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Prozac - After increasing to 40mg please answer?

Posted 30 Dec 2013 by nofordepression 2 answers

Hello everyone I have read amazing posts about prozac Im on fluoxetine , had increased the dosage two weeks ago after a blip and upon request of my psychiatrist, please can people who increased to 40mg tell me it's success and it's worth it? I am very down and more depressed than ever, I ...

Gabapentin for Anxiety : How long for it to start relieving anxiety?

Posted 27 Sep 2015 by Matthews mom 12 answers

I am currently in the process of trying to figure out if I have Severe Anxiety, Mood Disorder or Bipolar Disorder. The psychiatrist prescribed me Gaba 100mg 3x daily. I stopped taking my Ativan b/c I didn't know if it was safe to mix and now my anxiety is through the roof. HOW LONG DOES IT ...

Prozac with Lexapro?

Posted 11 Sep 2014 by Rosie412 3 answers

I am currently on Lexapro 30mg per day. I notice that I have an increase in anxiety during my period. My psychiatrist advised me to start taking 10mg Prozac a few days before my period, during my period, and for 2 days after. I have read that taking these two medications together can lead to ...

Venlafaxine 75mg or Wellbutrin XL 150mg?

Posted 19 Jul 2018 by TaylorMoran1313 3 answers

I have recently went to a behavioral hospital for a few days and they prescribed me Wellbutrin XL (150mg). A couple days after I got out I went to see another psychiatrist and he prescribed me venlafaxine (75mg). He told me not to use the Wellbutrin and to take the venlafaxine because it does the ...

What is the safest dose of Seroquel for a child?

Posted 14 days ago by Rock the boat 2 answers

Grandchild started 25 mg, then changed to 50 mg, now on 75 mg. The psychiatrist suggested 100 mg. How safe is this and has anyone had this experience. He is eleven years old. Thanx

Depression - Why do some psychiatrists prescribe atypical antipsychotics for MDD?

Posted 14 Jul 2018 by Fakingitperfectly 3 answers

My depression does not include delusions, hallucinations, mania, hypomania, or any of the bipolar/ schizophrenic symptoms. I know it says it can be an add on therapy but why would someone with depression be prescribed that considering all of the side effects the drug causes? I’m asking for ...

Lamictal caused excessive weight gain how do I lose it?

Posted 22 Jun 2018 by Fakingitperfectly 1 answer

I started lamictal a bit over a year ago and now I’m at 350 XR and since I started I have gained over 100 pounds. I have improved my diet and increased my exercise since I started and the only thing that changed over the year was the addition of lamictal. I know “it doesn’t cause ...

How long does levothyroxine stay in your system after overdose?

Posted 3 Jul 2018 by AviHR 1 answer

Background: Until a month ago I took 10 mg Zyprexa, 40 mg Celexa, and 50 mg levothyroxine. My psychiatrist switched my 10 mg Zyprexa to 10 mg Abilify. I started to feel restless and anxious so my psychiatrist told me to reduce to 20 mg Celexa few days ago. Now for the levothyroxine issue: Few ...

I learned that Mirapex is prescribed for treatment resistent depression - but my Psychiatrist...

Posted 28 Jun 2018 by TigerJoe4849 1 answer

... doesn’t use it (nor know of it). I am also having trouble obtaining psychiatrists at all. Does anyone know what other specialists would prescribe it for this type of depression? Neurologist, Internist? Etc?

After 2 months of Cipralex.. Tegretol..?

Posted 2 Jul 2018 by Nets216 0 answers

My psychiatrist gave me Cipralex for my depression and I came back to him after 2 months. I told him that the Cipralex helped me a lot and that I feel great. For some reason he added another medication for me to take (Tegretol). I asked him why I needed to take it? He said that Cipralex only holds ...

Prozac vs Celexa- please provide me feedback. Below more details?

Posted 25 Feb 2018 by Drknowsbest 3 answers

I am 39 and work full time, 3 children. I have been diagnosed with panic disorder and GAD/depression and OCD. Thank you for sharing. I finally saw a psychiatrist after fear of being deemed crazy. She prescribed me Prozac and to get off of Celexa. Celexa feels like it helps but she insist Prozac ...

I had dosage reduction with Wellbutrin XL: does the anxiety, anger, and irritation subside?

Posted 12 Apr 2018 by Nbogert1995 1 answer

I've been on 300 mg since November, and recently just decreased my dosage to 150 mg under my psychiatrists guidance. I was feeling constantly wired, anxious, get angry very easily and just fly off the handle. Also, I would have a little fear, especially with driving on highways (along with ...

Going up on Cymbalta dosage?

Posted 30 Jan 2018 by Lanabana 3 answers

I have anxiety and currently take 30 mg of Cymbalta with no side effects. I am on the Cymbalta for pain right now. My psychiatrist recommended upping the dose to 60 mg. Do you think I would experience side effects now ?

Major Depressive Disorder - Looking for some advice on my medication?

Posted 8 Apr 2018 by kath94 2 answers

So this is a long one... I’ve been on different antidepressants since I was about 17. I finally went to a psychiatrist because my meds just weren’t working. With her I tried 2 or 3 different meds including Wellbutrin, and finally decided Lexapro was good enough because it was just ...

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