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Is the FDA taking Soma off the US market, and can you still purchase Soma in canada?

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BRRMARS 30 May 2011

I hope it is, and yeah probably you could.

caringsonbj 30 May 2011

I heard this through what I would expect to be reputable that sometime this year that Soma was no longer going to be made, what I can't answer is if it is going to be available in Canada, sorry that I can't verify further for you.

Inactive 30 May 2011

Billy, do you know why they are taking it off the market. I have never taken one, but know people who do. Von

caringsonbj 30 May 2011

actually I don't know the reason why Dzoobaby mentioned it in answering a question about the drug and I recall her stating that sometime (this year) or in the near future they would not continue to manufacture Soma, she didn't say whether it would be available outside like in Canada.

DzooBaby 31 May 2011

My information was from a Dr who does pain management/neurology out of Albany NY. I heard it from the Medscape website that Soma was going to be removed from the market some time this year. He did not give a specific date. The reason was that Soma breaks down to a drug called Meprobamate which is an older sleeping medication from the 1950-1960's known as Miltown. It (Miltown) was taken off the market due to being highly misused and addictive. Soma breaks down into this drug. Soma has already been taken off of many European markets. Canada was not mentioned. It is being taken off because of its ability to produce profound dependency and the risks to this medication outweigh the benefits. There are other safer medications that works as well for a muscle relaxant. That was the main gist of the article about Soma. My pain clinic will not prescribe it.

painfullife 1 Sep 2011

OMG I hope this info not! Soma is the ONLY muscle relaxer that actually works for me and to be honest I'm barely hanging on as it is...

What people who are not in pain don't understand is that if your hurting bad enough and you find a medicine that works the benefits often outweigh the risks.

idacra 1 Sep 2011

painfullife, I agree with your statement that it seems to be the only muscle relaxer that works, my Dr. changed me to Bacoflen it's ok but I have never been able to find a different muscle relaxer that works like soma, SUGGESTION; yesterday I had trigger point injections of local anesthetic and steroid into sensitive areas of my muscle tissue, (trapeziusand levator scapula muscles) Dr. said it takes 48 to 72 hrs for it to begin to work and 7 to 30 days to get full benefit. I'm praying this really works, if you haven't tried this yet suggest it to your Dr., word of advice while getting shots possible reaction to jerking because of sharp pain, you must be absolutely still I did this but fortunately pulled forward away from needle if i had pushed back Dr. said it would have collasped my lung Praise God this did not happen! If you'd like to know more let me know and I will be praying you have HIS Healing Virtue flowing through your body, God Bless

smurkyjo 20 Aug 2013

try zanaflex... im the same way. I either cant take it or ive tried it and it doesnt work... zanaflex works but i can only take 2mg at day and 4 at night..too sedating

jamesbauer 15 May 2012

Yes you can still get SOMA 350mg call at this
Number- 1779-456-7801
Ask for Sam

chesh6280 1 May 2013

Not a valid number

Candy Butler 8 May 2017

By the way I live in the USA. The mfg of this drug is meda pha.

Candy Butler 8 May 2017

I have been using Soma name brand for 20 years. I am a workman's comp patient that never settled my medicals. I use all name brand drugs that are paid for by my workman's comp carrier. I take Soma 350's and my Rite Aid in Mobile, Al has always filled it. They are now telling me brand named Soma is not available until June of 2017 and that no drug store in the US has it until then. Is this true and why. free discount card

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