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User Reviews for Ocella (Page 6)

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Acne 7.8
24 reviews 523 medications
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder 7.0
1 reviews 50 medications
Birth Control 6.4
125 reviews 328 medications
Summary of Ocella reviews 6.6 150 reviews

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Reviews for Ocella

Anonymous January 8, 2012

For Birth Control: “I have been on Ocella for about 4 months now. Overall it has done its job of keeping me kid-free but I get horrible cramps a day or two before my period and during it. Periods are definitely shorter and lighter so I don't understand the increase in cramps. I also have been getting headaches quite frequently but I don't know if I can attribute that to this medication.”

5 / 10
Anonymous January 6, 2012

For Birth Control: “20 yr old, been on Ocella for over a year. Just today switched to Apri, Ocella made me gain weight and go up a bra size. I went from a heavy long period with no pain to an extremely painful short period - not worth it. This pill also made me moody and depressed.”

7 / 10
Rachel K. January 5, 2012

For Birth Control: “I am 17 and started Ocella three months ago because I wanted to switch off the three month schedule, which I hated. I am only finishing up the third month this next week, but I love it! I would get the WORST mood swings when I PMSed that my friends would purposely avoid me. Since switching to Ocella I have had a MAJOR decrease in mood swings. My acne cleared up for the first two months, but I broke out pretty bad during the third month. And my period used to last 8 days and now is about 6-5 days. And now my period comes at a regular time. The only cons I could have about this product is around the time of my period I am extremely bloated and I get terrible cramps. But since my mood swings are gone I a would completely recommend Ocella.”

9 / 10
Anonymous December 13, 2011

For Birth Control: “Ocella was the first contraceptive birth control I tried, and I thought I was going crazy because of its side effects. As a generally happy and healthy woman, I was so confused and lost as to why I'd suddenly turned into someone that couldn't stand to get out of bed, I cried ALL THE TIME. It could be the tiniest of things that would elicit tears, but it was constant. I shut almost everyone but my boyfriend at the time out, and was so depressed I didn't even know what to do. This lasted 6 months before my mom forced me to stop it, of which I am very thankful for. Ocella made me a different person, sure, it did it's job in keeping me from getting pregnant, but the girl it made me into is not worth that protection. ”

1 / 10
Anonymous November 29, 2011

“I was on Ortho Tri-Cyclen low for two years before switching to Ocella. I used to throw up and break out constantly so I switched to Ocella. So far, I love it. I haven't had nausea, spotting, headaches, mood swings, or heavy periods! Unfortunately, I definitely have gained weight but nothing unmanageable. I had moderately severe acne and it has been clearing up slowly but surely, which is a huge deal for me since I'm a senior in high school. My sex drive has gone way down.”

9 / 10
Anonymous October 22, 2011

For Birth Control: “My doctor prescribed me Ocella last year and I remembered it made me feel horrible, but not the exact reason why. My vagina is always dry no matter how excited I am and sex is horrible. I noticed that when I wasn't having sex! Now that I'm having sex regularly, my libido is really low. I think it's too much estrogen for me. Overall most days I just feel sick and my period was just light spotting, so I guess that was the only benefit coming from week long periods.”

2 / 10
Anonymous October 21, 2011

For Acne: “I got Ocella solely for the reason that I don't want to get pregnant and I got it for free with my insurance. With starting my first pack, I was nauseous the first three days or so but not so bad I guess. Now I'm on my last week of my second pack, about to be on my third pack and my acne has gotten a lot worse unfortunately. I'm going to wait a couple of months to see if that changes though because other than that I love it.”

6 / 10
Anonymous August 8, 2011

“I have been taking Ocella for 7 months now. At first I felt very sick about an hour after taking a pill so I had to eat something every time I was taking it, however I didn't gain any weight. On a contrary I have lost some, weird I know. Nausea went away after a first cycle, my period became lighter, I don't have bad cramps anymore or before period acne. My issue is terrible mood swings right before and when on my period as some of you were saying I feel insane. I can't control my emotions. Also recently I start feeling fatigued. I feel tired all the time, almost depressed, especially right before my period. I have never acted this way before.”

