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User Reviews for Benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin topical

Also known as: Benzaclin, Duac, Onexton, Neuac, Acanya, Z-Clinz 10

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Acne 7.8
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Reviews for Benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin topical

Anya · Taken for 10 years or more July 27, 2020

Benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “I have struggled with acne ever since I was 9 years old. After three years of horrible acne all over my body, I was taken to a dermatologist who prescribed an antibiotic pill for a few months (tetracycline) and Benzaclin. Now that I am in my 20s, my acne has lessened and I have kept it at bay by washing my face 2x daily with Cetaphil, and using a vitamin C serum before bed. Until now I still use Benzaclin for particularly difficult pimples and cysts that won't go away. It is a very effective spot treatment but will dry your skin and make it feel tight and uncomfortable if used in excess. Use this medication at night and wear sunscreen on your face because this cream makes your skin very sensitive to the sun.”

7 / 10
Aibeee · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 30, 2020

Onexton (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “This topical acne treatment worked wonders! If you just started or have been using for a couple weeks KEEP USING IT!! I have had problems with acne for 6 years until I used this product. I’ve been on accutane and many other oral and topical treatments and this by far works the best. I started seeing improvement within 2 weeks of using it and since then I’ve gotten very minimal breakouts! The longer you use it the more effective it is for sure! This is also one of the only topicals that doesn’t dry out my skin and make it all flakey. I put on moisturizer before I use this product and my skin never dries out. I’ve never reviewed anything ever but I’m so thankful for this product so I thought I’d share with you all! Don’t give up keep using it! Wish all the best with this medicine!”

10 / 10
Xx June 7, 2020

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “I have been prescribed Duac TWO weeks ago and so far so good I’ve tried everything epiduo forte (made my skin purge burn and took so much skin off) I’ve also been on the dretine combined pill oxtrecycline and after this cream (3 weeks of use) I have found a massive massive different I used cetaphil cleanser and light hydrating day cream and have had no side effects I hope this is the end for me !!! If this works for the foreseeable future I would give it 10* ”

10 / 10
Beau · Taken for less than 1 month May 18, 2020

Onexton (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “Absolutely amazing! Highly recommended for adult/hormonal acne”

10 / 10
Duac Review · Taken for less than 1 month May 2, 2020

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “I was prescribed Duac gel by my doctor and it definitely did not work. I get the hormonal pimple here and there, and I generally have really good skin. However, after I used the duac gel, my face broke out a week later. I now have painful, cystic acne that is getting worse everyday. My doctor said it was a reaction to the cream and to stop immediately. Still waiting to see any signs of improvement after a week of not using.”

1 / 10
Matt21 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 1, 2020

For Acne: “Time on topical benzoyl peroxide/clindamycin : 6 weeks exact Personal characteristics: Male, 21 years old, North American, healthy with no prior health conditions aside from mild-moderate acne breakout Caused too much irritation (not allergic reaction) to the point I had broke out in much more total lesions, but in less severity. The large acne I had started using this medication for were soothed and diminished, but for every large pustule or papule that it removed, 3 more smaller ones spring up. Will use as a spot treatment for large acnes, do not recommend for blanket treating if irritation does not resolve within 3 weeks”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 24, 2020

For Acne: “I got a bunch of acne out of no where late November last year and got prescribed this early January from my doctor and not only has it made my skin dry and irritated but also hasn't made my skin any better (quite honestly it looks so much worse) I still have acne spots/hyperpigmentation everywhere and I’ve lost all self confidence to the point I don’t even want to leave my room anymore cuz my acne is so embarrassing. I don’t recommend it’s such a waste of time, money, patience, and hope.”

1 / 10
Miracle worker · Taken for less than 1 month February 12, 2020

Onexton (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “Have battled acne since my teenage years. Birth control helped some (it was never perfect even on birth control) but I recently went off birth control and my acne really flared up. My dermatologist prescribed this and within the first week I had clear, smooth skin. I've been using it once a day for about 3 weeks now and my skin hasn't looked this good since I was a kid. A true miracle worker for my skin.”

