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User Reviews for Clindamycin to treat Bacterial Infection

Also known as: Cleocin, Cleocin Pediatric, Cleocin HCl, Cleocin Phosphate, Cleocin Phosphate ADD-Vantage

Clindamycin has an average rating of 5.5 out of 10 from a total of 433 ratings for the treatment of Bacterial Infection. 39% of those users who reviewed Clindamycin reported a positive effect, while 35% reported a negative effect.

Clindamycin Rating Summary

5.5/10 average rating

433 ratings from 466 user reviews.

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Reviews for Clindamycin

J. LIND · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 21, 2021

“Had to be on this to treat a bad abscess from a tooth infection This stuff worked 100% but I had such bad heartburn it was UNREAL. I was on the floor crying it hurt so bad And whatever side effects it says it gives you It 1000% does.. .”

8 / 10
bob california · Taken for less than 1 month February 19, 2021

“I used the 300 mg clinamycin hcl the first 24 hours O had a pain in my stomach it was like being poisoned I puked and was up all night, I was scared to shut my eyes. Day 2 I was sick. Day 3 the medicine started working. Day 4 I was getting better. I needed this I had 4 bad teeth and on March 10th (today is the 19 February. I get them all pulled as long as the infection goes away yea....”

9 / 10
Popp · Taken for less than 1 month February 8, 2021

“Tooth infection that spread to jaw and lymph nodes that requires a root canal. In severe pain. Prescribed amoxicillin 500mg 3x/day. After 5 days no improvement. Was prescribed clindamycin at ER - 450mg 3x/day and pain is almost completely gone after 48 hours. Root canal next week. Would recommend if amoxicillin is not helping. Cheers!”

10 / 10

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ampdx · Taken for less than 1 month December 8, 2019

“I have taken this antibiotic clindamycin twice and it has the same effect each time: it makes me feel incredibly weak and confused. It is like extreme brain fog. This last time I took a few days worth, it also affected my vision and made everything appear blurred. This medication makes me feel like I am going crazy and on the verge of the insane asylum. I know that sounds extreme, but this does not agree with my body at all. Unfortunately most doctors discount these symptoms as ludicrous. If you feel this way, though, know that you are not alone.”

1 / 10
Susancan · Taken for less than 1 month February 25, 2020

“Bad tooth infection spreading to sinuses Was terrified to take after reading reviews - MY TIP - read the positive reviews first! Anyways I’m allergic to most other antibiotics so no choice but to try or cry with pain. First few days really nauseous and tummy ache even following instructions (take with food lots of water probiotics etc). What fixed it FOR ME was to eat first then wait 15 mins then take tablet with 2 large glasses of water. Since then absolutely zero problems! I don’t eat carbs but have relaxed to include some for taking tablets and allow food to get into stomach before taking table. Would definitely take again as infection improved within a day. I have 7 more days as I chose 3x daily dosage rather than 4x over 10 days (impractical to eat at 2am and stay up for 40 minutes .... Hope this helps”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month October 29, 2019

“I was prescribed to take 300mg clindamycin every 6 hours for 7 days for a tooth infection. I had no problems whatsoever with this antibiotic. As soon as you pick up this drug, also pick up a probiotic with it. A probiotic is much needed when taking these. As well as pick up some yogurt that contains live and active cultures in it. I chose Yoplait although there are many options, some better options even. Make sure you follow the instructions for this antibiotic very faithfully. Every single time I took a dosage, I drank well over 16oz of water as well as I ate a good meal or a filling snack with it. It is super important to sit up for the 10 minutes they tell you to, and not lay down. I wanted to act safely and I sat up for at least 20 minutes each time. Because of all this, I experienced no side effects in the whole 7 days. This antibiotic worked wonders for my tooth infection and all the pain was gone so quickly. I would 100% take this antibiotic again if I had to. I hope this helps!”

