I have been on Zoloft for about 7.5 weeks now. I did 4 weeks on 50mg and the past 3.5 weeks on 100mg. Around 4-5 weeks (UPPED TO 100mg) I was feeling almost "normal". Week 5 started getting really bad stomach aches, ibs, cramps, anxiety, no appetite etc. Week 6 was ok and beginning of this week it has been weird. This is about 3.5 weeks on 100mg and I have had a a lot of ups and downs. The past 3 days have been a very upset stomach, anxiety, ibs symptoms, nausea, being SUPER TIRED and no appetite. Is this normal? Can I still be adapting to the new dose or should I reduce my dose back to the 50 mg or possible 75 mg? I am currently away and will not be able to see my PDOC for a little bit. I just need reassurance or if anyone has experienced this. I have had bouts of feeling normal but it seems to subside. Can this be a blip? I am also taking .187mg of klonopin before bed still. Any help is appreciated as always thank you!