I am new to this support group but not to the? sight, I usually come here to compare meds and do some of my research, however I NEED to reach out and get answers (I just hope there are answers for me). At any rate, this is very long but I would greatly appreciate it if someone or ones can please shed some light for me….

I have OCD, Borderline Personality disorder, Anxiety both situational and general, claustrophobia, and depression. Wow! I just said a mouthful here; I am surprised I am even functioning. I am ran by severe non-stop anxiety and I have been on Generic Zoloft for 4 weeks and 3 days now. I started at 50mg, increased to 75mg a week later and 2 weeks later I increased to 100mg. (been on 100mg for 3 days now).

Z made me feel like a live wire, tossing and turning to the point I felt like I was on a rotisserie, my mind and body would not shut down and when it did start to shut down and I began to drift… I would immediately awake gasping in terror and dread. I had the Shakes’ as if my body was vibrating and my body would occasionally jerk, waking up every 10mins, there was a time I couldn't even go to sleep (I was up for 2 days straight) that was scary and I had to take a klonopin .5mg but even with the Klonopin, I would only sleep for a couple hrs. and wide awake again.

This also happened with each increase 50mg and 75mg, I am knocking on wood that I have yet had this problem with the increase of 100mg (3 days now). BUT, I still don't sleep like I use to. I use to sleep 8-10 hrs. and lovvvvved it! I would only wake up IF I needed to pee. Now I can only sleep 4-6hrs a day and I wake up 2-4x's in-between and I sleep REALLY light.

I still feel restless at times, I still feel the anxiety breaking through daily and a ton more when I am dealing with a stressful situation which I am currently in a stressful crisis and will be for the next few months, I still sweat easily but not as much however, my kids say that my room is cold with my A/C being so looow and I am still warm/hot (my hubby and kids call me a heater). I still get the shakes/trembles and if I do sleep for any longer than 2hrs straight... I wake up feeling a bit dread and my body vibrates so, I will get out of bed and try to shake it off and it does help after 15-30 mins (it's weird).

My mind still carries on and on when I lay down for bed and this goes on into my sleep about my stressful situation and upcoming events… I wish it would just stfu already!

At any rate, if I look back and compare before Z and 4weeks later on Z, I would say that I can see an improvement in many things during the day but it has been subtle and not like a light switch like many people say that they experience and not nearly as I would expect or hope because my anxiety is still there daily/nightly and I am starting to get angry about it.
I saw my General Doc (not my psychiatrist) and talked to her since I had an unrelated apt with her and I feel comfortable with her since she has decent enough knowledge to know if an ssri is working or not on someone based on the info/symptoms that the patient gives her. At any rate, She told me that it should be working by now and that I should not be going through any of this at this point of 4 weeks and that I should call my psychiatrist and ask for a change but I keep thinking maybe I need to give it more time since I just went to 100mg but idk what to think anymore since I have read so many different things on its dosages, it effectiveness for anxiety or shall I say ineffectiveness since it is for depression and not for any type of anxiety and if you only feel slight improvements after 4 weeks then it is not the right SSRI.

My General Doc told me that she swears by Zoloft and Lexapro but their hospital/medical center’s Psychiatrist prescribes a lot of anxiety patients Effexor which is an SSNI's.

I just don’t know any more on what to do or what to expect, I know that everyone is different and all meds work differently for everyone, so no one can tell me what is the best med that is NOT a benzo to personally take but if someone can relate and shed some light on my situation… I would GREATLY appreciate it more than I can express. I am just so tired and frustrated!!

((hugs)) Diana