I have been on various SSRI/ SSNRIs for about 15 years. I took Effexor (it's generic equivalent) for a few years. Then my doctor switched me to Cymbalta (it's generic - duloxetine), which I have taken for a few years. I started all of this due to general anxiety. Many things have changed in my life over the last 15 years and I am ready to try life without meds. At first I tried skipping doses, which is not good. Duloxetine has a very short half life and skipping doses is like stopping and starting the drug over and over again. Within a day I was having brain zaps and was very irritable. I heard about people opening the capsule. Mine is a 60mg capsule. Easy to open. Every one has exactly 12 little beads in it. Easy to handle. I thought they would be smaller! With my doctor's consent, I have started taking out one bead a week to taper off (I am saving them though). 12 beads means it should take 3 months. I am only on week 2, but no withdrawal symptoms so far.

If this does not work, I may have to taper even more slowly. I also have a benzodiazepine (tranquilizer) to help me sleep. My doctor said I can take half a pill during the day if I need to for anxiety. I have been remarried for almost 4 years. My husband has never known me without meds. But he accepted me for better or worse! He is ready to ride this out with me and help me monitor my progress. I will give it my best shot. But if I turn into a bitch wife, I will go back on the meds!