I was prescribed this med for anxiety/ major depression. I didn’t take it now it’s a year later and my boyfriend wants to leave me because he’s tired of me be sad tired and anxious. I went to a therapist she told my doctor to prescribe me something for anxiety since I cannot ever relax. She prescribed buspirone. I was going to start it but now after discussing things with my boyfriend he feels anti depressant is better option for me because buspirone is for anxiety only and the depression is what I feel is holding me back and keeping me from functioning normally. My anxiety has always been an issue in my life but I was able to still work and clean my house etc. once I got post pardon depression after having my son I felt like I couldn’t do anything or function at all it’s five years later my son is five and I now can do more like the dishes and go to parks and workout sometimes but I still feel sad a lot and stressed all the time. Also he is starting school in a month and I really need to get better by then. I have sleeping issues and can’t sleep and it’s very hard to wake up in morning when I do I’m irritated and grouchy most of the day. I also have social phobia as well and I ha e pushed everyone out of my life other then my boyfriend and son. Daily I feel worthless and I hate my appearance and feel like I do don’t enough for the depression won’t allow it. Please help should I start the buspirone or should I tell the doctor I would prefer the Zoloft to try because I’m on a time limit to start feeling better and I need both depression and anxiety treated.