I have been suffering with anxiety for several months now. I have tried Zoloft made me feel like a zombie. Lexapro worked but caused insomnia. Tried Buspar but caused insomnia. Tried Wellbutrin but gave me the nervous energy on edge feeling. Been prescribed viibryd started at 10mg. The first 4 days have been horrible. Zombie like, I have heart palpitations all day long. On day 5 dropped down to five heart palpitations seem to go away. But on edge like it's not enough. I don't seem to have any other side effects except the heart palpitations and feel slightly zombieish. Anyone else have this. I have tried it both in the morning and night but at nigh I fall right asleep but with in 2 hours I am up again and can't go back to sleep. I can't seem to find anything that help. Any suggestions?