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User Reviews for Azopt

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Glaucoma, Open Angle
1 review 53 medications
Intraocular HypertensionNot rated - Add rating1 review 52 medications
Summary of Azopt reviews 4.0 2 reviews

Reviews for Azopt

Byo April 27, 2018

For Intraocular Hypertension "I had retinal surgery 3 days ago. My pressure is up to 32 since the surgery so my doctor faxed a prescription for Azopt to my local Walgreens pharmacy. I am on Medicare as my primary insurance so I was not eligible for the coupon discount. Since the cost, after insurance, was $137 I was not able to purchase this drug. So sad that people on Medicare are not eligible for the coupon discount..most people with high pressure are elderly and really need the lower price."

Gulten · Taken for 10 years or more March 9, 2017

For Glaucoma, Open Angle "I have been on treatment with Azopt eye drops - once a day - for over 25 years. About 17 months ago I have started getting breathless - especially when walking on hills - out of the blue! Until that time I have never experienced such a feeling. I'm very upset about it. It's very upsetting that while treating one condition another organ eventually gets damaged."


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