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User Reviews for Ortho Evra to treat Birth Control

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Ortho Evra Rating Summary

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7.3/10 Average Rating
328 Ratings with 336 User Reviews

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Reviews for Ortho Evra

Evra.user August 4, 2019

"I was on the patch in my teen years for six years, went off for about five and have just stopped it again after another two year time of use. There are many upsides to Evra. During my first experience with Evra, I went off of it because I was trying to deal with fatigue and depression. I will admit that it helped a lot! A few year later I developed cystic acne on my chin and could not fix it naturally. I gathered my hormones were imbalanced and decided to go back on the patch. The first year was great, no side affects and periods were healthy and quick. This year I seem to have a lot of severe mood swings and anxiety episodes- often heart palpitations with chest pressure and shortness of breath. As there is no actual trigger for this and I'm happy in my life, its come down to me once again wondering if the hormones are just too much again. I decided yesterday to quit the patch again and have high hopes of returning back to my usual self!"

Tasty · Taken for less than 1 month July 27, 2019

"Week 1: nausea. At the end of week 1, there was a red papule/blister on skin at the edge of the patch. Week 2: breast tenderness. At the end of week 2, there were multiple papules and erythema and itchiness on skin under the patch. Both weeks: bleeding. Edge of patch picks up clothes fluff. I took low dose pyridoxine daily with Evra and after skipping 3 days of pyridoxine, felt tearful, which resolved after taking the missed pyridoxine tablets."

Lilly · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 23, 2019

"I had a bad experience with the pills, so I went to the patch. I’ve been on it for a year now, and I have been getting really bad side effects. I have no sex drive anymore and I’m basically going through menopause!! I have severe vaginal atrophy at the age of 18, making the slightest touch on the outside of my vagina excruciatingly painful. What’s the point of using birth control if you can’t / don’t want to have sex anymore. Now I’m going through months of testing to find a diagnosis and treat this issue the patch has left me. Stop using it the first signs of pain you experience- don’t wait as long as I did."

Karelys · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 19, 2019

" I have been using Ortho Evra patch for 4 months. And at the beginning the side effects were not good, I had nausea headaches, sore breasts. And the first month I had break through bleeding for 7 days. But after those two months with side effects, everything was normalized, only the pain in the breasts remained but only when the period is coming. But I still consider it a very good method for me because I should not remember every day because I am too forgetful to take pills. Llevo usando el evra 4 meses. Y al principios los efectos secundarios fueron rudos conmigo, tenía nauseas dolores de cabeza, dolor en los senos. Y el primer mes tuve un sangrado intermestrual por 7 días. Pero luego de esos dos meses con efectos, todo se normaliso solo quedaron los dolores en los senos cuando está por venirme el periodo. Pero aún así considero es muy buen método para mi debido a que no debo recordar cada día porque soy muy olvidadizo para tomar píldoras."

Sam · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 14, 2019

"I am 33 years old and have been using the Ortho Evra transdermal patch for approximately 16 months. I ran out of the patches so I had a gap and started the cycle again. Every thing seemed ok, my periods were normal and all well for the first year. The last 4 months of using the patches I started with medical problems. I had fatigue, dizziness, irregular periods and very heavy, headaches, tiredness. I fainted and then after that it went down hill. I knew something was wrong but never linked it to the patches. It progressed and I ended up with the most severe headache, sickness, etc. I was sent to the hospital via ambulance and it turns out they think the patches caused a TIA (mini stroke). I stayed in over night and am waiting for my MRI appointment to come through to see if any long term damage, blood clots etc. The hospitals recommendation was to remove the patch immediately and never use it again. So I definitely don't recommend it. It is too risky."

4444 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 3, 2019

"Thought everything was going well on Ortho Evra until I found out that I most likely have gallbladder disease. All of these symptoms started shortly after taking the patch. Apparently it's "extremely rare" to get this. This also did nothing for my cramps. Please do extra research. Guess I'll be saying so long to this patch."

