I'm diagnosed with chronic depression and have been on many antidepressants for years, some helped , but I would find my self slipping back into depression again and my psychiatrist would try another antidepressant . In June (2014) tried cymbalta within the first week had amazing results in easing my depression and anxiety like never before I felt like me again happy and content . Started with 30 mg then went to 60mg only side effect experienced was mild shakiness. Then one day in July I noticed my heart skipping a beat every few minutes and my chest just has a "heavy" feeling now and continues to skip a beat which is a very noticable and uncomfortable feeling . My psychiatrist told me to wean off Cymbalta which I did for almost 3 weeks and at the end of that time my heart was still doing the same thing so I decided to start taking Cymbalta again because of it's wonderful effect on my depression. This is the only new medicine I started and have done nothing different in my life style. My question is could Cymbalta have changed my heartbeat, in the reviews I read I have seen nothing about heart irregularities ? I will be seeing A cardiologist next week.