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User Reviews for Juleber

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Birth Control   6.5
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Reviews for Juleber

Katy · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 23, 2021

For Birth Control: “I was originally on Reclipsen and changed to Juleber due to a pharmacy availability issue. I did not notice any issues with the switch, and enjoyed Juleber. I was on it for over a year. I would say I maybe had heightened anxiety, but I also had a very stressful year in general and think the birth control only played a small part. 3 day periods, no acne or weight gain. I had to switch to Isibloom which was immediately negative, so I would recommend Juleber. I am going back on Reclipsen now that my pharmacy has it and does not have Juleber any longer.”

8 / 10
Suki · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 28, 2020

For Birth Control: “I LOVE Juleber and won't use any other birth control. It cleared up my acne super fast, and I don't have any weight gain, mood swings, or sex drive changes. I have also not had any pregnancy scares while on Juleber. My periods used to be so irregular, and this fixed that problem.”

10 / 10
Cass · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 29, 2020

For Birth Control: “I’ve been taking Juleber for 2 years and I LOVE IT! I don’t have any side effects, and it even cleared up my acne! Highly recommend!!!”

10 / 10
La · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 23, 2019

For Birth Control: “Absolutely the worst birth control I’ve tried. Made my face break out so bad I might have to take accutane for the second time to fix the damage it has done. Honestly my face looks so much worse than it did before I was even on accutane in the first place. Didn’t help much for cramps either and made my chest extremely sore all the time. Would not recommend for anything.”

1 / 10
N · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 3, 2019

For Birth Control: “I was on this pill for about a year for heavy periods and it helped a lot. After about 6 months I became depressed badly and got the worst hormonal acne.”

5 / 10
Krissy · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 17, 2019

For Birth Control: “I'm a 30 year old women, I've had 3 kids and my tubes are tied, I never thought I would be on birth control since I'm done having children but this little pill has been a lifesaver. I started taking this birth control due to acne, super painful periods and a hormonal imbalance. I started out on a different pill which really didn't help me in the 4 months I took it then my doctor put me on this after I had a 2 inch cyst burst (birth control is supposed to help with those as well). I just finished my 1st pack and I can tell a HUGE difference. My cyst pain was so bad it put me in bed for days and now the pain is tolerable and much less frequent (getting better each day). My mood swings are less frequent and my skin hasn't been this clear since before I hit puberty.”

10 / 10
1988 · Taken for less than 1 month January 8, 2019

For Birth Control: “Just started Juleber a week ago, was fine the first 3 days then on the 4th I noticed I stared to feel nauseous more in the evenings even before I take it, I take my pill at 8 PM with a small snack, last night I had a small meal after taking it and I woke up in the middle of the night feeling extra nauseous,... hope it goes away, am going to get my tubes tied in a few weeks anyway but am on the pill to hopefully help alleviate my period as I do get them pretty heavy when I'm not on BC, had only been on the IUD before and it worked but did bother my hubby the whole time I had it in both times after my last pregnancies.”

4 / 10
bri · Taken for less than 1 month August 24, 2018

For Birth Control: “Today is Aug 23-2018. I took my first pill at 12:50pm. So far so good. No spotting or dizziness or headaches. I will update later on.”

Claire February 27, 2018

For Birth Control: “I went on Juleber to help regulate my period and acne. Ever since I got to college, I started breaking out and my self esteem was super low. My doctor recommended birth control to help my period and my skin. While it regulated my period, for the first time ever I started getting cramps to the point where I couldn’t even get up to go to class. I started experiencing all the potential side effects: nausea, lack of appetite, lack of energy, soreness, dark urine, yellowing of my eyes and skin, et cetera. I could only stay on it for two months because it got so bad. My skin started breaking out like never before. Huge, red, painful cystic acne. My self esteem is so low. I started to feel depressed (a common side effect of birth control) and I was so unhappy with the way I looked. I now have to go on accutane in hopes of repairing the damage this drug has done to me. My skin will never be the same and I will have this horrible scarring on my face for the rest of my life.”

1 / 10
karennerak · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 26, 2018

For Birth Control: “I was switched from Nikki to this birth control because my insurance didn't cover Nikki. I mainly got on BCP to control hormonal acne. I'm 30 and was still getting back breakouts consistent with my menstrual cycle. Juleber has made my skin clear! I've been on it for only 2 months. My skin is a lot drier now (normally oily). I barely have acne now! I did not experience weight gain or any other side effects.”

10 / 10
Jay jayakshsjs September 12, 2017

For Birth Control: “I'm 22 and weigh 110 lbs. my dosage for juleber was 0.15. I didn't ever get pregnant on juleber or get acne or weight gain. The only negative thing that happened was I was extremely moody. The week before my period I was extremely emotional and during my period I was also really emotional. Other than that it was a good bc”

10 / 10
No thanks · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 14, 2017

For Birth Control: “I took this pill for 4 months thinking my body will get use to it but it only got worse. I have been taking different birth control pills for about 6 years now and never have I ever had the symptoms that I had on this pill. My periods were heavy and lasted 7 plus days. I had intense cramps to the point that I couldn't move and had to practice breathing exercises. I had blood clots that were the size of quarters or bigger. It may have just been my body but I will not go back to this pill.”

2 / 10

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