I'll keep this brief. My psychiatrist is trying to find the right medications for my severe anxiety. I am currently prescribed clonazepam in the day and alprazolam at night, but the low-dose of alprazolam wasn't helping with my sleep. So my doctor prescribed me temazepam for sleep. He's trying to find the correct medication to ease my issues. When I went to fill my
Script, I was told the system "flagged" me because there were three benzo prescriptions prescribed around the same time. Of course the reason for this is because he's trying to find the right cocktail to help me lead a life free of daytime anxiety and nighttime insomnia. The pharmacist was very kind and said that she would note in the system that my doc switched me from alprazolam to temazepam for sleep. My question is... because I was "flagged" will
I now have issues EVERYTIME I go to the pharmacist? She filled the prescription for me when I suppose she could have just refused it. But does this flagging mean I'm inevitably going to have a hassle for all my prescriptions from
Now on and for forever? It's causing me so much anxiety because I'm not abusing drugs, but just trying To find the right medication to control my symptoms. It makes me sick to my stomach and I've been really upset over this because it makes me feel like a criminal when all I'm trying to do is make through tomorrow. Any help would be so so appreciated. Thank you all.