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User Reviews for Ocella (Page 5)

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Acne 7.8
24 reviews 523 medications
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder 7.0
1 reviews 50 medications
Birth Control 6.4
125 reviews 328 medications
Summary of Ocella reviews 6.6 150 reviews

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Reviews for Ocella

bb88 · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 13, 2013

For Birth Control: “No significant weight gain, No cramping during period, Period lasts for a shorter amount of time, No heavy bleeding (no spotting, either). Overall, I'm very happy with Ocella. I'm 24 and have been taking it for 5 years. At this point, I'm not even sure how my body would react to not being on birth control since it has been so long.”

9 / 10
Frenchie88 August 25, 2013

For Birth Control: “I tried Ortho Tri-Cyclen 2 years ago. I switched to Ocella 3 weeks later because Ortho Tri-Cyclen made me nauseous and made my gums itchy. I have experienced weight gain (8 lbs) caused by eating all my cravings. I've taken it from 2011 to now and haven't had any bad experiences.”

9 / 10
Mary Ann f · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 14, 2013

For Menstrual Disorders: “I used to take Sprintec to regulate my period and help with cramps which worked for a while but after 2 years my periods were back to being miserable. The first week or two on Ocella were tough, I was very nauseous, had stomach cramps and headaches but it all went away after the second week. The first day of my period the first 2 months was incredible! I didn't even feel like I had a period, but by day 2 my awful cramps were back. I spoke to my Gyno and we've decided I can take Ocella continuously. Next week is the first placebo week that I'm skipping and I will only have 3-4 periods a year. Besides the first couple of weeks I haven't had any other side effects.”

7 / 10
monica1989 May 20, 2013

For Birth Control: “I've been on it for 2 months now, I switched to Ocella to treat moderate acne, so far I have noticed a slight decrease in breakouts but also noticed I have no self control over what I eat anymore and have gained weight I am an active person and I have noticed a change in weight. Also very moody and I have a short temper and am very moody, I snap at everyone even at work.”

LilHannah February 2, 2013

For Birth Control: “I'm 20, 5ft and 97lbs. I've been on Ocella for 4ish years now. I originally was on Yaz then Yasmin the. When Ocella came out I switched. For me, the experience was normal. I was moody on my periods (nothing new) and a big decrease in acne! But now I am thinking of switching to a stronger birth control, even though I've been on Ocella for so long and love the product I think my body needs a change in medication. I'm becoming a little more irritated then the first 2 years, my nipples are especially tender after my period which never happened before. It's time for a change. Overall a great product if you would like to see a decrease in acne, no weight gain, no pregnancy scares, no depression or moodiness for the most part. Good for older teens!”

8 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 30, 2013

For Birth Control: “6 years. No health issues or pregnancy scares.”

10 / 10
Belizabethd · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 4, 2013

For Birth Control: “4yrs no issues”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 18, 2012

For Birth Control: “Have been taking Ocella for four months now due to polycystic ovarian syndrome. I've been experiencing elevated blood pressure and this is causing some other ill feelings such as nausea and shortness of breath, which immediately triggers anxiety attacks. Surprisingly I feel fine emotionally for the majority of the time. My breast size has increased, my sex drive is up, my periods are lighter and my skin is clearer. The negative symptoms I have been experiencing have not been frequent, they have only occurred recently. However, the severe elevation in my blood pressure is cause for concern and I may switch next month to a new pill.”

5 / 10
Anonymous November 15, 2012

“I'm not going to say this is a bad product because everyone is different. But I was on this for about 6 months. And the last couple months, I had noticed myself having horrible thoughts, and also helplessness. I would cry all the time and freak out over nothing. I was suffering severe depression. People all around me started noticing I was acting different. My face also broke out and my sex drive was very minimal. I am an emotional person to start with. All around the pill did what it was supposed to, but it was just way to much estrogen for me. I am now on the Nuvaring and I love it.”

