Hi everyone. I'm new here. Was actually searching for some information but I thought i would ask my own question. I went to see a psychiatrist yesterday based on a recommendation from my therapist who has been for months entertaining the idea that I have bipolar 2.first psychiatrist I saw prescribed Remeron as was not convinced Im bipolar 2.horrible experience. 30min after I took it,My thoughts became so blurry I couldn't think. I wanted to go to bed but my legs couldn't carry me. I collapsed on the floor and couldn't move for hours. next 24 hours I couldn't keep my eyes open. I asked to discontinue the medication. I didn't see another psychiatrist until yesterday. Mainly because my depression and anger and frustration have gotten horrible out of hand. I'm totally miserable and I've surrender to the fact that no matter how many emotional journals I keep, Willpower alone will not make me feel better. She confirmed that I was bipolar 2. She prescribed Pristiq and Lamictal . 50mg of pristiq and 25mg of lamictal. Dose of lamictal to go up after 2 weeks. Does anyone have experience with this combination?? Besides the one tablet of remeron I have absolutely no experience with anything stronger than Tylenol. I don't know what to expect and I'm really scared. I'm scared I'm gonna be reduced to a mess of a person for the next few days. My husband is away again for a week and I've already put off taking the first dose because I'm so scared. Any advice or experiences are greatly appreciated. Sorry if I sound like a newbie, but I am!