I have MDD, GAD and C-PTSD. I am in the middle of a depressive episode, and also in the midst of changing meds. I was taking Effexor XR 75mg and Wellbutrin XL 300mg for a while, but discontinued the Effexor because of side effects ( I weaned off as per my psychiatrist's recommendations). After about a month of terrible withdrawal from the Effexor, I am taking Zoloft along with the Wellbutrin. I was at 25mg for a week and went up to 50mg on April 7th. I've had a couple of really bad days; lots of crying and wanting to die. I was on Zoloft with Wellbutrin before, and only went off then because my GP wanted to try something out on me. So now I'm trying the combo again. Has anyone found Wellbutrin and Zoloft to be a good combination? I am also taking Seroquel 25mg for sleep. My psychiatrist says I'm "covered for depression" with the Wellbutrin, but I am in a depressive episode right now so that can't be true. It's so hard to find the right drug combination! I know you have to give it time, but in the past when I've started a new drug I've usually felt better within a couple of days. Really struggling right now. I feel worthless right now and afraid I'll never be happy again. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.