleehaych September 6, 2015

"This is the first type of contraception I have ever used, I was debating for ages what I should go for. I didn't really want something that stopped my period as I just don't feel its right on my body and I am happy with that. I haven't noticed any major changes to my body which is good, although I had a major breakout during my first month on the patch (my GP said that should calm down after a few months). My emotions and appetite is always on a high so I can't say the patch has really brought that on at all or anymore."

Kovacsgurl2011 September 2, 2015

"I've been on this birth control for almost months. The first month was terrible, I had my regular period but I spotted all month long but then I got my next period and so far I haven't spotted since my period. Other then that the only side effects I've had are tender breasts and a red square rash where I put my patch but it does fade to a light red. Overall I love the convenience of only having to apply it once a week and also it sticks well, the only thing is it gets dirty around the edge kinda like a bandaid but after you take it off using a bit of baby oil on a cotton pad will get the dirt off."

Diana N August 30, 2015

"This is my first birth control ever - after I had an abortion on July. Decided to take on the patch because it is easy and convenient and you don't have to remember to take everyday, just once a week and my change patch day is every Monday. On my patch-free week today, menses came. Tomorrow will be my second month wearing it and so far so good. Side effects are mainly headache and a big appetite however no weight gain, no breakouts and some spotting in between. Cons, will be lint adhere to the patch and it could be itchy for me once in a while."

BCROCKS August 19, 2015

"This is my first time to use BC and I knew the patch was the only thing for me (cannot remember to take pills).... This is my second month and I've noticed my boobs are staying sore, I'm like crazy emotional and I'm so sleepy.... But no weight gain, no acne breakouts, no red bumps, no nausea..... I was told it could take 3 months to get in your system and I'm hoping that all this will go away next month.... The only thing that worries me is that I have no energy.... Is this a side effect????"

Hounsie94 · Taken for less than 1 month July 30, 2015

"I know everyone has different reactions too different birth control, this does not work for me! I switched from the pill to this patch because I hate taking pills every day and it's so much of a hassle. So I found as soon as I started the patch, first 3 days extremely nauseous, within the first week my fave and chest broke out crazy in deep cystic acne, I didn't have any acne before, and it cause libido (major decrease in sex drive) as well as made me super emotional and just angry all the time, so therefore I immediately switched back off of it due to too many unwanted side effects, just bought the Nuvaring I hear good things about it and hear it's a very low dosage ... Hopefully not as many side effects involved."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 28, 2015

"I've been on the patch for about 4 months now and I can honestly say that I love it. This is my first time being on BC and I did a lot of research before picking one out. The first 3 months I experienced some of the side effects: headaches, nausea, sore breast, emotional as hell. But all that stopped in the 3rd month. I still get a little emotional but that's just regular pms'ing. Do not buy the generic brand. It sucks ass. It doesn't stick as well as the name brand so I spend the $5 to get it. My skin gets a little irritated around the patch but I have seriously dry skin so that can play a factor. Overall I'm loving it! My bf can relax a little because he doesn't have to worry about condoms anymore because this is more cost efficient."

Kathen36 · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 27, 2015

"This was the first BC I ever used. It was mostly fine, didn't help my acne any and didn't give me boobs (I was all hips in those days) but also didn't give me any nausea or weight gain. However, the patches never stayed on. They would get sticky and lint from my clothes would make the edges look really grungy. They fell off a lot. I also developed an allergy to the adhesive, leaving red squares on my skin for MONTHS after. Now I'm allergic to any adhesive (tape, bandaids, etc.). I switched to the nuva ring and like it much better."

FreshLeeks July 23, 2015

"After I ceased breastfeeding my daughter I needed a more practical birth control. I have always suffered anxiety about remembering to take a pill, especially when breastfeeding and using the mini pill which needed to be taken at exactly the same time daily. The patch ticks all the boxes. Easy to use. I have had one fall off during a high intensity swim, so I recommend getting spares just in case. AS A WARNING - When I first started the patch I bled heavily for about 30 days non-stop. I was even prescribed medication to help with this. Since it stopped, the heavy continuous bleeding hasn't returned and my periods are only 4-5 days long on my patch free week. Also, I get strong food cravings around my patch change days perhaps a coincidence."

karenddd July 16, 2015

"I started using this the first day of my period . it seem to work good. But then it started getting sticky around by the 4 day it completely fell off in the shower and I had to put a new one. The part where the patch use to be was extremely itchy and there was a rash/bumps (no I did not shave my butt) or spot where I placed the patch. This time I placed the patch in the front and its extremely itchy . no mood swings no headaches no cramps shorter periods I love it but it doesnt stick good and it itches. He came inside me hopefully it worked and I didn't get pregnant have to wait and see. I have previously tried the pill and I broke out like crazy and sex drive went down and I was really moody."

k.jack. June 30, 2015

"I have been on Ortho Evra for 3 years now, previously I was on the pill. I gained an additional 5 or so lbs when I switched over, but I think it's way worth it. My period is now regular and my usual heavy flow significantly decreased. Recently my pharmacy has started giving me the generic, don't do it. I have spotting all the time, pretty heavy. It's like having a regular period in between periods. For the first time last week the spotting was really heavy, I'm switching back to brand name. Other than that, no mood swings, no decrease in sex drive, no nausea/headaches/breast pain/etc. Great birth control!"


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