10 / 10
BobJones · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2020

“I've come to realise all antibiotics produce some side effects. I had a tooth infection (serious pain). Was prescribed this clindamycin for 7 days. It took 3 days to properly kick in and reduce the pain. After the week no pain. Tips. Water, big glass with the pill and try and drink water throughout the day. I don't do fizzy or sweet drinks. I suspect this is where people have trouble. Food seemed to help. I would take on empty stomach in the morning go for a walk with the dog for a couple of hours then eat. Then later in the day take before eating . Food seemed to help settle the nausea. Nausea - yeah all the time Metallic taste - yep all the time Stand up - don't take lying down, and wash down with a full glass of water (as per instructions) - else it can cause esophagus burns I didn’t have stomach cramps etc. Just felt a bit sick and bloated. No where near all the ‘terrible’ reviews you will see here. Just be sensible with your diet and follow the instructions! Water, water, water. Bland food.”

10 / 10

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LSS February 2, 2020

“While dealing with a gum infection and root canal I was prescribed these clindamycin. Read reviews online and was terrified by what people were saying but ended up taking them anyways. Take these with a meal ( not water ) to avoid after taste. Some people complained about diarrhea but other than going to the bathroom more often I didn't have much of an issue. I took probiotics, drank kambucha, LOTS of water and yoghurt to keep my flora healthy and mitigate the side effects. Morning before breakfast my mouth did taste awful but the taste went away after eating. Again, this is one of those antibiotics where extra care is needed to avoid intense side effects. If you are reading this do try what I did and perhaps you'll be able to feel better with minimal side effects.”

9 / 10
Ri March 3, 2020

“Got prescribed this after already having been on another antibiotic for 10 days previous. They prescribed it as I was having bad ear & jaw pain still and it was starting to cause Vertigo and the pain wasn’t getting better on the old antibiotic. I’ve taken this times before but this time my stools have been pretty normal, soft but not diarrhea. I take it with whatever drink I’ve got with me that time of day (today it’s a monster energy) and it hasn’t been upsetting my stomach. I will say this time around my appetite has increased ten fold, and my brain does seem kinda foggy here and there. I do remember the first day or two on it my joints were sore but that’s a small price to pay for getting rid of whatever is causing you the pain in the first place. I’ve normally got a very sensitive gut but this medication hasn’t really done any harm since I started it a few days ago. Just relax and remember your body isn’t the same as anyone else’s.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month March 7, 2020

“Do not take this. I took it for a tooth abscess and it got worse and I had to go to the ER to get actual IV antibiotics pumped into me. I had horrible chest pains felt sick and my heart rate was very scarey. Please be careful taking this medication”

1 / 10
SandyJustDrive December 22, 2020

“This antibiotic at 300 mg every 8 hours X 7 days was very effective for my tooth abscess with absolutely no side effects. I did not eat yogurt or drink extra water or anything and I had no problems whatsoever.”

10 / 10
Rls · Taken for less than 1 month February 5, 2020

“I was described Clindamycin for a severe tooth infection. I’ve been taking it for 7 days, every 8 hours. Almost done. It has cleared up my infection. I didn’t find it hard on my stomach, but did give me diarrhea. One night, I did take it and it caused severe heart burn, but only the one time. I’m glad it took away my pain, but my family Doctor told me is is very, very strong and causes abdominal issues. So be careful! It’s not for everyone.”

10 / 10
Sxoxo February 22, 2020

“I took this for one week for a dental abscess which turned out to be chronic so it did not work for me. As far as side effects go, I read all the horror stories in these reviews and I did my best to avoid them. I took a probiotic every morning and I ate probiotic yogurt twice a day. I ate a full meal before the pill each time and waited about 10 minutes before I took it. I drank two glasses of water with the pill and I did not lay down for 40 minutes. I avoided all the crazy side effects, I didn't get heartburn or anything like that. For reference I am 23 years old, female and I weigh about 135. The only side effects that I experienced was actually after the pill and it is constant pooping, multiple times a day, for about a month now. I only started to experience this when I stopped taking the probiotics which were countering the effects of the antibiotic which I guess last a while after you finish it. So take your probiotics and don’t stop them for a while.”

