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User Reviews for Biaxin

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Helicobacter Pylori Infection 10.0
1 reviews 62 medications
Pharyngitis 9.0
1 reviews 47 medications
Pneumonia 7.3
3 reviews 188 medications
Dental Abscess 7.0
1 reviews 35 medications
Upper Respiratory Tract Infection 6.8
8 reviews 120 medications
Strep Throat 6.8
13 reviews 30 medications
Sinusitis 6.8
28 reviews 248 medications
Otitis Media 6.5
3 reviews 137 medications
Bronchitis 5.0
25 reviews 289 medications
Tonsillitis/Pharyngitis 2.0
1 reviews 82 medications
Skin or Soft Tissue Infection 2.0
1 reviews 162 medications
Summary of Biaxin reviews 6.3 85 reviews

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Reviews for Biaxin

Cheryl · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 4, 2020

For Strep Throat: “Biaxin is a drug that has saved my life several times over. I can't understand the bad reviews. It works very fast. I have no metallic taste. If there is a bit of an aftertaste I sip on some coke (soda) and its gone. Less side effects than pennicillin or cephlosporins. I have zero side effects with this medication. My ENT dr. uses it for my strept on my tonsils.”

10 / 10
strep throat · Taken for less than 1 month October 21, 2019

For Strep Throat: “I took 500mg (5 doses) of amoxicilin and it did nothing literally and I was shivering with cold fever, felt like I would never heal. But then after taking first dose of Biaxin I felt it working as my pain reduced and feeling less dizzy . I would suggest Biaxin over amoxil”

9 / 10
James September 29, 2019

For Sinusitis: “One dose of this medicine Biaxin left me with severe heart arythmia and messed with my mind. I felt like I was on LCD. I took it once before a couple decades ago and had similar but lesser side effects. I'm not sure if I was prescribed a larger than normal dose since I was in Germany, but the side effects are very dangerous.”

1 / 10
Jess · Taken for less than 1 month August 22, 2019

For Bronchitis: “The last time I was prescribed Biaxin was for a case of bronchitis (possibly pneumonia but was hard to tell without a chest xray). I was given 500 mg twice a day. I was on it for 2 days when I was woken up late at night with the worst heartburn I ever had. It was so severe, it felt like I was having a heart attack. The next day I went back to the doctor and begged them to give me something else (I was then given Levaquin and had no problems with it). I'm about to see the doctor for a sinus infection and will tell them not to give me Biaxin. The horrible metallic taste I always got from this medication was bad enough, the severe heartburn has put it onto my "no-go" list of antibiotics.”

3 / 10
GCM · Taken for less than 1 month July 13, 2019

For Skin or Soft Tissue Infection: “I have had a terrible reaction to this drug which has resulted in 2 hospital stays and lingering side effects. I took the tablets as prescribed for 5 days. First 2 days no side effects. Day 3-4 chills and the start of a rash. Day 5 rushed to ER due to rashes all over and swelling of the eyes. These symptoms have now gone away but deep tissue itchiness continues. These symptoms sent us back to the ER where I was admitted and monitored for 5 days and released. Post hospital experience now 12 days later include extreme fatigue, rapid dropping of blood pressure making it difficult to stand and walk, back pain, no stamina or strength. Seeing a blood specialist next week for further diagnosis.”

2 / 10
Yo · Taken for less than 1 month April 30, 2019

For Pneumonia: “Slightly improved symptoms with first does. Every dose: Stomach pain left side, fullness feeling, bloated. Stiff neck for an hour or so. Tired for an hour or so. Horrible taste in the mouth. Drinks taste bad.”

8 / 10
Prof321 April 30, 2019

For Sinusitis: “I just came down with sinusitis, something I've had in past years. I'm now in the second day of taking Biaxin's generic (Clarithromycin ) and on day one, several hours after the first dose I began to feel better. Now into day two the symptoms have lessened but they're still there. I've had good luck with Biaxin in the past, and its generic is living up to that performance. 10 days should clear this up completely.”