10 / 10
Casey · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2020

Benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “Used it a few times during bad breakouts. Nothing else has ever made my acne disappear so fast, even cystic acne is gone within a few days. I’ve used Benzaclin a few times this week and it literally destroys pimples, within a few minutes I notice white heads start to dry up and bumps evening out. This stuff is almost magic”

10 / 10
sunshynem2 · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 7, 2020

Onexton (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “I've been using Onexton on my acne for 4 years with success. I use it before I go to bed at night, and also wear it under my makeup during the day (it's better than generic because it doesn't cake). I used to get horrible, painful cystic acne before I started it. I'm 95% clear now with an occasional spot or two around my period. The overall texture of my face looks way smoother too. Despite some reviews, I do not find it drying at all. (I also apply prescription tretinoin every couple of days, which does dry me out). My confidence has gone way up since starting Onexton.”

9 / 10
Michelle · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 24, 2020

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “I've had acne since I was 10. It got worse (not severe but more than mild) through high school, so by the time I hit 18 (and it wasn't showing any signs of disappearing) I was proper fed up. I got an infected pimple on my cheek last year, and it swelled up to my eye. I finally went to a GP to sort out the big'un, and get something for the rest while he was at it. He gave me some oral antibiotics for the infection and prescribed Duac for the rest of it. Generally, my skin is fairly oily and not sensitive at all, so Duac didn't make my skin red or peel. I know it's worse for a lot of people, but for me it's like a harmless magic cream. My horrible skin is at once-a-week small pimple level now, after 3 months.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 19, 2020

For Acne: “I've struggled with acne since middle school. I am now almost 29. For the past 5 years (2014 - 2019), I was using Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide topical gel 1%/5% and it was working very well. I would get acne, but it wasn't awful - definitely manageable. Unfortunately, it hasn't been working as well for me any longer so am looking into oral medications, which freaks me out. But before considering an oral medication, if you can afford this, I highly recommend it. From a cost perspective, it was about $150 - $300 every time I picked it up pending my insurance and other factors; however, I recently learned that a big reason why it's so expensive is the cost for the pharmacist mixing the 2 which is ridiculous! Apparently I could've been saving $ that entire time if I had ordered them separately and mixed them myself at home lol”

9 / 10
Bee · Taken for less than 1 month January 16, 2020

For Acne: “I have been using benzoyl peroxide with clindamycin on my acne for a few days now and it has really helped clear up it so far. The doctor told me it was very drying so to avoid irritation, itchiness etc I apply it at the end of my skin routine after moisturizer. Based on some of the reviews I was nervous to use it so I did a skin test before putting it all over my face and I haven’t experienced any redness or peeling skin as some people have. Everyone’s skin is different and I'm not an esthetician but I think as long as your skin is properly moisturized beforehand, you will reap the benefits of the medication without many of the side effects (provided you have no allergies, and you pass the skin test etc). I only use it once a night and am hoping once my skin clears up to slowly wean it out of routine.”

8 / 10
Monik · Taken for less than 1 month January 12, 2020

Benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “Used it once, prescribed for underarms painful ingrown hair. It bleached my underarms and whatever area it came in contact during my sleep. About a month sine my skin still looks bleached and I found more help from a home made remedy (green tea, sugar and a crushed aspirin alternated with natural red clay). Wish I had seen this earlier! :/”

1 / 10
Elisa · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 6, 2020

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “When I was a teenager and my acne was more mild - moderate. This was my absolute favourite prescription topical to use it wasn't overly harsh and would clear my acne substantially and quickly with no initial break out. But now my acne has unfortunately evolved into adult acne which is a lot more inflammatory and under the skin this product is not strong enough to address problem”

8 / 10
Meego92 January 3, 2020

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “So I've always had big painful cysts and small pimples. I turned 27 and thought I've had enough, if I haven't grown out of this now I never will, so went to my GP and got Duac. I started using it every morning and evening, a light layer on my face in Nov, Its now Jan and I have never had such perfect skin. Ever. I love this product, changed my life. There are some side effects at the beginning but honestly just be patient. I got SUPER dry red skin around my mouth and chin for 2 weeks, and the acne didn't go for a month. Its a bit of a tough time as you're sore from spots as well as dryness but just trust the process! I switched my moisturizer to bio oil gel, which is ok to use on the face, and it helps to reduce spot scars and discoloration. It is a heavy duty moisturizer but you need it especially to begin with. Everyone in my life keeps commenting how fresh my skin looks. Only regret is I didn't use it sooner. Honestly, don't waste any time go get this stuff. Xx”