6 / 10
Anonymous June 2, 2011

For Birth Control: “I have been on Ocella now for over 2 years. Like many of you I was taking Yasmin and it was switched and I wasn't told but noticed it before I took it. I called my pharmacy just to make sure this was the right medicine and it was. I haven't had any problems except for one. I have a low sex drive. I'm 26 years old and I honestly thought my body changed after having 2 children. I did not know this was a possible side effect. Other than that I love it. My periods are regular, lighter, and come on time. I have no cramps and my skin cleared up. I was also not aware of Ocella switching to a name brand drug. ”

9 / 10
Anonymous May 24, 2011

For Birth Control: “Have been taking Ocella for 4 months, and at first the only things I noticed were positive; it cleared up the mild adult acne that I had developed around my jawline, and my breasts seemed to get bigger. Then, I began to notice more negative than positive. First, I've gained 6 pounds in 4 months with little change to my diet. Second, I experience spotting between periods. Third, I am ten times more moody than I was before which is strange for me because I am always pretty stable and happy. Last, I've been feeling very bloated and maybe a little constipated. So overall, the pill is doing the job and I'm afraid to get off of it because I don't want to start breaking out, but I also don't want to stay on it and continue to gain weight.”

4 / 10
Hating birthcontrol April 20, 2011

For Birth Control: “I have been taking Ocella now for about 6 months and in those months I have experienced some weight loss as well as clearer skin. However I also have found that I have ABSOLUTELY NO sex drive. I am only 21 and before taking Ocella I had enough sex drive for me and other people, but now nothing.”

5 / 10
Anonymous February 15, 2011

For Birth Control: “Had severe mood swings, dry eyes to the point of not being able to wear contacts, weight gain, breast tenderness. ”

3 / 10
Anonymous November 26, 2010

For Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: “I have tried practically every treatment there is for PCOS and unfortunately, Yasmin is the only thing that has helped me. But, it puts about 7-12 pounds on me.”

9 / 10
pinkpenguin13077 October 31, 2010

For Acne: “I was on Yaz about two years ago and decided to take some time off of it because it made my periods about 10 days long. Once my acne started getting worse, my doctor recommended me for Ocella. The morning after I took the pill for the first time, I was very nauseous and threw up. Now, I have been taking the medicine for about 4 days and every night, about 6 hours after taking the pill, I have to run to the bathroom to throw up because I am so nauseous. I have been feeling very tired too. But sometimes I feel really hyper as well. I really hope that this birth control clears up my acne. By reading the other posts, I am very scared to gain weight. But I work out daily so that probably wont be a problem. I have already lost weight from the nausea.”

6 / 10
Anonymous October 21, 2010

For Birth Control: “I've been on Ocella for two days, but those two days my doctor advised me to take a double dose (two pills a night) for these first 2 nights. So far I've had bad nausea, dizziness, headaches, and been extremely tired. I hope that when I start a regular dose these side effects will go away.”

6 / 10
Persona October 20, 2010

“I'm 17 and have been on Ocella for about 9 months, if not more. In terms of effectiveness, I can't say I know, because I use a condom every time I have sex. However, it has done wonders for my acne, and I haven't had an increase in weight. But I've noticed recently, that whenever I have my period, I end up being in a TERRIBLE mood. I don't want anyone to talk to me, or anything. I want to cry. I'm either pissed, or I cry. Another bad thing I noticed is my sex drive has gone WAY down. I'm considering changing it, but I need the pills for periods as well, my periods are very irregular, but I want to be on birth control since I am having sex.”

