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Why don't Doctors want to prescribe Soma anymore for a muscle relaxant?

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Guymond1 3 June 2021

I think it's because over the years soma has developed a bad reputation. There have been many celebrities associated with this drug that have died. When they list the drugs found in there system soma was often found in there system.
Heath Ledger, Michael Jackson etc,

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Hemi korb 5 May 2021

I was prescribed somas for over 10 yrs,
I would never have made it threw work, construction/labor/heavy equipment, without soma,
I have not been able to find out why they quit Rx'ing them, probably cause they really did work on the sciatica.

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Soma666 14 June 2019

Quick answer is they are addictive, and have a high probability of abuse. That means they get you buzzed like being drunk, and it become difficult for some folks not to take them.

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LANDIBUGG 4 April 2019

I would just like an answer as to why dr will no longer write soma. They write pain meds for people who don't even need them but will not write soma for a person that does. So why won't dr write soma anymore?

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jodithornhill 3 Sep 2019

They are very addictive and when not taken properly can cause death also too many people were taking them with narcotics and overdosing on them. So, they stopped prescribing them. Unfortunately people using them to get high and not for what they were intended for ruined it for people who can and do take them properly.

Lakesidec 4 Oct 2016

That is because soma works, I have been taking soma350- for 5 years from my pm at 5 tabs a day.and for whatever reason he cut it down to 3 a day.he says that's what he's comfortable with now and seeing how hard a time everyone else's having getting soma i feel lucky to get that. Having said that i just had a spinal fusion and my pain mgt doesn't prescribe soma at all.get plenty of other pain meds but no soma. As a matter of fact no pain mgt dr will prescribe soma, everything else but not soma. Makes no sense because soma works so well

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Misskim53 2 Feb 2017

I have been on Soma for 2 years I just had 3 fusions on my back 2 months ago and I hurt worse now then I did before surgery and the spasm are real bad soma helps it big time and. I seen another PA and be took me off Soma and have me Tizanidine and I took 4 mg tonight and it's not working.I want my Soma back because it works and I take it as prescribed. free discount card

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