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What type of doctor can prescribe Adderall? Do I need to have a Psychiatrist or can my family MD?

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BigHouse09 29 March 2018

Psychiatrist, above all and another you should mention is that you do not have motivation to get up and go to work, errands, etc... Or most days instead of completing daily task that need to be done you would rather sit and do nothing

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Robertguard123 17 Jan 2018

I lost interest in all activities. Even the ones that I once enjoyed. Can't seem to organize & do simple task

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NursePresxriber 24 Sep 2017

Any. Including NPs and PAs if your state allows. Some may choose not to Dash but anyone with a DEA license is allowed to prescribe that

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jaylee32 28 Sep 2015

My family Dr. Does mine

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Mackintosh 18 Sep 2015

A specialist (Psychiatrist). A Psychiatrist.

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