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User Reviews for Ortho Evra to treat Birth Control (Page 4)

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Ortho Evra Rating Summary

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7.3/10 Average Rating
325 Ratings with 332 User Reviews

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Reviews for Ortho Evra

Sunshines45 June 6, 2016

"I have been on the patch for a month now. I absolutely love it! I have tried the pill and was having the worst headaches of my life and I was already on the lowest dosage. I gave up on the pill after 3 months. I have finished my fist month and have experienced no weight gain, mood swings, depression or headaches. The only side effects I have experienced are my breasts have grown slightly and become slightly tender before I get my period and I have a little bit more cramping when on my period. Besides these side effects I honestly feel like I'm on no birth control. The only negative I would say is that the patch can begin to peel which is easily fixable with cusion tape. I have PCOS and the patch has been the best option for me!"

JoanneT June 5, 2016

"I've been trying this patch for about 3 weeks now and the cramps are unbearable I feel like I need to take midol everyday it's so bad feels like period cramps, I feel so nauseous that I want to throw up and my boobs are terribly SORE not to mention it has caused me to have a horrible yeast infection that I've treated twice in 2 weeks and it just won't subside! I'm hoping after I get through this month of the patch that my body becomes immune to it otherwise this patch is the devil and I HATE it I wouldn't recommend it."

Anonymous1213455 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 1, 2016

"I'm 19, average weight and I've been on the patch for 10 months. I love it because you only have to remember it once a week. I hand had zero side effects and it works great. The reason I gave an eight rather then a ten is because its not a 100% effective. I use it with condoms. They say its 99% but I don't believe it. If you don't want to get pregnant always double up contaceprives or at least use withdrawal. I don't think anything should be used alone unless its an IUD, tieing the tubes, or a vesectamy. So double up! But overall the patch makes it easy and not tedious to use a second method."

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 31, 2016

"I just started the patch 2 weeks ago & About 4 days ago I started getting unbearable cramps, that last about 5 minutes, every 20 minutes or so. I have never been in this much pain. I finally took it off & The cramps stopped about an hour later. Not using this ever again."

Never ever again May 30, 2016

"I started the patch because I had difficulty to remember to take the pill every night. At first I liked it, yes it shows but it was not a problem to me. But however I would apply it the corners would never stick to my skin, which is a problem since the active ingredient is on the whole patch. Plus, the menstrual cramps were much stronger and my period lasted longer than usual. But the last day that I changed my patch, I went into the shower right after and fainted. When I got back up, I was so dizzy I couldn't walk straight. I lied down and threw up. It was like being super hangover, but I barely ever drink. I removed the patch and 30 minutes later I was feeling way better. I'm going back to the pill."

Alexandria1993 May 29, 2016

"The first month I started the patch, I had breakthrough bleeding for about a month. And every time I put a new patch I get very nauseated, and extremely bloated. Those are the only negative side effects I still even after 4 months of being on it. But it does its job as a contraceptive, easy to use, and easy to remember."

thebribri · Taken for less than 1 month May 26, 2016

"I loved the results! It is so easy to put on my buttcheek (alternating each week) and forget about for a week. I love how hassle free it is, my insurance even covers it 100% so I don't have a co-pay. I haven't had any issues with it coming loose, but that is one of my few complaints. When I pulled it off the first it felt like a waxing strip, but that's a price to pay for how convenient it is, now I use a little lotion to get it off. I am accustomed to having a few breakouts here and there, however I've been getting huge cystic pimples. They have cleared up and I haven't had any for the last week though. My breasts have gone from D to pushing a DD & extremely tender. I am somewhat moody as well."

Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 5, 2016

"I've been using the patch for about 6 years, and it's been great. No babies, it's done its job, lighter periods. I occasionally forget to change it and always get scared it'll effect it, but the directions help to explain what to do if miss a day, and it never effected me. I put it on the back of my lower legs, and alternate every week to avoid rashes. I shave the small area right before applying the patch and it makes it really easy to take off, doesn't hurt. Only thing with the leg, pants make the surrounding get black fuzzier. I've been having a problem with lack of sec drive and interest lately (past 2yrs) and I'm starting to wonder if it's from the patch... if going in hot tube or swimming vaca put a bandage over it itll fall off."

