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User Reviews for Coricidin HBP Cold & Flu to treat Influenza

Pedantic March 19, 2008

“As a substitute for Nyquil, this worked surprisingly well. I got a full night of comfortable sleep and woke the next morning marginally refreshed (I was, after all, fighting the flu). The only negative side effect of this drug is that it subtly puts you off your game. I took some and then drove to the store to get more medicine on the advice of a health nurse. Because I was slightly buzzed (but did not realize it) I almost ran a red light. Don't drive if you take this medicine.”

8 / 10
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Surjie December 28, 2016

“It did stop the cough but the after effects are horrible, such as taste and odor, it stays in there for a long time when it doesn't need to. It is very unpleasant. My throat is very uncomfortable.”

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