5 / 10
Feeling better · Taken for less than 1 month December 26, 2018

“I have a terrible tooth infection which had spread to my cheek causing lots of swelling and debilitating pain. I am usually weary of antibiotic side effects, but I was in so much pain that I didn't even care. Took the first one before I got home. I was prescribed 3 pills a day for 10 days. I am on day 5 and finally feeling better. It took 4 days, but this stuff works. Just keep taking it. I have had very few side effects so far; the occasional flash of nausea that doesn't last very long, I usually get a mild headache about an hour after I take it, which also doesn't last long, and my appetite has been not so great. Way better than a gum abscess though. I drink a ton of water with it and also throughout the day, and I never take it on an empty stomach. I know there are a lot of scary reviews on here, but I just want people to know that not everyone reacts badly to it. Usually people only think to review when they are having a hard time. Good luck!”

8 / 10
Rule · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 20, 2020

“Dr. H in Fredericton drained my abscess, and did a good job. But, I was prescribed Clindamycin for my throat infection on January 1 from Dr. Mi. And 3 day's later I was in the hospital with a numb leg and a swollen knee. The same day my muscles ware weak and I could feel my bones being eaten away! My teeth dried out and discolored in a browny color. My knee (joint) is extremely painful., The moral of the story is! I go inside the hospital with a throat abscess and I come back out in a wheelchair LIKE A HANDYCAPPED PERSON it destroyed my knee joint, the side effect of the drug Clindamycin is much worse than it describes itself. I can't work because I'm crippled !!!! I've visited many government doctors who all say I have osteoarthritis, but I say it was the clindamycin. I am an escaped prey knows who his Predator was, what am I supposed to do now??”

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2019

“I haven't felt the same after taking clindamycin. I had to take it four times a day for 8 days. I was told to stop early because it was causing diarrhea. I was taking it as I developed an infection twice, after my wisdom teeth removal. First I took amoxicillin when it was done, then when I got the first infection I took that again. Then, it came back and I was prescribed clindamyacin. I think my brain was affected. I don't feel mentally okay. I'm easily stressed and I easily cry. I have major anxiety and I get really sad. I can't do anything without feeling crazy. I don't feel like myself.”

4 / 10
CHRIS L June 18, 2009

“I used the 150mg capsule for a severe tooth abscess/infection that was painful and extremely inflamed. After only 36 hours of treatment, the infection began to subside and the pain level dropped drastically. This medicine performed very well and I would suggest it to someone else.”

9 / 10
pat · Taken for less than 1 month November 23, 2019

“I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned. The dentist said I had an abscess and prescribed clindamycin. Two days later I was driving when my vision went to double vision. I barely made it home. The next day I spent in ER at a local hospital. After a ct scan they told me to keep taking the poison. I took it for 2 more days and my vision was so bad I looked at side effects online and could not believe that anyone in their right mind would take this stuff. My eye dr. said it will take 3 months to go away. I am so mad. I would love to sue someone over this. Do not take this poison. It can kill you.”

1 / 10
M · Taken for less than 1 month January 13, 2020

“I took this medicine clindamycin for an infection I had after getting my wisdom teeth removed, and it was awful!!! The first few pills didn’t really do anything, but then I woke up one morning to take my pill and had immediate heartburn so bad I couldn’t even lay down for the next two hours, not to mention that it gave me esophagitis! I had no appetite nor was I thirsty but I knew I had to keep drinking water to get the awful taste out of my mouth! It made me nauseous a few times, but the last straw was when I hadn’t been able to eat without pain for 24 hours so I had to force down some chicken noodle soup around 1 PM, I took my next pill at 3 PM and immediately threw up and called my oral surgeon and told him I was no longer taking the pill. It cleared up my infection, but I do NOT recommend this pill unless you want 24/7 heartburn.”

2 / 10
God2224 February 28, 2014

“PLEASE READ(VERY HELPFUL TIPS FOR HEARTBURN/STOMACH PAIN) the second day I started taking the pill, I had horrible stomach pain and heartburn. I tried to get of the medicine, but the doctor said I needed these. Anyways here's the help, before taking your pill eat a big meal (for breakfast I have a bowl of cereal, couple slice of bread, and some yogurt) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOGURT BEFORE TAKING THE PILL. It helps A LOT. I am now 6 days in and only have slight heartburn. I suggest 2 servings of yogurt, 2-3 pieces of bread, and something on the side. I take these pills 3 times a day, so I have a big meal on the morning, 3pm, and 11pm. Trust me, the yogurt really works!”

