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User Reviews for Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide to treat High Blood Pressure

Also known as: Ziac

Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide has an average rating of 5.8 out of 10 from a total of 32 ratings for the treatment of High Blood Pressure. 47% of those users who reviewed Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide reported a positive effect, while 34% reported a negative effect.

Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide Rating Summary

5.8/10 average rating

32 ratings from 30 user reviews.

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Reviews for Bisoprolol/hydrochlorothiazide

James March 2, 2021

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “I was taking Brand necessary Ziac and it was discontinued. I was never able to tolerate the generic Ziac/bisoprolol due to the side effects. I was searching for a similar product and came across a notice that the Brand Ziac was now available. I was happy and looking forward to feeling better. I was very surprised to find that the brand Ziac and Bisoprolol had the same imprint b 40. After some research I was told it is the same pill. It is not the Brand Ziac that I took in the past. Be careful if you’ve had a reaction to the generic in the past. The pill says Ziac but it is the generic.”

2 / 10
Belle · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 6, 2021

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “Started with a low dosage of Ziac for 6 months during which I observed occasional chest pain, difficulty sleeping, muscle pain and weight gain. It did not control my blood pressure effectively so the dosage was increased to 10mg. Within a month of using the higher dosage I started suffering severe chest pain, pain behind my shoulder blades, constant stomach upsets with diarrhoea lasting days at a time. I developed gout, with stiff, burning joints and severe lower back pain. I also had chronic sinusitis and my hair started falling out. 24 hours after discontinuing this medication I started having severe heart palpitations which I did not have before using Ziac.”

1 / 10
Marivi January 10, 2021

“I’ve been taking Bisoprolol/HCTZ 5-6.25 for at least 15 years. I originally started with the smaller dose. Never had any severe side effects. I am very pleased with the resultant decrease in blood pressure. I take my pill before bed time. Once in a blue moon, I forget to take it and I wake up with a vague headache and edginess.”

10 / 10
Polly · Taken for 10 years or more January 3, 2020

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “I’m 57 had to get off Ziac after maybe 10-15 yrs I was having to many side effects once I turned 50.... It felt like I was eally something badly wrong with me & no one was believing me bc every test l took came back I was ok. After waking up several times during the night like someone was literally choking me in my sleep I completely stop taking it. It’s been about a year I’m on a different Med...I’m doing so much better....oh & I'm a NURSE”

1 / 10
lynn3011 September 15, 2009

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “I have been taking this medication for about 2 weeks now. It has lowered my blood pressure tremendously, but the side effects are great for me. I am so tired ALL day. This is very unusual for me because I do not sleep during the day. I have found myself laying down about 11am for a nap and not waking up until 4 or 5 pm. Not like me at all.”

8 / 10
Anonymous July 25, 2009

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “It's helped my blood pressure greatly (at times I went to the ER with it above 180) and I am under 35 years. The only problem is that it caused a lot of mid-section weight gain. The doctor said this was normal. But, with a history of an eating disorder, the rapid gain in this section can be emotionally trying (I now eat a healthy diet and exercise yet the weight still came on). I am also very fatigued throughout the day. Doctor says sometimes that may lesson with taking them (on them for 6 months). But, with a child and work and all else this kind of fatigue is hard to deal with. GREAT for it's purpose, but side effects could be to much for some.”

6 / 10
personwhoknowhowmybodyfeel November 4, 2011

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “Took one dose of Ziac, for first time, felt tenderness, tightness, and pressure in right chest area, short of breath, became weak, left arm became numb, felt like pins and needles were sticking me, ended up at emergency room with chest pains, but blood pressure was lowered, felt very fatigued, still feel extremely tired. Moving extremely slow. ”

1 / 10
MalTemk December 30, 2008

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “This medicine is very good at keeping my blood pressure normal and I have no complications. My pressure has gone from 151/110 to 117/75 which is good, with the only caveat being that I urinate more often than before I started taking it, especially in the morning after I take it.”

8 / 10
c.renee October 7, 2015

“After being put on triamterene/hctz with zero affect on my blood pressure and tons of bad side effects my doctor tried 5mg Amlodipine which also did zero to budge my 140-150's/90's-104 blood pressure, and also had several unwanted side effects for me. l researched extensively for days on every known high blood pressure med out there and contacted my MD to say that since neither med she had prescribed to me had a positive effect that l wanted to try a low dose bisoprolo/hctz 2.5-6.25. To my amazement within 24 hours of taking this medicine my readings have consistantly been 120/85 or better and l feel fantastic! :) With zero, and l mean zero side effects as well! l love this medicine. l should be the the poster child for this 1 pill wonder.”

10 / 10
Blue7676 · Taken for less than 1 month May 10, 2015

“I have been taking it for 10 days and am shocked by the side effects - starting with very dizzy, continuous headache, very tired. Warns against doing anything needing alertness! How can people in full time jobs take this? Then in the last days developed runny nose, sore throat and now for 3 days i have trouble getting my breath - even just talking on the phone. So i am now coming off it - cutting dose in half for a few days (dose was only 1.25). unimaginable to take more of it. I take felodopine as well as read that its not necessarily a good idea to take it with that drug too. Pretty bad.”

1 / 10
midlifestressedmom · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 9, 2013

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “This is the first regular medicine I started to take -it did get my blood pressure down-no side effects that I noticed but now a couple of years into it my pulse/heart rate has perhaps become too low (48). I am on the lowest prescribed dose and may have to stop or change. My main source of stress (teen) has left so maybe I don't need it anymore.”

