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User Reviews for Epiduo Forte

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Summary of Epiduo Forte reviews 6.8 65 reviews

Reviews for Epiduo Forte

Quinn July 15, 2019

For Acne "When I first began applying Epiduo, I had a lot of breakouts coming through, but nothing I hadn't seen before. I have light acne, generally speaking. Using Epiduo at the beginning turned that light acne into moderate acne, which I understand to be the skin purging bacteria below the surface as the skin gets acclimated to the drug. Fast forward to two weeks in. I have clear skin. Tiny texturized bumps that were there yesterday have vanished. I still have an active scab from a pimple I popped on my jawline, but I have never been more confident in this product. I am going to keep using it consistently so I don't disrupt this progress. I did/am getting a lot of dryness and flaking around the mouth and eyelids but I am using Cera Ve moisturizer to combat. Also, when I first started Epiduo, I was getting a TON of burning and putting on moisturizer only made that feeling worse. That however is no longer the case after two weeks of consistent use. It doesn't burn at all anymore."

Anonymous July 4, 2019

For Acne "I started Epiduo last 2 months ago.. and still my acne is getting worst and worst day by day. I'm still hoping that one day my acne will get clear."

A June 23, 2019

For Acne "My skin was bad so I went to a dermatologist after trying every drug store acne med. She prescribed me to Epiduo forte. I was really excited to try this out but I was also scared because my dermatologist told me my skin would get worse for the first 1-4 weeks of using it. That night I started using it. For the first 3 days my skin seemed to be getting better but then it started to get bad. My skin broke out in placed it had never broken out in before. But I didn’t give up, I was determined to have good skin. My skin took a full 4 weeks of worsening before it got better. On the fifth week I started to see improvements. Now after using it for 6weeks my skin just has a few pimples around my nose and some scars. I love Epiduo forte!!! And please pleaseee do not give up on it in the first 4 weeks!! I promise it will get better !!"

Mandy · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 18, 2019

For Acne "This medicine was great for my acne, however, I had SEVERE swollen eyes and my skin was so sensitive I couldn’t put anything on it! I continued using for a year because I was willing to endure just about anything for clearer skin until finally I started getting eczema on my eyelids and eventually I would wake up with my eyes nearly swollen shut (even if when only put a dab of it on a single pimple AND washed my pillow sheets!) I’ve now been off the medicine for 6 months and STILL SUFFERING from the eczema! I can’t believe this medicine was capable of such severe long term damage and is still put on the market anyway. I’m terrified to try more acne medicine because of this."

Lillypad June 6, 2019

For Acne "At 28 I had terrible cystic acne generally around my mouth and chin with occasional ones on my cheeks and forehead. My acne started while I was pregnant with my third child who was my only boy and remained months after he was born. I was getting cysts injected with cortisone on a monthly basis. I started using Differin and it worked but stopped after a month, and had used clindamycin prior to that for a month and it was effective but stopped as well. My dermatologist prescribed Epiduo Forte and it cleared my acne immediately. I had no drying or redness, but my skin was already used to adapalene. Now it's been 7 months and I never get any acne, and if I see something starting it's gone the next day. I use it a few nights a week. I seriously am amazed how well this works. I know all my acne was hormonal as I get a period every few months and I'm not on any birth control. It might not work for everyone but it's the only thing that continuously works for me!"

lil c June 5, 2019

For Acne "I’ve been on epiduo forte for about 3 months and at 1-2 months my skin was doing pretty good and I wasn’t getting as many pimples. But the last few weeks it’s seemed to stop working and I don’t know why."

emilou11 · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 3, 2019

For Acne "This stuff is magic! I am eighteen and never had a problem with acne before until this January (2019). My face developed cystic acne that was painful and that I could not cover up with makeup. Four months later (May 2019), my face is perfectly clear besides a few scars that should go away in the next six months or so. Seriously try this! If it appears your acne is getting worse from it in the first month, keep using it. It may take a little bit but it is SO worth it. Also, make sure to moisturize after using this. It can make your skin dry."

sammie123 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 21, 2019

For Acne "I have currently been using this cream for 3 months but had to stop my treatment yesterday. Before I started using this I had inflamed cystic acne on the sides of my cheeks. When I started using this cream (every other night on top of moisturizer) I noticed that it would flatten any cystic acne I had and in a very short time. Around 1-2 weeks ago I noticed that this topical cream stopped having the same affect on my skin. Not only was my skin dry and extremely sensitive from my course of treatment, but the cream no longer had any affect on my acne. If anything, it began making it worse. Personally, I would not recommend Tactupump Forte as I believe it is too harsh on the skin."

