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Do any psychiatrists or doctors prescribe tramadol for depression?

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Rezasole 10 March 2022

I had, since I was born I may say, a severe depression. I tried more than 5 antidepressants (tricyclics and SSRI), it worked a little, but I were still depressive and without any motivation. And once I had tramadol for my restless legs. I realized immediately that it didn't work for my restless legs, but my depression was totally disappeared ! A miracle, it changed my life. I have never been as normal as now with daily tramadol. I take it since 7 months, I hope it continues to work.

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Christianson 19 Feb 2019

I've used tramadol in the past for this very purpose, I found taking just the one 50mg tablet in a morning would give me what I believe is the normal get up and go / positively and energy that a normal person has, I did this for several years and only stopped because I was unable to obtain them any more. I found that having more than one did not gain extra benefit. I've tried several types of ssri in the past and they did not work and gave bad side effects. One tramadol works perfect for me as an antidepressant.

I would like to be prescribed them, I've not asked my gp as I think it would be pointless, could I ask a private doctor? Who and where are they?

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Mz1970one 2 April 2019

What state r u n

happiernow 11 March 2022

Same here, but I find one every 2nd day works fine. I also suffered zero results with traditional antidepressants. As for pain, its almost useless. Broke a rib few years back, took 3 x 50's over 3 hours and made no difference to the pain. Constant battle with GPs to prescribe it, as it is heavily abused by some people. They end up taking up to 4 a day, and get addicted.
I have persuaded one GP to write the scripts, and that's because the Australian health system can track what drugs you take, which gives the doctor confidence you don't abuse it.

Dominique20 27 Feb 2018

I have wondered the same thing myself. I used to take Tramadol for pain after I injured my back three years ago. I got scared because I couldn't seem to stop taking them and I began ordering them from overseas online. I weaned myself off several times, but after about a month each time, I found myself taking a half a 50 mg pill, which became a daily thing. I realized that it had nothing to do with pain, but was stabilizing my mood significantly. I have always suffered from low-grade depression and have been on Prozac and Zoloft in the past. The Tramadol seemed to suit me, because I do still have chronic pain, and I also have the depression, so taking just 25 mg. once a day seems to really improve my life significantly. However, I don't want to be on them forever and ever, so I am once again, stopping even the very small dose I've been taking. And the depression is excruciating.


Of course, I'm also coming off three years of synthetic estrogen as well, so it's hard to say what's causing what I'm going through. All I know is that I'm back in pain again and back to being pretty depressed. But I'm determined not to be on meds, so hoping my brain will rebalance and that will be that. I'd rather live slightly miserable, I think, than be dependent on drugs.

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Swandive 28 Feb 2018

Good for you! I have been going through withdrawal from Tramadol & it's tough - extremely so at first. But it does get better. I'm already not as depressed as I was at first, but now I'm starting to take an interest in things & find some enjoyment in life. Walking outdoors helps a lot. This is day 76 since taking my last 50 mg tablet & my biggest problem is sleep and RLS, but there are nights when I do sleep well. (I do take meds for sleep, but after the WD symptoms are gone, I'm going to work on getting off of those), I have a good pain doctor & he is very encouraging.

bmorga 28 Feb 2018

Did you get these overseas with or without a prescription? Thanks.

hootmommy69 16 Aug 2018

Good luck with that. How are you doing?

Jaxgee38 4 Oct 2022

Just wondering how were you able to order online? Seems like it would be worth paying out of pocket.

Quando62 27 Feb 2018

It is being used in Treatment Resistant Depression as it works very similar to Effexor as a SNRI. I have been taking it for depression and motivation for 7 years now. Not much for the pain, but within 30 minutes, I can deal with issues and become interested in things

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bmorga 28 Feb 2018

I have tried all kinds of ssri s including currently the emsam patch. If i could be prescribed a very low dose of tramadol that i could take a few times a week even, it would be so nice. I took it for pain, then continued till I ran out after a few months. Had no side effects or withdrawal. But for the first time, I had no anxiety and depression it really helped me to feel better. How would I go about getting a doctor to prescribe this to me for anxiety and depression since I don't have pain other than my back hurts but not enough to get tramadol. Would I see a psychiatrist? Any advice would be appreciated thanks.

EndTheSuffering 15 Aug 2022

How have you gotten a prescriber to write you a script for this medicine for depression? I have been to a plethora of doctors & even psychiatrists and they all shun and berate me at even the mention of wanting to take this or other such medicines for depression/anxiety. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…have literally been to like 10 doctors who all turned me away. I have zero history of substance abuse & know a lot about medicine and am well-educated in pharmacology. I just don’t get these doctors who have no idea about off-label uses of medicines & are unwilling to educate themselves about this.

Would love to hear your input on this. Thanks!

Lacey57 12 Feb 2018

Tramadol is a pain pill.

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Citty 3 April 2018

You are kidding!

WildcatVet 11 Feb 2018

Tramadol is a non-narcotic pain killer. It is not indicated for the treatment of depression, can be habituating, and can also cause severe side effects.
It may be prescribed in some cases but it is an off-label use and the drug has not been tested or approved for efficacy.

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lniemczyk56 29 July 2019

Being out of widespread pain makes people happy and productive. Tramadol gets 2 birds with 1 stone.

Stephen Treloar 11 Feb 2018

I think the days of doctors prescribing happy feel good analgesics are over.

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ConsciousUser 18 Dec 2018

Oh please. Knee jerk reaction not an informed response.

Stephen Treloar 20 Dec 2018

Oh please, triggered snowflake.

Inactive 27 Dec 2018

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