Rhilou · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 15, 2019

"I have used this patch since February, so around 5 months- I consistently keep my patch on (no period). Pros: easy to use, don’t have to remember to take it everyday like the pill, can be hidden, no pregnancy (hopefully) Cons: I randomly bled for 14 days straight whilst on my patch so I took it off for a week and bled until I put my next patch on so I bled for 21 days total, I never used to get cramps but now developed light cramps, nausea (especially in morning), spotting, irritation on skin from the patch and fatigue. Overall, within your first 3 months the side effects are definitely more severe. I still get a tiny bit of spotting, my cramps are much lighter and I don’t get consistent nausea EVERY morning. I have PCOS and almost never used to have periods (hence I keep the patch on as periods now scare me) so my experience may differ to someone with regular periods but overall I’ve found it to be fine apart from the odd side effect"

Aksa · Taken for less than 1 month June 7, 2019

"I have used the Ortho Evra patch for a month now, it's the first form of birth control that I have ever taken, even though I was married for 6 years I have always used natural methods such as a fertility app and it worked (my 2 kids were both planned). I was always thinking that birth control will mess with my body and my mood and its gonna affect my sex drive but I am soo satisfied with the patch, the only side affect that I have been experiencing is upset stomach and diarrhoea since I have started on the patch but its okay because it helped me lose some extra pounds lol. My sex drive has increased I'm not sure if that's because of the patch or because of my new sexual partner. The patch is very easy to use and it works perfectly for me because I am very forgetful and can't commit to taking a pill every night."

Yup · Taken for less than 1 month June 4, 2019

"I’m on my third week of Ortho Evra at the moment. I've had slight period like experience throughout and also brown discharge. My breasts are tender and have mood changes (although that already happens) I’m not worried though because at the end of the day I know my body is getting used to it so sure I may be a bit all over the place but who isn’t. Personally I think it has more advantages than disadvantages, and the only reason I have rated they because I haven’t been on it long enough to give it a proper review. Hope this helps :)"

Bet April 30, 2019

"I started using this in November, and it was completely fine, I put it on my arms, but as the weather got warmer I needed to cover it more so I put it on my stomach. I’m taking it off on Saturday for my patch free week, but I have decided not to put another one back on. I got really bad headaches and I didn’t really notice why but the more I got them I realised It started when I used the patch. They are super bad that I struggle to get to sleep, I like this patch but my headaches are not going after 6 months."

12344321 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 3, 2019

"I started the patch about a month ago. I have a little uncomfortableness and major mood swing for the first day but that was about it. When I moved the patch to my back, I noticed that my breast started to become more tender but again nothing severe. I was liking the patch until about 2 days ago. I had to check myself into the ER and found out I have a blood clot in each of my lungs caused by the Ortho Evra. I'm only 22. So I am officially off it, but I wanted to share this because I have no family or personal history with blood clots, so anyone can form blood clots. I'm not saying everybody, because it was working fine until about a week ago. But I feel the need to bring awareness to this."

juliaces · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 21, 2019

"I was on the patch for about 6 months. The first time I put it on the skin underneath looked like it bruised, but it was only the first time. I found very minimum side effects mental/emotional wise . Although I did get a weird sensation in my leg sometimes. I stopped taking it after a part because it kept getting ripped off from sticking to my clothes. I put on a new patch because I figured I wasn't getting the full amount of hormones. I decided to get off it after that knowing how easy it was to lose it. Also annoying to have someone constantly ask why the patch is on your arm all the time. I didn't like the way it looked on my butt, and found whenever I sit it would fold with my body. Overall a good option, I just had a scare."

Nbbbee · Taken for less than 1 month March 20, 2019

"Was put on Ortho Evra to treat my PCOS just came off dinatte. Wasn’t great at taking the pill, so I tried this patch and omg only had it on a week and I was absolutely crawling the walls. I did read all the side effects before using but I have nausea, anxiety, depression and hungry all the time and no sleep, I also felt it uncomfortable cus my clothes kept catching on to it.. my acne is worse and yes all this in one week!!!! Never again"

Jam · Taken for less than 1 month February 26, 2019

"I'm on my third patch, I started it the first day of my period! I've been on my period since I started it, also been extremely anxious and getting pain in my chest (I'm already on anti depressants ), I'm tired constantly and very emotional! The only plus side for me at the moment is the actual patch isn't a problem, I'm gonna persist with it for a little longer and see how things go because it's gonna be a bit of a shock to the system like a pregnancy would be so gonna see if things settle down."

Rara · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 21, 2019

"I was on the patch for 5 years I never had any problems always use it has it was directed. I decided myself to give my body a break and after a month I got pregnant and I was okay with it. But I love the patch thinking about getting back on it."

