Hi All,
I've had an increase in anxiety lately, (have a lot on my plate) and was referred to a therapist (talk therapy) and a psychiatrist (meds). He prescribed Duloxetine (generic Cymbalta). I just started taking it at home last week on my 3 days off. The first week is 20 mg./day with a 10 mg./day increase every week until I reach 60 mg./day.
First day I had stomach issues but then realized I had eaten something with milk in it. That could have accounted for the gut upset. Next day guts were OK.
I felt slightly dizzy/spacey and tired but could handle that. I noticed my pupils were dilated, giving me the appearance of being "high". That was not troublesome.
What I found upsetting was I felt devoid or detached of my emotions. In a situation that I would normally get tearful or cry, I couldn't get an emotional reaction. This was frightening. I felt like my body and mind were in one spot and my emotions in another area. I was unable to connect with them. I kind of felt half human. (Remember Star Trek-the Vulcans had no emotions? Kind of like Mr. Spock.)

The list of side effects are enough to scare you to death and I don't like what I've read about the "withdrawal" when you taper off (to discontinue taking it) either. My "shrink" says he'd like me to take it for a year, then taper off over 6 months. I'm having serious reservations about getting started on this drug.
I believe my anxiety is situational due to life circumstances. I have 5 years before I can retire. I believe that, once these "situations" are no longer present, I will be able to manage whatever anxiety I have. I am also in talk therapy.

Any one else have this weird emotional disconnection/distancing when taking this drug?