I recently been in a car accident and was prescribed Tramadol HCL 50 mg for pain. I do not intend to continue use of these meds after my first prescription is out. However I would like to educate myself. My question is simple:

May/Can/Does/Will Tramadol contribute to High Blood Pressure? I see that there is a lot to consider and say but a simple answer and possibly a reference link would be great. Some will say "it's not that simple" but if i get a convincing yes with a link or info to follow up on myself then i will no longer take the meds. Yes I can ask my doctor but that will be an $100 question. Help anyone?

Sincerely, A man in his early 40's, active, all organic eater, no starches, regularly eats "72% Cocoa, Pomegranates, drinks 9PH Alkaline water, daily intake of Apple Cider Vinegar etc... trying to reverse "hypertension" and avoid full HBP! Yes only my father has HBP in my family of 5.

Thank you