7 / 10
No Babies, but I'm Crazy October 19, 2010

For Birth Control: “24 yrs old, healthy. On Ocella 14 months. Take it same time each day. Periods lighter/shorter with less cramping. Cleared up moderate acne. Great birth control -still kid free. Complaint is emotional side effects, which I noticed 6 months after starting Ocella. Super emotional for 1-2 weeks before my period (never had PMS symptoms before). Tiniest thing bothers me - very irrational and impatient. Feel like I've gone insane 2 weeks each month. Worst part is I *know* I'm being ridiculous, but can't pull myself out of it. Was on anti-depressants for 3 yrs and this makes me feel like I'm getting depressed again each month. Only time I feel 'normal' is when I'm on my period. I want to switch to a pill that has a gradual hormone transition throughout the month.”

8 / 10
Tonya V October 11, 2010

For Birth Control: “I'm 23 years old, and started birth control on Ortho Tri Cyclen. I stopped for about a year or so then when I went back to the GYN, she put me on Ocella. I haven't ever had problems with my period, but it did lighten it up for me quite a bit. I've been on it for about 2 years - and it has just recently brought me from a 5 day period to a 3 day period. I was a bit surprised, but I don't mind at all! I have never detected any differences on and off birth control - except it's easier to pin point when things will happen throughout the month. I usually get a very mild acne break out right before, as well as some cramps which don't last very long. I have occasional emotional breakdowns, but they are so rare that I don't really contribute it to Ocella”

9 / 10
NoSexDrive September 5, 2010

For Acne: “I started taking this for acne, which Ocella cleared up REALLY well (except for the period week, during which I'll get minor acne breakouts), but I must add that now I've been experiencing a huge decrease in my sex drive. I'm starting to wonder if I should get off of it just to feel like a normal sexual adult. This is just getting weird.”

8 / 10
Anonymous July 19, 2010

For Birth Control: “I've been using this birth control pill for about 5 months now and it's great! I do get the occasional discharge and sometimes moody. It made my breasts bigger but kind of sensitive. My acne has really cleared up after using so many different things out there to treat it. I recommend Ocella; it really gets the job done.”

9 / 10
Anonymous July 11, 2010

For Birth Control: “I switched to Ocella after taking Yaz for 3months. I have PCOS as well. Ocella worked wonderfully in clearing my skin, and it gave me a 7-day period (instead of the constant flow). That was a relief. But, I had bad side effects that caused me to ask for a change in medication after 3 or 4 months using it. I didn't realize they were connected to birth control at first, but now it's obvious with timing. I get debilitating migraine headaches during the first few days of the placebo week (from hormone drop), and the week before my period I have severe constipation, which affects my body image (I feel unattractive). It also has me very depressed a week before, too. And this last month, I started spotting 2 weeks in.”

6 / 10
Anonymous June 24, 2010

For Birth Control: “I was on Ocella for about 6 months. I never experienced any headaches or spotting or anything like that and I'm not pregnant, so in those aspect Ocella was great. But I had horrible MOOD SWINGS! ”

4 / 10
Anonymous June 21, 2010

For Birth Control: “I just switched from YAZ to Ocella, and since then I have been so emotional. Crying almost very day and mood swings are crazy! I was not like this at all when I was on YAZ.”

3 / 10
TanyaMac May 22, 2010

For Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: “I started taking Yasmin when I had a continuous period of bleeding for 2 1/2 months. I took it for 2 years until Ocella came out as the generic form of Yasmin. I had no complaints and it helped regulate all my symptoms and made that time of the month more bearable for me. I could get out of bed and actually function the way I normally do. The only downside I had to taking this is I did develop Gallbladder disease and ended up having an emergency gallbladder removal. I would recommend that anyone who takes this watch what they are eating too and limit lots of fatty foods.”

7 / 10
Anonymous May 21, 2010

For Birth Control: “I started on Yasmin, then switched to Ocella when it was released. I had no issues with it. It helped my cramps, shortened my period by 2 day, and helped clear out my skin. I gained no weight (but was eating very healthy and stayed active). I stopped taking it for 2 months to have a surgery, got pregnant, and am back on it now. I have never had any moodiness, and it has helped with my time of the month migraines I would get. I would recommend this to anyone. FYI, I started on this when I was 24 and am now 27.”

10 / 10