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User Reviews for Solia to treat Birth Control

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Reviews for Solia

Anonymous March 30, 2018

"Years ago I was put on Apri and absolutely loved it. I had no side effects and my periods were extremely light. I then switched insurances and Apri was no longer covered by it. I was given Solia and told it was the generic version of Apri and that it was exactly the same. Never have a experienced such a horrible side effect like I did with this brand of birth control. The entire month I took this pill I couldn't poop. I wasn't constipated, I tried everything from yogurt, fiber, lots of water and laxatives, but it felt like my colon was swollen and wouldn't let anything pass. It was extremely painful and I felt miserable. I went to a gyno who pretty much thought I was exaggerating and blamed by symptoms on something else because "Solia and Apri are exactly the same".I couldn't take it anymore so I stopped them. After,I was able to poop normally again. This is my experience with Solia, it's different for everyone but what I learned is that generic birth control brands are NOT the same."


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