7 / 10
nynotny · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 22, 2012

“I have been taking the prescription for more that 4 years now and feel great. I take it every morning when I get up first thing. No side effects other than some mid tummy weight gain. My blood pressure has stayed normal, no problems to speak of at all. Sex life is great, (male) my Hypertension has dropped, and I am not tired from the medicine nor am I having any problems with my stomach.”

9 / 10
Jeff G April 30, 2017

“I have taken BP medications for 10 years. I decided it was time to get my act together. I changed to a healthy lifestyle. I eat healthy, exercise and lost 120 lbs. My old BP medication worked great, but due to my lifestyle change, it got to the point where it needed to be adjusted due to low BP. My Dr put me on this and it has wrecked me. I have chest pains, nausea, cold feet and hands, and lethargy. I thought I was dying.”

1 / 10
Ziac is bad · Taken for 10 years or more January 9, 2017

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “For 15 miserable years, I was on ziac 6.25 mg. I made a zombie. Slowed my heart rate to the point where it was difficult to breathe. I am not in the medical field, but I know from personal experience that ziac is terrible.”

1 / 10
Baybaye · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 26, 2016

“This medicine took my blood pressure down way to low.I would be waiting on a customer and would just dose off to sleep.I stayed in the restroom urinating. I never drink ice water and I was drinking it all fingers and legs would go numb and I kept a chill.”

1 / 10
Mama Nette May 13, 2016

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “My doctor has given me about 7 or 8 blood pressure medicines but I would have some bad side effect and the medicines would not work or would bring my blood pressure down too low. Niacin the only blood pressure medicine that has controlled my blood pressure with minimal side effects.”

10 / 10
Gary · Taken for 10 years or more January 17, 2019

“I had been using this for about 30 years.. generic made by Mylan. This generic used to be available at Walgreen and Walmart. All of sudden now in January 2019.. they don't sell generic by Milan and price has sky rocketed from another generic maker!”

9 / 10
Anonymous January 12, 2011

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “After about 2 months and my dosage upped my blood pressure is still too high. I have severe heartburn and my Raynaud's is far worse than before. Couldn't function to get money out of my wallet, my fingers were so bad. I live in FL and my fingers and toes have been white for over a week.”

2 / 10
Anonymous June 13, 2009

“I have been taking this medicine every morning for the past six months and it has reduced by blood pressure from 155/105 to 138/88. It has a Beta-blocker and makes me feel calmer shortly after taking it. Although, I find it harder to get going with my cardiovascular exercise. My doctor recently added an additional drug, amlodipine (calcium channel blocker) to my treatment regimen. My heart rate went down to a constant 42 beats per minute, which made me very tired and dizzy.”

8 / 10
Pgb754 · Taken for 10 years or more February 3, 2018

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “I started taking Ziac about 20 years ago. I’m 53 now. It has kept my BP normal throughout the entire duration. I have not had to change meds. It keeps my heart beat down. Even during work outs. Can usually get up to about 150 during a run. No other side effects that I have really noticed. I am pretty active so muscle and joint pain are a normal thing for me. Motrin as needed. My only complaint is “no grapefruit”. I love grapefruit. This has been the only bummer for me. All in all I have been very happy with the results”

10 / 10
chefedemaquina June 19, 2011

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “Worked very good the first time I was prescribed it, was taken off it and 5 years later represcribed. It did little to lower my hypertension on the second round. Little side effects, maybe coughing a little more, that's about it. It was okay the first time but failed on the second.”

5 / 10
Vivique921 · Taken for less than 1 month April 9, 2016

“Lysinopril only put a dent in my elevated hypertension. My doctor took me off lysinopril and now I'm on this medication. I'm still monitoring my blood pressure daily but I already feel a difference in my mobility. I'm able to walk better. I've passed enough fluid to be able to stand comfortably. Maybe I can do physical exercise now. I have fewer headaches. I'll know if this medication has worked favorably in a month or so when I go back to the doctor for a follow up checkup. I do feel better.”

9 / 10
Adelebethcp · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 31, 2016

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “I feel better in general, however there are times I feel awful, and when my BP was tested during one of those times it was lower than without meds, but still too high 140/90. However without meds, I feel awful all the time. Side effects include leg cramps, calf twitching, and excessive urination. Cramps are semi-relieved by staying hydrated. Tiredness and dizziness stopped after the first couple days. I am on the lowest dose, I suspect my doctor will increase it a bit.”

8 / 10
Rick · Taken for 10 years or more November 5, 2018

“Started this medication about 10 years ago 5 mg worked well but gained 60 pounds then started feeling like my heart was skipping beats, after 5 years Doc put me on 10 mg that stopped the heart beat thing and my bp normal. .Then I developed diabetes, ED problems, ringing in the ears dry mouth tired all the time ..but no rapid heart beat bp normal . I am torn I would love to get back to a normal sex life.. male 60 years old ..”

6 / 10
Anonymous June 24, 2008

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “Very good medication; no complications.”

7 / 10
Aljazi October 18, 2009

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “It's been good for me. I never reacted well to other medication which gave me headaches and scary heart beats. With Ziac none of that occurs and it also has a very calming effect on me.”

7 / 10
Anonymous February 12, 2011

Ziac (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide): “Great for lowering blood pressure, BUT BAD for men. Forget about sex while taking this pill.”

freefromsearching October 8, 2015

“Works great for me, with no side effects. I went from 140-150s/90-105 to 120/80 or better within 48 hours. I take biso2.5/hctz6.25. Less is better with this med for me, which l love.”

10 / 10

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