10 / 10
trublu December 8, 2019

“I started taking Clindamycin on Thursday night for a tooth infection that had my face swollen. The 1st dose brought on immediate heartburn, stronger than usual heartburn. It wasn’t unbearable so I just brushed it off as a side effect I’d rather deal with than the pain in my cheek. 2nd dose wasn’t as bad, much lighter than the previous dose. Last night I took my 3rd dose, the heartburn started immediately, but this time grew rapidly into an unbearable pain in me chest. If I’d not already known it was the meds I’d have thought I was having a heart attack. I’ve never felt anything like it. When I woke up this morning my chest felt actually sore, that’s the only way I can describe, like the day after getting punched or something. Needless to say I’m not gonna see how the next dose goes, I can’t go through that again. Seems medications shouldn’t cause physical pain. As for my dental infection, my cheek has gone down and there’s no pain.”

Ben May 29, 2020

“I'm on 21 days of antibiotics for a tooth infection that wouldn't go away. 1 week on amox and 2 weeks on clindamycin (300mg every 4 hours). I actually have 3 days left but I'm doing quite well. My advice, talk to a pharmacist and check online what to do while taking clindamycin because it can be quite harmful. I bought a tonne of probiotic dairy free yogurt and probiotic capsule (5 billion strength). With every dose of clindamycin I would eat a small meal usually gluten free toast and something else (maybe an egg for protein) and have a serving of gluten free yogurt and drink at least 500ml of water when taking the clinda. After 2.5 hours I eat another small meal and take a probiotic capsule. I didn't eat anything heavy or hard to digest. Basically my diet consists of gluten free bread, an egg or two a day, cereal, soy milk and dairy free yogurt and lots of water. Sounds like a bland diet but it's served me well. I'm on day 18 of 21 with this stuff and only now having mild diarrhea.”

8 / 10
Ceedee April 7, 2020

“Took Clindamycin for a week and my whole digestive system is messed up. Even days after finishing it, my thought burns, I feel like there is a lump if pressure in my chest when ever I try to eat it keep food down, and my stool is very runny and I stay bloated.”

3 / 10
ms.tini · Taken for less than 1 month November 20, 2019

“I took clindamycin 300mg for 7 days. It took almost 5 days to clear up my intestinal bacteria issue...on day 6 I really felt better. It aggravated my acid reflux but I also take omeprazole and that helped a little. The BAD taste in my mouth was awful..but still worth taking because I feel much better now.”

10 / 10
anon · Taken for less than 1 month October 12, 2019

“I've had 3 abscessed teeth and taken clindamycin for all of them before I could get in to the dentist. The pain was almost totally gone within 24 hours every time and the infection cleared up in a couple of days. I would highly recommend it for an abscess. Just listen to the instructions and take it after a meal. It is a powerful antibiotic and will cause stomach problems if not taken properly.”

10 / 10
daxis November 30, 2014

“I had a tooth infection, my face was swollen alot. After two-three days the swelling went away! It is an effective medicine but it also leaves a terrible taste in my mouth after every pill I took. I also had lack of appetite and I lost a few kilos due to it.”

8 / 10
Nicole M L · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 28, 2019

“I am using clindamycin for a possible tooth abscess. The doctor gave me a prescription of 300mg capsules to last until I am able to get the tooth pulled. I will agree with another lady that commented on here stating that it causes acid reflux to kind of kick up a little bit. I'm just grinning and bearing it because antibiotics can't always agree 100% with my stomach”

10 / 10
Sha331 September 4, 2014

“This is the second time I've been prescribed this for tooth infections. The first time I had very little side effects and it cleared up a very bad tooth infection but this time after first couple days taking it I all of a sudden got horrible pains in my chest. It would hurt breathe in or even to swallow. I was considering going to hospital but now I have read this has happen to others on this medication. It does work on getting rid of bad infections but the chest pains are very hard. Definitely drink lots of water with and after taking it and also eating something right before of after helps also.”

7 / 10

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