3 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 12, 2012

For Birth Control: “I've been on Ocella for about 4 months now, after being on Microgestin for 4 years. I don't have too many complaints with either, although I will say that my skin is far clearer on Ocella than it ever was on Microgestin. My periods on Ocella are quite light and last only 4-5 days; cramps are usually mild. No headaches, nausea, mood swings, or noticeable change in sex drive, which seem to be a problem for a lot of other women. Also, I actually dropped a couple of pounds after starting Ocella with no lifestyle or diet change. My only concern is that I do have a history of ovarian cysts, which Microgestin effectively quashed; only time will tell whether or not Ocella causes any change. 23 years old, otherwise healthy.”

9 / 10
Anonymous October 21, 2012

“I have been taking Ocella for about 3 years now, I didn't have any issues when I first started. My periods are only 3 days long, and I lost a lot of weight when I went on Ocella. I have developed anxiety but I never had it this bad and mood swings I have gotten too I can get very depressed and emotional about things and that has never been like me at all. I'm thinking about switching to something different to help lower my anxiety and mood swings, its the only birth control I have taken and my doctor was recommending something with a lower hormone count. Otherwise its been a good birth control for me.”

7 / 10
gf5476 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 2, 2012

For Acne: “All have been changed since a month after starting Ocella. Soft clear skin and brighter complexion. No more yellow and dull face. Waking up with fresh skin as if I just washed my face. More incline to wear sun block and makeup. My hair no longer oily and stop falling out. I did stop for 2 months due to dryness and no sex drive. A BIG MISTAKE. Ask your doctor the correct way to phase it out. I am retaking it again.”

8 / 10
Anonymous September 29, 2012

For Birth Control: “I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and I have tried A LOT of different birth control. I used this particular formulation for about a year. Unlike the others, I did not bleed through this one. I did however cry at everything! I cried when I saw cute kids playing, when Kelso did cute things for Jackie on That 70's Show, and when I got good grades on tests. Everything made me cry. Also, my breasts were tender all the time, and I never wanted sex, but that has been the case for all 7 years of birth control. I did not notice any substantial weight gain.”

7 / 10
hnm12 · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 13, 2012

For Birth Control: “Pros: Periods were lighter, cramps hardly existed, not pregnant. I got on the pill for these reasons. So, yes it worked for that. In addition, I lost about 27 pounds. However, CONS: I was SUPER depressed and that depression hit hard. I've always been a happy, outgoing person, but Ocella made me upset at random times and now that I'm off it, my period is heavier than before and the cramps are worse. I've also gained weight since going off the pill. I'm 18, 5'7, 189 lbs. I would not recommend it. Of course there was the noticeable decline in sex drive, but that didn't bother me much.”

3 / 10
CourtneyMK · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 30, 2012

For Birth Control: “I have used Ocella for years and have not had any major problems. The most I have felt is some breast tenderness close to my period which I have always had and sometimes some mild nausea my first 2 days or so on the pill during the first active week. I am happy with the effectiveness. I had irregular and very heavy periods that would last 11 days. This medicine has given me light and regular periods normally lasting 5 days. I haven't experienced any emotional side effects or severe physical effects.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 17, 2012

For Acne: “I began using this birth control in January 2012 to treat cystic acne and to prep me for beginning Accutane. My periods before this pill were bad, I had heavy bleeding with painful cramps. Once I began the birth control they got lighter and now I have absolutely no cramps! My face looks fantastic now, I only have the occasional zit. I can handle that since I used to have 20 at one time. I would say I started to notice side effects around May of 2012. I began having pretty bad headaches, usually everyday when I wake up. I had a little bit of weight gain. The worst was how moody I began to be. I would really only like spending time alone. I also lost my sex drive completely. ”

5 / 10
Anonymous April 24, 2012

For Birth Control: “It wasn't a bad birth control other than the mood swing and anxiety. 6 months into it I started to have a really hard time breathing and chest pain and swelling of arms and legs. I checked out side effects and these are some of the more severe ones. I took myself off of it a week ago, and I feel so much better, I'm less anxious and moody and the pain and swelling.”

3 / 10
Anonymous April 5, 2012

For Birth Control: “I have had the exact same reaction to Ocella as the poster named "No Babies, but I'm Crazy". I switched to Ocella from Levora because Levora was giving me really bad mood swings. When I was on it, I would burst into tears all the time for no reason. This side effect decreased dramatically when I switched to Ocella, but I do still get mood swings quite often. The biggest difference is that my moods on Ocella are more angry/agitated than weepy (which they were when I took Levora). However, I feel like the moods are more manageable, which is why I'm still on Ocella after 4 months (I stopped taking Levora after 2). When it comes time to renew my prescription in 2 months, I may consider choosing a new pill.”