10 / 10
Sam · Taken for less than 1 month January 1, 2020

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “I have had acne around chin and jaw area for a few years. Really started to get me down. Tried Duac and just a few days in I saw the the redness was reduced. I've now been using for about 1 month and it has gotten rid of all of the big spots I had under the skin and has even helped with the scarring. I still have a few small spots at the surface but it has improved a lot. I did get some dryness at the start but this was solved with a very gentle and light moisturiser and was not a problem for me. I will continue using this as I am happy with the results and hoping I will see more improvement as I continue. I would recommend for anyone struggling with acne, it hasn’t completely gotten rid of all my spots but has reduced them dramatically.”

8 / 10
M · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 27, 2019

Benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “This year I was prescribed benzaclin by my doctor, and the results were amazing! Within the first 2 weeks, there was a visible decrease in acne, and by 1-2 months, all of it was gone (with the exception of scars) , now it has been about 6 months and the scars have all disappeared! Never experienced any of the side effects, as long as I used a good moisturizer- 100% suggest”

10 / 10
Kitty · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 18, 2019

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “Reviewed about 6 months ago as at first severely dried and irritated my skin but persevere - your skin will get used to it and it’s cleared my skin - very happy”

10 / 10
Bellos55 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 7, 2019

For Acne: “I was prescribed this by a GP for cystic acne along my jawline and on my neck (yay). I have been using for over a month now. Honestly I’m not even sure why I’m giving it a 2. I guess because it’s better than nothing? It hasn’t cleared my acne, and I’ve had to take 3-5 day “breaks” due to such dryness and scaliness. This stuff is horrible. I have an appointment next week to see a dermatologist. Hopefully they can do better.”

2 / 10
Ella November 26, 2019

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “As a teenager I suffered from small acne spots that got worse. I didn’t cleanse my face well and was doing all the wrong things. But when I finally went to my GP she said maybe try Duac for a bit and see how it works, I then waited patiently and after a month most of my spots were gone! I also went to see a dermatologist and she told me what my skin type was and how to clean my skin properly, to keep it healthy (although it’s expensive it’s worth it) getting to know my skin was the key to fighting acne. Like most people, Duac dried my skin especially under my eyes and my smile lines. However if you are using Duac to clear forehead spots it’s perfect as I experienced absolutely NO dryness on my forehead and it’s stayed smooth and shiny :) I love Duac and will continue to use it as I’m afraid the hormones inside my contraceptive pill may make the spots come back!”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 26, 2019

Benzaclin (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “Guys! This product works! It is very much worth the price. I have had acne since I was 13 and I tried literally everything but it wasn’t going so I just gave up and left my face to continue breaking out. One day I met a Doctor and she asked if I have been having issues with acne and I told her I’m a teenager so it’s part of my growth. She told me this wasn’t normal acne and prescribed Benzaclin for me. It’s been 3 months and all my acne is legit gone! This is the smoothest my face has been in years. I will definitely recommend and you will thank me later.”

10 / 10
P · Taken for less than 1 month November 13, 2019

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “If I could I would give Duac a zero rating I would. Do not use if you have sensitive skin!! I only applied it twice on my acne and it completely burned my skin, I had extremely painful red rash on my face for 3 days. Now on the 5th day after using it, my skin is extremely dry and scaly to the point I can't open my mouth properly or laugh because I'm scared it's gonna split and get infected. It is the worst experience ever. In agony with my face for 5 days. Hoping it will get better soon.”

1 / 10
Midori · Taken for less than 1 month November 6, 2019

Duac (benzoyl peroxide / clindamycin) for Acne: “I used Duac for 3 nights and although my acne has greatly reduced I have huge red patches that feel like burns on my face. I only applied it onto the spots but the soreness and redness has spread out. My skin is too sensitive to even dry my face with a towel. I have been advised to moisturise as much as possible which I have been for the last 3 days but have seen little improvement - fingers crossed!”

2 / 10
Jewels October 24, 2019

For Acne: “I had very bad acne. At first when I started using it I broke out even worse, for the first 2 weeks I almost was going to just stop because it was so bad. Then after it took its course I was finally started seeing results and I am so pleased with how my skin looks. I get so many complements on how beautiful my skin is .”

10 / 10