I’ve struggled with really bad anxiety my whole life. I’ve been diagnosed with GAD with panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, depression, ADD. I also have un-diagnosed PTSD from a rather recent event that’s happened to me which interferes badly with my sleeping (difficulty falling asleep many nights, and waking up easily in panic from noises).

This is a list of everything that has been prescribed to me before that has failed to treat depression and anxiety: Zoloft, Lexapro, Prozac, Risperdal, Zyprexa, Seroquel, Trazodone.

I’m currently on a moderate to high dose of Effexor which hasn’t helped me either, but my psychiatrist keeps raising the dose since I’m having no side bad side effects. About a year ago I had a psychiatrist in a different state that prescribed me 0.5mg Klonopin twice daily as needed, which helped with general anxiety, but later I switched to Ativan .25mg as needed, because it helped me sleep better and worked better for panic for me, which was also a problem back then even before my PTSD incident. However, now I have a different psychiatrist that says he will not prescribe benzos, even despite my current symptoms and history of them being the most useful medications for my terrible anxiety in my experience.
So my question is, what more could I tell my psychiatrist to help him understand my situation, or what other suggestions medication-wise would you have for me to ask about?
Many things have been tested on me and have failed and at this point I really feel like a guinea pig. I do understand the potential negatives of benzodiazepines such as dependency over extended use, but I do believe sometimes the benefits outweigh the negatives when it comes to medication, plus it is not something I would take every single day, only the handful of nights I cannot sleep and lay in my bed in fear for no reason. I will say again that I AM open to alternative suggestions, so don’t try to deem me as some sort of drug-seeker. I don’t feel some sort of “high” when I take anti-anxiety medicine, I feel normal like I would feel if I didn't have anxiety (with a little tiredness in top) and able to relax. I just had to include that because it’s a natural instinct for some to assume that at first glance when they see questions like this, which I do get.

In case you would like a little more background info on my current situation, here's the deal:
I am 19, 3-4 months ago i got robbed and carjacked with a gun to my back. That didn't help my anxiety much, many nights I have trouble sleeping and I often wake up in the middle of the night after hearing sounds that make me suddenly awake in panic. By day I have really bad anxiety as well that truly prevents me from achieving my full potential, I struggle with work and school. Speaking of work I’ve pretty much been out of work since that carjacking incident I mentioned, partly from ridiculous fear, and partly because I can’t even hold the same sleep schedule every day with these PTSD-like symptoms at night. As for school, I am graduated from high school as of last year, which I had really bad panic attacks at the end of senior year and I had to finish my classes online because my anxiety got so bad. Now I don’t feel comfortable starting college classes yet until my anxiety and add are under control, because I really do want to do well and not just waste my time. So since I’m not in class yet I’ve been just doing my best at trying to get my problems under control.

Anyways sorry for the cluttered rambling mess haha, any advice is appreciated.