Nola January 10, 2019

"I was on the patch for a total of 3 weeks. About 3 days after I started I got really bad heart palpitations, my anxiety went through the roof. But I could still deal with this. Then I cried for no reason for about the entire time I was on the patch. But again I thought hormones mess you up so just give it a chance. Horrible thoughts was the next side affect. I thought I was not good enough, nobody could ever love me and everyone would be happier if I would just be gone. Yes, these were my everyday thoughts for about 2 weeks. All of this being said, I am a very happy positive person that loves life, I had no reason to be depressed or to think these things. I knew this. My husband removed the patch. A week later I felt like myself again."

Lex · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 2, 2019

"I’ve been on it for 3 months now. I was hesistant to go on it, due to reviews. I have tried all kinds of birth controls from the implant to IUD. I am horrible at remembering to take a pill at the same time everyday. With the patch, I find it easy to only have to change it once a week. I have been experiencing some side effects, nothing detrimental though. Since starting this medicine my breasts have grown at least a cup size and are tender, my appetite has increased a lot, and there’s very minor irritation from the adhesive when I take it off, identical to what I get with bandaids- again nothing to bad. Also I have used it to skip periods, but I have found I experience very minor cramps when I normally would be having my period. All in all, I would highly recommend this to anybody as a method of BC that doesn’t require you to take it everyday and isn’t so invasive like the IUD."

Aris · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 21, 2018

"Women, please be careful! I used the ortho evra patch for roughly 1.5years and started to suffer with joint pain and stiffness. Shortly after, I was diagnosed with lupus."

Amz · Taken for less than 1 month August 9, 2018

"Awful contraception made me really ill dizzy and sick couldn't function its awful."

Teetee · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 2, 2018

"I tried the Ortho Evra patch after I'd had complications with another type of birth control. The first thing I noticed was the nausea, I felt everyday for the full 3 weeks I had it on. it was accompanied by hives that had me taking antihistamines like they were smarties and loss of energy probably from the antihistamine meds because they do cause drowsiness. I suffered through it until the fourth week when I had no patch and my skin was smooth and I felt inaugurated after that, putting up with the side effects became hard for me to do. I've taken my patch off early twice now because I'm unable to take the hives. "

Maggie · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 1, 2018

"I was on the patch for two and a half years and I gained at least 20lbs... and my weight just keeps increasing. I’ve had really bad headaches before and after my period when I’m on the patch. The only good thing is that my acne is gone and I don’t have any cramps. But still I rather have those things then to gain that much weight. I’m now switching back on the pill. I think it really depends on your body. Everyone is different when it comes to side effects for birth control."

Fay · Taken for less than 1 month July 14, 2018

"I've been on the patch for 3 weeks now, as soon as I started using it I felt a difference. I researched about the patch before I went to get on it but I didn't know I'd have so many side effects and for so long. For 3 weeks straight I've been feeling like I'm on my period sorta, horrible constant body cramping, very irritable. Nausea and dizziness also very sore breasts. I've been sleeping so much after taking this and still feel tired, I've been sleeping about 12 hours almost everyday. I've also noticed a bit of weight gain too. And I've been having mood swings, feeling depressed and unmotivated, I've been staying in bed mostly. I've only tried the pill and the patch. I'm forgetful for taking a pill everyday that's why I changed to the patch, I don't want to try anything else but I've been thinking about the depo shot. Maybe I should just wait and see if all the side effects will go away, it doesn't really seem worth it to me."

Mimi87 July 2, 2018

"I was unable to use this BC because I had an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Wish I could of tried it longer than 1 week."

Oks · Taken for less than 1 month June 16, 2018

"It’s horrible!!! I’ve been on vacation and spent lots of time swimming, and the patch peeled off on the second day..... My period was extremely heavy after this. The patch affected my mood in a bad way. I was angry and irritated."

Ant · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 5, 2018

"At first I was sceptical about this, but it's actually been great. It's so easy, it sometimes feels too easy; you just put a sticker on and it's stops you getting pregnant. Before, my periods were so irregular, sometimes only having a week between them, sometimes having months. Now, they always come at exactly the same time to the hour. You can also put on an extra patch to postpone it for a week (any longer than that, I tend to get spotting, but some don't). The only side effect I had was a bit of breast tenderness, but that went away after a few months. The only downside is that it does get fluff attached to it, and it does leave some glue after you take it off, but I also put it somewhere hidden, so it doesn't really matter. Would definitely recommend this contraception."


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