Dana · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 29, 2019

For Acne "Hello my name is Dana, I have been on this acne treatment prescribed by my dermatologist about 3 months ago. I'm still currently using the product. When I first started using Epiduo 3 weeks had gone by I noticed a cycle called skin purging. It's been 85 days since I started using Epiduo Forte, I also use it with another treatment that I put on my face in the morning which would be Aczone. I am still purging, what I have noticed is whenever I would purge and the pimples would turn into scabs and go away it would leave blemishes and scarring. I am not sure if Epiduo is supposed to do this to my skin or if that's also part of the purging stage, but I am still waiting patiently for my acne to clear up. My chin and side cheeks has cleared up pretty good, but it left blemishes on my chin. Please let me know what is happening and why it is leaving blemishes and why I am still purging this late in the month."

Burnnnn · Taken for less than 1 month March 14, 2019

For Acne "I used epiduo forte for 3 days and it made my acne much more and gave me 5 blind pimples that took weeks to go away. Now whenever I try to use any kind of face cleanser my skin burns so bad. I read the reviews and thought it would not happen to me but it did. DO NOT USE!!!"

Anonymous December 24, 2018

For Acne "I just started using this, I probably put it on a grand total of 6 times, and my face is horrible. My face is swollen, red hot (to the touch and actually), peeling, my eyes are swollen, itchy, and dry. On the flip side though, I only used it a few times and haven’t used it since and my face has cleared up already. All my acne is not gone but it is clearing up."

mom · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 13, 2018

For Acne "My daughter's dermatologist prescribed this after she went off of accutane and started getting breakouts again. Accutane cleared her skin up amazingly, but we didn't want to put her back on it if it wasn't necessary. Epiduo Forte really does work. She has been using it for 10 months and her skin looks as clear as it did after 6+ months of accutane. She does still get breakouts, but nothing like before. And she has tried many prescription topical treatments and pills over the years, and none of those worked. She has also managed to make one bottle last 10 months, so she's probably not using enough, but she does say it is very drying. It's very expensive, so be sure and ask your doctor if they know of any rebate programs for it. We get it for $75 after insurance discount and rebate."

Jen November 26, 2018

For Acne "I have had very bad acne but after discovering Epiduo Forte, my face has definitely cleared up. I like how strong it is and I love how quickly it works. The only downside to this medicine is that it makes your skin very very dry, sometimes so dry that my skin would flake off and it would sting to use lotion."

Kate · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 9, 2018

For Acne "I have struggled with acne since the 7th grade and now it all these years later my skin is pretty much pimple free! I have been using it for 6 months. My only problem now is left over acne marks but those take a bit longer to fade with this stuff. I recommend this for anyone with mild acne!"

Anonymous October 30, 2018

For Acne "I started this product about 7 weeks ago and it has done nothing but make my skin so much worse. I don't even want to look at my face in the mirror anymore and hoping to see results soon. If not I will be returning to the products I used to use"

Em · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 3, 2018

For Acne "I have struggled with cystic acne for years - sometimes it was just the week before my period, but the last 2-3 years it was constant with the occasional break. I can see now that my "good" days really weren't good because about a week after I was prescribed this my skin was completely clear and has remained that way. I could cry, I had no idea it was possible for my skin to look this good. I went to Ulta for new concealer, and the woman working there asked what I was trying to conceal, it's made my skin 100% blemish free 99.9% of the time - the other .001% is when I had maybe one small one - but that's literally just ONE small pimple & it clears up quick. It has made my skin more even, helped with prior acne scars - I can get away with no make-up, and don't have to worry if I accidentally wear make-up to workout."