10 / 10
Daisy · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2019

For Sinusitis: “I started coming down with a chest cold that I knew would turn into bronchitis. I called my doctor and he prescribed Biaxin 500mg twice daily as I ended up having sinusitis as well. After the 3rd day of taking this med, I was feeling better and not coughing quite as much. I had no side effects and rated this a 9 because of the after taste it leaves in your mouth. I always ate something before taking it and had no stomach issues. Overall, this really helped me get through my sickness.”

9 / 10
George · Taken for less than 1 month March 30, 2019

For Sinusitis: “I battled a sinus infection for almost 3 months. I had pain above my eye and maxillary sinuses. I had green/yellow thick discharge coming out of my nose from the front and back. At the beginning of the infection at about 2 weeks in I took Augmentin with no luck. I suffered for almost 2 more months until going on the Biaxin. After 1 week of the medication all of my symptoms were gone. I was worried I would need surgery if this didn't work. As for side effects the only one I noticed was the taste in my mouth but it was subtle and not that bad. Stomach was fine as I took a probiotic yogurt every day. This drug was amazing.”

10 / 10
Suze · Taken for less than 1 month December 20, 2018

For Bronchitis: “Beware - do not mix with Zantac (ranitidine)....horrendous diarrhea....”

Allergic to Everything · Taken for less than 1 month September 21, 2018

For Bronchitis: “After suffering what seemed like a never ending flu, I was put on Biaxin. I have always been sensitive to medications and suffered severe allergic reactions that put me in ER. So I have never been a fan of antibiotics and avoid them unless on the verge of death...which I definitely was this time around. Biaxin gave me a horrible, bitter taste that was constant and could Not be eliminated or masked by any food. I did religiously eat yogurt while taking it so I did not have any stomach upset. I noticed a steady improvement within 48 hours. The horrible, bitter taste lasted the entire 10 days, but nothing I couldn't put up with knowing I was improving and death was no longer imminent. My Specialist said I had a bacteria related to Legionnaires, so I pretty much owe my life to this antibiotic. It is now my "go- to" antibiotic if it is determined I need treatment for any bacterial infection. Biaxin pulled me thru and I am so thankful they made this medicine!”

10 / 10
Darla · Taken for less than 1 month July 6, 2018

For Otitis Media: “I did not have any problems taking Biaxin ! It worked really fast !”

Michelle May 4, 2018

For Sinusitis: “I have had sinus surgery due to chronic sinus infections that would not relent. (turns out I had an abscess) After three different antibiotics the ENT finally cultured my sinuses and Biaxin was the big winner! It works for me every time and I can tell a difference within 12 hours of taking first dose. If you have chronic sinus infections, get an ENT.”

10 / 10
Mitza · Taken for less than 1 month March 5, 2018

For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: “The best antibiotic ever! Saved my life! Been sick with fever on & off , night sweating, nightmares, sore throat, headaches, green phlegm, etc for 3 months until I got Biaxin Bid 2x 500mg/ day. It saved my life! After 1st pill I was like new! I m on my 4th day I sleep soo good at a symptoms at all..I feel like new! Thank you whoever invented these antibiotics! ❤️”

10 / 10
Sadiemolly February 19, 2018

For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: “I have been sick with bronchitis for 2 months and previously have taken Amoxicillin & Levaqua. Both of those medications did not work. Within 3 days of being on Biaxin my infection has started to clear up”

10 / 10
streible · Taken for less than 1 month February 1, 2018

For Sinusitis: “Since taking clarithromycin, I have lost 3 pounds in a single week and I struggle to regain weight. I'm already thin and this stuff has lasting effects which are undesired.”