Marcela10 May 3, 2016

"So, I've had the patch for 6 years and a half now... I remember my first month with it.. it was crazy! I had some mood swings and terrible headaches, but I decided to be brave and just give it a try since it was my very first birth control, and after 4 weeks all the symptoms went away.... Ever since, I've been super happy with it and I jut love it, I never gained a pound with it, never had mood swings with it, never had a baby hahahar... I wear it on my back swtiching from side to side every week and never had irritation of the skin, it has never fall off in 6 years either.. The only issue is now, after 6 years of it, I'm starting to get some spotting. So... Don't give up so easy on the patch!! haha it's not for everyone but it might be 4U"

Anonymous May 2, 2016

"I have cramps now and get daily headaches.. I truly believe it's from this patch. I will finish this month then maybe go to minastrin which is less estrogen.. I haven't decided yet. I would love to just do natural family planning, side effects aren't worth it."

amc93 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 20, 2016

"I've actually had no health problems at all with the patch so far and I've been on it just over a month now. I read up on it beforehand and the reviews were playing on my mind but I've had NO sickness, NO headaches and NO spotting which has been great! I've been wearing it on my bum (alternating sides each week) for a few weeks and this seems alright but I'm trying my inner arm now. The only downside of this I've had is the pain when taking it off - I thought it would be like taking a plaster off but it's much worse!! Like getting an unwanted wax each time. Granted this means that it stays on for a week! This is enough to put me off the patch and I'll be trying something different next time."

cupcait · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 4, 2016

"I have been on the patch for over 4 years. No babies so it has done it's job on that matter. Never had any issues with skin irritation where the patch is applied. When I first started the patch I had the worse acne of my life on my face for a couple weeks. Boobs definitely got bigger and more sensitive. I have noticed (and those close to me have noticed) that I have been experiencing bad mood swings lately and have been super emotional for almost the last 6 months. The patch is the only thing I can narrow it down to. Has anyone else had reactions after being on it for so long?"

bthroop · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 30, 2016

"So I've been taking this form of birth control for about 2 months but I think I am going to quit after I finish this round of patches. The patch is so easy as I don't have to remember to take it everyday but it has a lot of downsides. They include the glue trapping fuzziness, the visibility of it, gaining weight (I gained 10 lbs), decreased sex drive, vaginal dryness, increased hunger, really sore & swollen breasts, increased acne & oily skin, periods lasting longer. My insurance covered them but I prefer to maintain a slim weight so that is the main reason I am quitting."

cupcake23 · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 24, 2016

"I've been on the birth control patch for over a year now, I love it! never had really bad side effects , my periods would come on time , never had problems with the patch coming off. There are however some side effects I didn't know about, spotting in between periods, feeling nausea , headaches , etc. But all in all I love the patch! not planning on getting pregnant anytime soon!"

AbcMomma · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 11, 2016

"I went on the patch after my 3rd child. Within a week after using it I gained 10 pounds. I have been on it for 2 years now and have gained around 30 pounds. My libido is down to nothing. The only good thing I can say about the patch is it has regulated my periods and they only last 3-4 days at a time."

Kaykaie February 17, 2016

"Since I've started the patch I've had an increase in libido like all the time . I wasn't like that before ... I'm not complaining . Lol. But down side my skin broke out bad the first week of wearing the patch . And I gained a bad cough that won't stop . Other than that I love the patch since I've worn it I haven't had weight gain but my boobs have went up a whole cup size so no more pretty bras . Lol ."

Angieeeeeee · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 15, 2016

"I've been on the patch for 8 years. Took it off 2 years ago to conceive my 2nd child and had no problems whatsoever. It does take 3 months to leave your system so keep that in mind before trying to conceive. After those 3 months... BOOM! We were pregnant! Got right back on it after my 2nd was born and have been good ever since! No side effect, I like the fact that I can control when I get my period by removing the patch the week that I want it or putting on a new patch if I don't want it that week. No weight gain, nothing. A in my book!!"