7 / 10
Anonymous March 25, 2012

For Birth Control: “I started out on Yaz and Yasmin. I have been losing my hair ever since. Suddenly I was switched to Ocella with no warning. I experienced the most beautiful skin and 2 day periods, but the hair loss did not stop. I was tested for PCOS but that's a negative. I have not experienced nausea, headaches, and definitely no decrease in sex drive. My PMS has always been terrible and that hasn't changed either way. I asked my doctor about the hair loss and was told that it could not be the birth control. Unfortunately I lost my job and my insurance. I was without birth control for 4 months. During that time my hair started to grow back. I am now back on Ocella and my hair is still growing back. I am 30 yrs old, I have been taking Ocella since it came out. I'm a fan.”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 12, 2012

For Acne: “When you decide to take this drug you need to consider whether clear skin is worth endangering your life. I'm 17 and I was on ocella for a year. It cleared up my skin completely and my periods were regular. It was perfect. Then I starte having trouble breathing. I kept having doctors appointments and they were thinking I was developing asthma or allergies. After a few months of tests I discovered on my own that I had a DVT or basically a blood clot in my left leg. By the time I discovered this it had progressed all the way from my calf to my belly button. I also had 5 pulmonary embolus in my lungs and was functioning on 1/3 my normal lung capacity. I had no other risk factors for blood clots. This drug is a devil drug.”

cosmia March 10, 2012

For Menstrual Disorders: “I am 18 and I love Ocella. I feel like it's balanced me out. I used to feel depressed, moody and irritable for the two weeks before my period. Almost suicidal in the couple of days before it. Then my period would come full blast for the first two days and I would be in so much pain that all I could do was scream. I couldn't work or go to school. I took a lot of pain medicines so I was too high to function, and also could still feel occasional plain. Now, on Ocella, I felt the extreme pain for maybe an hour when my period starts, and then I'm able to take a normal amount of pain medicines and I'm fine to go to school. The mood swings before my period are very slight. I also use it as birth control. I do not feel a decrease in my sex drive.”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 8, 2012

For Birth Control: “I have been on Ocella for about 3 years, and I have loved it. Never had any problems: Cleared my skin, breasts grew, periods were light, sex drive was not really affected. In the past few months though I have seen a lot more break through bleeding leading to almost 2 week long periods (not fun), so I am switching.”

Anonymous February 2, 2012

For Birth Control: “Ocella has worked very well for me. I have gained no weight, have lighter periods, light cramping, and have only one issue. I become emotional, and insecure around day 10 or 11 and then it subsides. I'm usually stable. However, I've decided to give another birthcontrol a try because my cost is so high. But I will consider going back to Ocella if this new one doesn't work out.”

9 / 10
Anonymous January 27, 2012

For Birth Control: “This it the first birth control pill that I've been on as I don't necessarily like the idea of hormonal contraceptives. I just started Ocella this month and so far I have bled for 10 days straight (lightly, but I've been used to light periods that last four or five days) and my emotions have been out of control. I normally have light mood swings before my period, but this has been ten times worse and nonstop for the week and a half that I've been on Ocella. I crave junk food 24 hours a day and feel angry or upset about the littlest things. My skin is pretty clear naturally and I haven't noticed a change in that. My sex drive is about the same. I can't say much else as this is my first month on it but I am not a fan of the super PMS so far.”

2 / 10
lpwiseman January 19, 2012

For Birth Control: “I was on Yaz before and did just fine on it. They switched me to Ocella four months ago and said that it was the same but I am having such a hard time on it. I bleed heavy, cramp and have migraines for at least 10 days. It knocks me off my feet to where all I can do is stay in bed all day. I have to use double protection when on my period. I bleed so much the first month that I almost had my husband take me to the ER. I instead started taking iron pills to help me recover from my period. With all the scare on blood clots in the news I just called and asked my doctor to switch me to something else. The other thing was that I have zero sex drive and I can't lose weight.”

1 / 10