5 / 10
JRutabaga September 14, 2017

For Bronchitis: “Prescribed this drug several years ago. Shortly after taking it I went 5 nights without sleep and was subsequently hospitalized for a manic episode with delusions. It took months to recover from the depression that followed. I was on mood stabilizers for a year and a half post episode before gaining enough courage to ween off entirely. It has been a few years now that I am clean and clear of all medications. Mentally stable and back to working in emergency medicine. I have since stayed far away from the entire "myocin" family of antibiotics for fear that I am hypersensitive. Highly recommend staying away from this drug.”

1 / 10
Sinusitis King · Taken for less than 1 month August 28, 2017

For Sinusitis: “I used this twice and worked each time. However I used clav recently for swelling in my chin and while it the clav is bringing down the swelling. The sinusitis is coming back! I think I will need to go on a dose of biaxin after this clav.”

10 / 10
Kox May 11, 2017

For Bronchitis: “I only have negative reviews for this drug. Avoid !!!! I started with a milder antibiotic finished the course but it relapsed with sinus & chest infection and so I was put on biaxin. My sinus took a month to go but the side effects I could not tolerate were - loss of sleep (NO SLEEP) , no appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, feeling depressed and emotional outbursts. I'm a very happy person & always around people but this medicine made me go into a shell. It took a lot of effort of my friends & family to get me back to my normal state of mind.”

1 / 10
Liz2222 February 12, 2017

For Bronchitis: “I had to leave a review for this medicine because I consider it to be a wonder drug. I am prone to bronchitis and I've tried everything: amoxicillin, augmentin, ampicillin, z-pack, omnicef, etc. Biaxin is the only--and I mean ONLY--drug that will work on my bronchitis. The worst side effect for me is hunger to the point where I feel like my stomach is eating itself, but I'll gladly temporarily put up with that rather than cough myself to death! This is an amazing medication--it gets the job done when nothing else will.”

10 / 10
ElleMichelle999 February 5, 2017

For Sinusitis: “After being sick for a month and a half, after a useless round of Amoxclav, my doctor finally prescribed Biaxin and Prednidone for my sinus infection. Within a day I was able to breathe through my nose. My only complaint is the absolutely disgusting aftertaste...and the occasional upset stomach. I think the side effects are worth it as I finally feel good for the first time in weeks.”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 21, 2017

For Strep Throat: “Whenever I got sick from season flu or cold, I always had sore throat and cough, my Doctor will usually gave me this medicine (Biaxin) and I was told this a good medicine. It worked fast to clear your strep throat (Sore throat). A few hours after taking this medicine it made me feel better. I love Biaxin instead Amoxin or other medicines.”

9 / 10
backdown September 10, 2016

For Upper Respiratory Tract Infection: “Every side effect listed was experienced by me to the point that I could not sleep. The horrid taste in my mouth, joint pain, backache, nausea, severe headache and urinary hesitation. Avoid this medication.”

3 / 10
golden years, phooey July 30, 2016

For Sinusitis: “i always get sinusitis on a yearly basis. on my worst occasion, i tried 'em all from Zythromax to Ammoxicillian, etc. none worked for me. ONLY Biaxin works!! MD says its not the most recommended antibiotic for sinusitis but does work and is the only one that works for me. Yes ~ it does leave a metallic taste in my mouth, but i like knowing its in my system and attacking my problem so i don't mind the taste at all... i was also told it is a very old antibiotic, but its an "Oldie but Goodie"!! Some insurance will cover it while others will not.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 3, 2016

For Strep Throat: “Obviously no antibiotic is going to be easy but this is tolerable. I am allergic to penicillin so I always get prescribed biaxin. It always clears up my infections, the only down side is the horrible bitter taste. My best advice besides chewing gum / mints in between is eat dark chocolate before & after - it actually does help subside the bitter taste! Also take the probiotic pearls with each dosage, it should help your stomach and prevent diarrhea. Eat as much yogurt as possible or drink Kefir milk -- kefir milk is the best probiotic you can take. It works wonders! You may get some minor headaches / stomach discomfort the first couple days, but let your body adjust and you should be fine. Its definitely tolerable, compared to other meds.”

8 / 10