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User Reviews for Carbidopa/entacapone/levodopa to treat Parkinson's Disease

Also known as: Stalevo, Stalevo 100, Stalevo 125, Stalevo 200, Stalevo 75, Stalevo 50, Stalevo 150

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Carbidopa/entacapone/levodopa Rating Summary

User Ratings
13% (1)
38% (3)
13% (1)
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13% (1)
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25% (2)
6.5/10 Average Rating
8 ratings from 8 user reviews

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Reviews for Carbidopa/entacapone/levodopa

Geronimo · Taken for 2 to 5 years April 18, 2020

Stalevo (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “Taking Stalevo 4x daily 200/50 for four years now for parkinson's disease. They work to me like spinach to Popeye's. The end of day side effects I'm having are nausea, fatigue and anxiety.”

8 / 10
Sam01 September 22, 2016

Stalevo 200 (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “The most effective Parkinson's drug I have tried. For me, works substantially better to control muscle pain and rigidity than Azilect, Neupro, Mirapex, Ropinirole, Rytary or Carbidopa/Levodopa alone. It improves my dexterity and cognitive ability better as well. Too much of it can be sedating, but otherwise, side effects are very manageable. I would be in a world of hurt without this medication.”

9 / 10
butchy boy September 2, 2014

Stalevo 150 (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “I was on Stalevo for a while but had to stop it because it was making me look like I was on meth. I could not control my movements. Uncontrollable movements. ”

5 / 10
Daughter of user August 25, 2010

Stalevo (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “My father was put on Stalevo and had to discontinue use after suffering side effects which came on after dosage was raised in succession. He has had severe side effects such as fatigue, diarrhea and he could barely function. He is no longer on the medication.”

1 / 10
jackieq April 10, 2010

Stalevo (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “I was put on Stalevo and threw up for 2 days. First night hallucinations and insomnia. I read where if a history of melanoma you should not take this medicine. I do have history so called my neurologist and discontinued this medication.”

1 / 10
Luvstosew February 16, 2010

Stalevo (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “I have had PD since age 39. I have been taking Stalevo since available. It has worked wonders for me as long as I don't forget to take it. I tried all three compmonents of Stalevo as individual pills, and they did not work for me like their combination in Stalevo. Highly recommend.”

10 / 10
wv_picker September 4, 2009

Stalevo (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “Has helped with all of my symptoms and other problems, which I wasn't sure whether it was the disease or side effects of the agonists (Requip and Mirapex) I had taken before.”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 20, 2009

Stalevo (carbidopa / entacapone / levodopa): “No noticeable side effects.”

9 / 10

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