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User Reviews for Brompheniramine/phenylephrine to treat Rhinitis

Also known as: Bromfed, Bromfenex PE, Bromfenex PE Pediatric, Bromfed-PD Capsules, BPM PE, B-Vex D, Bromaphedrine D, Alenaze-D NR, Dimaphen Elixir, BroveX PB, Alacol, Entre-B, Rynex PE, BroveX-D, Dimetane Decongestant, BroveX ADT BroveX PEB Ru-Hist D Dimetapp Children's Cold & Allergy Brom Tann PE Brohist D Alenaze-D Decon-A Brotapp PE Vazobid-PD …show all brand names

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Reviews for Brompheniramine/phenylephrine

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