Anon734 September 9, 2018

For Acne "I struggled with a sudden burst of cystic acne on my cheeks for about a year before I finally went to a dermatologist. She prescribed Epiduo Forte along with a foam cleanser and sunscreen. The first two to three weeks were hell on my skin, it was dry, red, scaly and after that my skin got a few more breakouts. It wasn't until about two months of use that I really started to see my skin change for the better. Overall, after using Epiduo for six months in total, my face is completely clear and about 85% of the scaring the acne had caused is gone."

Court · Taken for less than 1 month August 23, 2018

For Acne "I do not recommend this!!!! I got a sample from my dermatologist and used it twice. I may be a rare case, but I’m experiencing a severe allergic reaction. My entire face is swollen, eye lids, severe bumps, redness, burning, itchiness, the list goes on. My skin is not cut out for this strong stuff."

Kat August 19, 2018

For Acne "I started using epiduo forte almost 8 weeks ago. I used as prescribed (slowly increasing use over time). For the two weeks or so, my skin purged and got worse (more pimples in the areas that normally broke out), but at about that 3-4 week mark I started to really see a difference in my skin, and got super excited. But now, for the past two weeks, my skin is pretty much right back to how it was before I started. Not terrible, but definitely not good, perhaps maybe even worse than before. I’m not sure what I may have done wrong, but if this is how my skin will continue to look using this, I’m going to stop. Also, this medication is extremely drying (especially around the mouth area) and causes your skin to flake and sometimes itch and slightly burn. I’m disappointed, but hoping to give it two more weeks before throwing it in the trash."

liz · Taken for less than 1 month August 9, 2018

For Acne "I don’t even know where to start... I struggled with back acne for 3 years. I used every drugstore product including neutrogena, clean and clear, pro activ, x-out, and many others. Epiduo was recommended to my by my dermatologist. THIS WAS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME! With applying this all over my back along with a cera ve foam cleanser, my back acne is now gone after 3 weeks of use. I couldn’t be much happier and this product is a go!"

Han · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 23, 2018

For Acne "I started epiduo forte about two months ago and didn’t see much of a difference in my skin until about a week ago. Combined with drinking lots of water, moisturizing, and ALWAYS wearing sunscreen when I go outside, this has worked miracles for not only my acne but also hyper-pigmentation. I experienced a lot of the burning, itching, peeling etc. at first, but after consistently using it and giving it time my skin looks much better!"

nycluv July 23, 2018

For Acne "Epiduo Forte is probably one of the most effective topicals I've used to date (suffered from hormonal cystic acne for 8 years now) and definitely more effective than Epiduo. I've never written a review for an acne medication before so trust me when I say I rely on Epiduo Forte as an effective spot treatment. I find this topical to really help in thwarting those angry cystic pimples and stop em in their tracks. If I get them early and apply the Forte they usually go away or just turn into a regular/smaller pimple with a head. The only thing I hate about it is that it makes the area where you apply the epiduo forte EXTREMELY dried out and flaky, which sucks for a foundation-wearer like myself. The flaking doesn't fully subside til about a week so if you want your makeup to look smooth try not to apply the night before or just apply a very thin layer."

em · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 19, 2018

For Acne "I went to the dermatologist and this is what I was put on. Within the first two weeks I noticed my acne really clearing up. After that, my acne just went downhill, bigger pimples started occurring and I still have not seen a difference, only my face getting worse."

Debbie · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 10, 2018

For Acne "Worked for me!!"

Fly July 3, 2018

For Acne "I have been using Epiduo Forte about 6 weeks and I am still stuck with my red and huge patches. My face now looks worse before I started this cream. I am a little bit concerned since I should start seeing results in 6-8 weeks of treatment. I asked my dermatologist why but she said I'm still purging. My gut says that it doesn't seem like a purge though. Six months ago, I was prescribed with Epiduo and it did wonders to my skin in about 1-2 months."


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