I have been weaning off Pristiq 50mg with Effexor XR 75mg for the past 3 weeks. I feel extremely tired, constantly hungry and no motivation or energy whatsoever. It hasn't helped with mood at all. I want off of it. I didn't really like Pristiq all that much either, but my dr kept telling me what a good drug it was and didn't seem to want to take me off of it. I remember being on Zoloft before this, along with Wellbutrin XL, and I don't ever remember feeling so down and hopeless. I feel like maybe its that SNRIs are too much for me or something. Has anyone else had this experience? What would cause a dr to choose an SNRI over an SNRI? My dr did it when I went to increase my Zoloft. She had a lot of sample of Pristiq and suggested that I try it. I wish I hadn't. I used to have depressive episodes, but since starting Pristiq and now Effexor, I have had 2 years of persistent depression. I'm really tired of feeling so crappy all the time.