Lauren24 February 14, 2016

"Coming on to the third month of wearing the patch and I loved it but now I am so depressed- I have never had depression before.. But I can't stop crying, like four times a day and I am experiencing such bad mood swings.. Really not great"

StacyM123 February 11, 2016

"switched from the pill because I couldn't remember to take them, and for some reason I always had to clear my throat and cough up excessive mucous throughout the day. I still have my same number of menstrual days which is 6, I've never had cramps. Both the pills and the patch keep my face clear of acne which is a plus. The patch doesn't fall off because I put it below my arm pit where my bra covers it and I alternate sides each week.My only concern with the patch is that it leaves a rash/outline imprint where the patch used to be. It hasn't decreased my sex drive but it has decreased the amount of wetness down there during sex. I want to get off BC completely but I'm afraid to get acne/pregnant."

Damieboo February 11, 2016

"The pill gave me aura migraines and mood swings and my period wasn't any better, in fact my cramps got worse, bleeding was still the same. I wanted to try the IUD but my doctor is an airhead and couldn't get it in, so I settled with the patch. I honestly couldn't tell if it was working the first couple of months because I had no side effects like nausea or headaches. And I was a little leery about hormones coming from a sticker you put on your skin...but 7 months later, no baby, so it must be working. I went off it for a month because my prescription refill got messed up and I went back on as soon as I got another box and I seriously could not tell the difference between having these on and not using any birth control at all. Loving it!"

Katielouiseeee January 26, 2016

"If I could give this patch a 0 rating I would , had the patch on for just over 24 hours and I started to feel sick then the next morning I was throwing up but nothing coming out because I hadn't eaten since last night , doctor said this would go usually after 3 months and I wasn't prepared to keep it on for that long and be feel sick everyday , it also made me very anxious and I'd only had it on for a little time , never again. Also it wasn't that sticky even after 24 hours it was falling off slightly"

DandrageDbeauty January 25, 2016

"So I started the patch and was on if for maybe 6/7 months. I stopped taking it about last year, in about March. It's been over a year and I cannot conceive... Never had a problem having children until I used Ortho Evra.... Worked while I was on it, but I believe it has made me infertile :("

Highsunshine · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 14, 2016

"I've been on the birth control patch for about seven months, and while I've never had issues with forgetting to change it, or it falling off (on the contrary it HURTS when I have to rip them off after a week) I have noticed in the last couple months that on my patch change day I become very light headed and nauseous and usually end up throwing up multiple times over the course of 4-8 hours. I generally feel nauseous, or just unwell for the next three days after as well. I always stuck it to my lower sides, switching each week, but this past week I affixed it to my arm and did find that I was less ill, but I did still throw up multiple times. For this reason I am switching methods because it is not worth it to me to be this sick this often."

Diji January 5, 2016

"Absolutely swear by and love the patch. I place mine on my lower left hand side of my stomach and rotate between two spots to give my skin a weeks breathing afterwards. Yes it collect dust round the outside but it's really not a big deal, and if it is use talc it stops this. I've been on it for nearly two years and only ever had 3 fall off. I have such a high sex drive, it doesn't give me mood swings or make me weight gain. I become slightly emotional on my last day of my gap week but nothing over the top or noticeable! Would 100% recommend it. Have tried various pills and they weren't for me. But hey, everyone's different."

Anna_3456 December 31, 2015

"I've been on the patch for 4 months now. The first month I had spotting for about 2 weeks after my period, but it vanished completely and didn't have any spotting since. My periods seem to be less heavy and my cramps are completely gone too -I never had bad ones before, tho-. I found the best place for me to wear it, is on my butt. It does irritate the area and it becomes itchy the last week. It always gets lint around the edges but I just don't care anymore. Despite everything, I'm thinking on stop using it. It has killed my sex drive, thus making my sex life miserable and endangering my relationship. I'm so dry and so uninterested in sex now when 5-6 month ago I was a waterfall after the slightest caress. It's a shame."


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